Emotional eating? Been there, done that, bought …

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Emotional eating? Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and the hat, the whole wardrobe! When I saw this offer, I knew I had to try for it.

I have been an emotional eater most of my life. The last time I felt ‘normal’ was probably around the 5th grade—about 40 years ago! Our father constantly told us girls we were fat. Well, he convinced us alright, neither of us have seen the other side of 200 lbs since high school. Personally, I think he destroyed that part of my self confidence (and maybe my sister’s too). Looking back at pictures, I can see I wasn’t bad at all. But I was convinced otherwise and emotional eating had already become part of my defense.

Fast forward to the early 1990’s, a very stressful time. In a matter of a few years I got married, had a baby, lost my job, moved twice, developed panic attacks and my mother died of cancer. I somehow packed on 100+ pounds 3 years. I didn’t even have a scale that could weigh me. When one doctor’s office had a ‘jumbo’ scale, I was shocked to find I had hit 400 pounds. Yeah, that’s right, pretty sad.

Emotional eating? You bet. Do I need this book? Very much so. As you can see, I know the problem, I know I have issues and triggers, etc. Now I need to know how to fix it. I need to fix this. I had lost 103 pounds, but have gained back 40—its emotional eating and I know it. Please help me help myself. I hope you find me worthy of receiving this book. (Sorry for rambling on and on.)

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    I’d really like to get on this program, not just for me, but also my husband. We have both hit 50 and need to shape up a bit. A bit? He’s getting paunchy and well, I’m just fat! I want something we can work on together. Toning his abs will definitely appeal to his male ego and I’d love to see him with nice abs again!
    In addition, our 15 yr old daughter is on the basketball team and although she is pretty fit, I’m sure we could all do this as a family. Hopefully, it will lead to more activities and exercise together! That would be great. So, won’t you help us with that first step? Thanks!