All my life I have been heavy and …

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All my life I have been heavy and every year I would get heavier. The heaviest that I got to was 430 pounds. By the grace of God, aside from obesity, I have not had any other diseases inflict me. I finally took it serious that I needed to loss weight after my mother passed away from obesity related complications at the age of 67. I did/do not want to see my own children ages 8 and 6, see me with dealing with the obesity. I am scared for my young daughter who is 6 years old and already overweight. I do not want her to live with this demon pursuing her for the rest of her life. I have lost a great deal of weight in the past year and half…but I have a whole lot of weight that I set need to lose and I need definition in this body….I am working on motivating the rest of my family to also lose weight and get healthy. We need this resource…please consider me (us) for this great prize.

God bless.