Find 20 -30 steps your say? My …

by Rob on July 22, 2014

Comment posted Running Stairs For Fat Loss by UpNorth-Yukon.

Find 20 -30 steps your say? My set of steps here are called the Black Street Steps. There are 220 steps, yikes. I recently had a bet with a buddy that I could not get my lard arse up and down 10 times in one hour. I did it in 47:52 and the eleventh in 52 something…then I almost died. Yep steps are tough. So now the new bet is I can’t do it 15 times in one hour. I think my buddy has taken out a life insurance policy on me!! Does anyone have a suggestion for a good training that I can work on so I can destroy these steps on February 4, 2011. By the way I’m 61years old.

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