Hi Kandace, I have lost the trust of the …

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Hi Kandace,

I have lost the trust of the person whom I love. This is because of an incident which took place. I did not do anything on purpose, but just becuase of one stupid mistake I did, we both became victims of a great blunder.

She says it is becasue of my mstake, that incident happend. After, that I have relaised my mistake and have appologized to her, but she does not seem to understand me.

She has changed her beavior towards me. I have tried so much to convince her but she does not listen.I have told her that I have understood my mistake, I am beggin her to give me this last chance and trust me again. But, she is very adamoned.

Please suggest me what should I do to get back her trust, so that she becomes normal with me again.