Oh geez, I meant http://www.StudentFitness.Org, I’m so sorry …

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oh geez, I meant http://www.StudentFitness.Org, I’m so sorry about that

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    Hey rob, I’m also a big fan of Tom Venuto’s BFFM program. I wrote a review for it yesturday on my blog, http://www.StudentFitness.Org. I read the whole Burn The Fat ebook in one night. It’s 341 pages! Us entrepreneurs, sometimes we just don’t stop when we’re focused – work right on thru anything when we’re into it.
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    This article is insane! I never knew this stuff. I tend to overload on vitamin C supplements also. I always figured because it was water soluble that it was impossible to have too much.

    Thanks for the great article. Please check out my site Kristine and tell me what you think.

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    isn’t new year so fun. What a great opportunity to let your conscious mind, your higherself as you call it, speak out. Too often, we listen to our “lowerself” and are driven by simple emotions and not values… You should check out my site, I’d like to work with you in the future: http://www.LoseWeightInCollege.com