Weight Loss Tips – Maximum Muscle Stimulation for Fat Loss

Today’s weight loss tips are about exercise and how to best use your time in the gym to get more work done, stimulate more muscle and burn more fat. They say that building muscle while burning fat can’t be done, and that you should focus on one or the other, never both. That said, what if you just wanted to burn fat as efficiently as possible, end workout boredome make your time in the gym as quick as possible. These three weight loss tips are the very thing to take you in that direction.

leg press

Weight Loss Tips

1 Focus your training on the largest muscle groups:
The largest muscle groups of the body are the legs, back and chest. By working the largest muscle groups, primarily, you end up putting a larger demand on your body for energy and nutrition. Then a larger demand on your body for repair of that muscle tissue. You burn fat twice, first when you’re actually training and secondly when your body is busy rebuilding the muscles.

Arms (tricep and bicep) are smaller muscles, and where training certainly makes them look good and allows you to work harder on pushing and pulling movements, they don’t burn as much fat as the larger muscles.

As my trainer says, even if you don’t specifically train arms, they still get worked when you’re doing chest and back movements.

Chest – Bench press, Incline bench press, decline bench press, flies, pushups etc
Back – Bent over row, one arm dumbbell row, pull downs, pull ups, chins, seated rows
Legs – Squat, hack squat, leg press, lunges

So for maximum fat loss, create workout routines for the largest muscle groups.

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Breaking Your Fat Loss Plateau

This is my response to a reader who sent in a question about how to break a weight loss plateau

Q: I have never been overweight until after high school. I started gaining around 20 years of age and stayed overweight til I was 25. I started working out at a women’s gym for a year, I was persistent. I lost about 30 and I have kept it off til now. I work out at a coed gym now, they took a body fat comp and my percentage body fat was 20 %. I am around 152 and my goal is 140 but i cant get beyond 150. Lately I have been trying to burn at least 1000 calories 3-5 days a week. I have hypothyroidism but luckily by working out i have increased my metabolism. I still have a lil belly I want that gone! I am 5’7 1/2 by the way. I try to eat a lot of chicken and fish for protein and I drink protein shakes every other day, mostly on the days that I lift. I lift 2-3 times a week. Now that you know my stats and stuff, could you give me some advice? I would really appreciate it! Thank you and God Bless!


A: So you’ve upped your exercise to burn an extra 1000 calories a day. Have you compensated for the 1000 calories by adding an extra 1000 calories from protein?
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Advantages of Circuit Training

Cardiorespiratory training is traditionally thought of in terms of running, biking, and aerobics but the truth is the cardiorespiratory system is at work every moment of your life. When seeking cardiorespiratory enhancements through exercise it is in your best interest to spend less time running on the treadmill and more time performing circuit training.

What Is Circuit Training?

In case you did not know, circuit training consists of a series of exercises performed one after another using weights with little or no rest in between sets. A sample circuit training workout would be:

  • Exercise 1: Ball dumbbell chest press
  • Exercise 2: Standing cable row
  • Exercise 3: Standing overhead dumbbell press
  • Exercise 4: standing dumbbell curl
  • Exercise 5: Ball dumbbell triceps extension
  • Exercise 6: Ball lunge
  • Exercise 7: Brief rest

Advantages of Circuit Training to Traditional Cardiorespiratory Methods Such as Running and Biking

There are many advantages of circuit training.

  • Circuit training better enables cardiorespiratory enhancements because it involves every major muscle group: During this process the heart must work increasingly harder to deliver blood to all major muscle groups, thus increasing your hearts stroke volume. Consider one heart beat as one minute of work and the amount of blood pushed through the circulatory system per beat represents the amount of work completed in that minute. If the heart can carry more blood with each beat (stroke volume) it is performing more work in the same amount of time, thus burning more calories. If you were to simply run or ride a bike the heart would direct most of its focus on delivering blood to the legs which would limit its ability to become more efficient.
  • Circuit training produces greater levels of EPOC and strength: EPOC is short for excess post oxygen consumption which is the elevation of the body’s metabolism after exercise. Post-running or bike riding your EPOC is elevated for 30-60 minutes; however after a bout of circuit training your EPOC is elevated for as long as 72 hours. This means for 72 hours after your exercise is complete your body will burn more calories than it would had you choose to run or ride a bike. This is also known as “afterburn”.

The Afterburn From Circuit Training is 72x to 144x Greater!

The caloric expenditure during the time spent exercising is estimated to be identical for both traditional cardiorespiratory methods and circuit training, but it’s the EPOC or “Afterburn” where the real advantage of circuit training becomes evident.

Granted traditional methods such as running and bike riding seem rather insignificant at the moment, it is not. Among those who are very committed to exercise, overtraining tends to be a barrier that leads to a plateau. If you were to perform circuit training every day your body would soon resist by presenting feelings such as fatigue and weakness. This is your body saying “look we need a moment to recover” but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise. A brisk walk or a casual bike ride will do the trick. The truth is you should never have a day of complete rest, because an important part of recovery involves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients which is carried out by the circulatory system (blood). Low intensity exercise will increase blood flow but not by so much that it stresses your systems.

Mike Bluestone is a personal trainer at the St. Louis Weight Loss Club. I hope you find this article on the advantages of circuit training workout to be beneficial and do not hesitate to contact me with questions via my website or by using the comment section in this post. I will be sure to follow up.

Halloween Ideas For Adults

Growing up in a small town offered many opportunities for great Halloween memories. As a child, the month long costume making sessions with mom, the school Halloween parties and the eventual trick or treating around my neighborhood. Small towns offered a safe environment for accepting candy from strangers and we never had to worry about town bullies taking our candy.

As an adult, Halloween costume ideas revolved around sex or creating a funny costume. Times have changed, we’ve grown up and instead of candy, Halloween brings thoughts of eating that pumpkin and looking for recipes on how to cook with squash.

Halloween Roundup

Over the past few years, various writers have shared their thoughts on these various subjects here on the blog, so I thought I’d put together a little summary of Halloween ideas for recipes, costumes, workouts and even some environmental tips. The authors would love to hear from you, so please leave comments where applicable.

Halloween Recipe Ideas

Squash is a most excellent food. If you’ve got pumpkins laying around after the holiday, make use of it’s nutritional goodness by making one of these:

halloween recipe ideas

Pumpkin Butternut Squash Curry Soup – Butternut squash is one of my favorite’s. Here it’s combined with pumpkin and then spiced up with ginger and curry. Lots of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene!

Pumpkin Pancakes – great recipe for any fall morning. Spiced up for the cold months too.

Pumpkin Corn Chowder – If you like a chowder, this makes a great Halloween recipe, suitable for sharing. My wife and I are still trying to come to a conclusion about “what makes a chowder anyway?”, so please leave a comment with your thoughts and help us settle it once and for all.

Halloween Costume Ideas

halloween costume ideas
When I was a kid, I distinctly remember making a robot costume out of cardboard boxes. One for the head and a bigger one for the body. I also remember parading around our school gym for a costume competition where the teachers would vote on the best costume. The only other one I remember was a pirate costume.

Regardless, things are different now. With age comes a more mature theme.

Burn Off Those Calories

pumpkin workoutScott Tousignant, personal trainer and author of many great exercise products including Fat Loss Quickie put together a outdoor workout that makes use of any decorations you may have used.

Check out the video and start pumping your pumpkins!

Environmentally Friendly Halloween

For years, Scott Bird wrote many excellent articles on conservation including his series on how to save water. He’s from Australia and suffice it to say, they’re way ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to water conservation.

Once the holiday is over, what do you do with all the leftover “stuff?” Here’s an idea:

Environmentally Friendly Halloween – Check out the 10 ways to make your Halloween environmentally friendly.

As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to Halloween, I’m just happy if there’s no snow. I like to think we can make it through the holiday with out the slush, snow and cold weather, but that’s not always the case.

I hope you have a great time trick-or-treating this year and every year, and encourage you to make use of one or all of the Halloween recipe ideas. They’re seriously good, and not just in October. Soup is a wonderful way to keep filled up and make use of your winter squash. Next year? I’ll be growing them myself.

2 Quick Recipe Tips

One of the most surprising benefits I’ve discovered for being engaged to a gal from the Middle East, other than the vast cultural exchange, is the cooking.

Oh, yes ladies… my gal COOKS!

Which is good since I am a lousy cook. : )

Hanna enjoys it… and she brings a Middle Eastern flair to some really boring fitness/bodybuilding foods that I want to share with you today.

Here’s just two quick tips from Hanna on making the ultimate in “boring” foods — egg whites and tuna (yuck) — taste incredible.

TIP 1:
Lively Egg White Omelette

Let’s face facts: Egg whites suck. At least that’s what I USED to think until Hanna decided to experiment with my morning omelette.

Now I eat this stuff like it was candy.

Here’s what she does:

1. She cooks the veggies separate from the egg whites. You’d think this would be common sense, but I never did it and I’ve seen a lot of people just toss it all in together.

2. Add 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil with 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil to the veggies. This alone improved the taste tremendously.

3. Add 1/2 egg yolk to the veggies after cooking for 1 minute. This, again, is primarily for taste.

4. Garlic! If you love garlic, here’s your chance. Garlic ROCKS in egg white omelets.

5. Use Pam or another non-stick spray for the egg whites and cook them like you would a normal omelette. Then pour the almost-cooked veggies in the middle. Do the omelette dance.

6. Here’s the SECRET SAUCE… literally. This will sound nuts until you try it:

Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

Okay… Hanna’s bright, but this was an accident. She thought it was salsa. But I’ve NEVER gone back to salsa after stumbling on this incredible treat! I have no idea why it tastes so good, but it makes the omelette.

Try these tips and see if your egg white omelette doesn’t become your favorite meal of the day.

TIP 2:
Canned Tuna Extraordinaire

Again, I have the lovely Hanna to thank for this.

Like egg whites, I used to HATE canned tuna. Now, again, I can eat this every night without complaint.

Here’s what she does:

She cooks the veggies the same way as in the omelette above and then pours the tuna from the can into a skillet. That’s IT.

I’ve never had “tuna ala skillet” before… and I have no clue why this tastes so smooth and delicious, but it does.

If you hate canned tuna for being dry or tasteless, try this. You’ll never go back.

If you want 40 pages of recipes like this… very yummy and VERY healthy… then be sure to pick up my EODD “Favorite Foods” Dieplan.

Here’s more about it:

Favorite Foods Diet + Recipes <-- click.here.for.more

Don’t Quit. Get Fit!

P.S. Most of the recipes that come with my EODD book can be prepared in 15 minutes or less… so do not let the clock become your enemy when it comes to getting lean!

And remember: You can eat your favorite foods several days per week on my plan and still get rid of excess bodyweight.

Why give up living when you don’t have to, right? : )

Favorite Foods Diet + Recipes <-- click.here.for.more

[ Note: This article was written by fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson. I have his permission to share it with you. Jon is the author of the Seven Minute Muscle Workout]

[audio] Insane amount of free diet information!

[ Note: This article was written by fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson. I have his permission to share it with you. Jon is the author of the Seven Minute Muscle Workout]

Scott Colby, CPT just interviewed me recently for “Fit Pros Against Cancer.” My job: Help give away a TON of free fitness information to his listeners as they called into the show.

And I think I did a pretty good job.

You tell me… ; )

Here’s what we cover in just about 30 minutes…

  1. How much fat can you burn (and inches can you lose) in just 6 days?…
  2. How to make fatloss “easier” (not ‘easy’… but easier!)…
  3. What to do about perimenopause and menopause stress and the fat-gain that comes with it… AND…
  4. The “Stress-Free” dietplan for women who fight the “pooch” or who are going through perimenopause or menopause!
  5. Is exercise worthless if you sit down while you work?…
  6. What about fitness for “seniors”?… Can you gain muscle and shed fat past the age of 60?
  7. An inhome exercise that lasts 7 minutes but that can increase the lifespan of women by up to 60%! …
  8. The shocking truth about whole grains and disease…
  9. The “myth” of shaping/building muscle AND dropping bodyfat at the same time… hear the TRUTH about this once and for all! …
  10. How you can have your cake (literally!) and eat it too (i.e. get all the fatburning benefits while still enjoying desserts)…
  11. How to “reboot” your key fatburning hormone using nothing more than the food in your refrigerator!…
  12. This freee substance uses 90% or more of your calories… and you need more of it… find out what it is!…
  13. The “Food Purist” versus the “Food Rebel”… which one are you?…
  14. The one thing you can to TODAY without hardly any effort to improve your appearance and your health!…
  15. 2 simple exercises you can do at work to remove back strain and improve your abs (yes… ABS!)…
  16. Why the “baby boomer” generation is literally being left out of most fitness plans… and a plan that’s perfectly suited for all boomers!…
  17. The 1 trick I use to workout without nagging injuries! …
  18. Why exrercise decreases 1 critical sex-hormone… and what you can do to prevent it (even increase it!) …
  19. The importance of strength over the age of 30 (it’s not what you think… and it’s VITAL!) …
  20. And more!

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Products + Free Video Mentioned In Audio Include…

“Micro-Session” Cardio Works Best

[ Note: This article was written by fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson. I have his permission to share it with you. Jon is the author of the Seven Minute Muscle Workout]

Several recent studies have pointed to the validity of doing very short cardio sessions (10 minutes) several times a day as being as beneficial… or even better… than one longer session. I agree, assuming you do some form of interval work in your cardio sessions. In fact, unless you want to drop a lot of bodyfat, you can get by with one 9-minute session a day if you do it right.

Quick Start: Try three super-short sessions with at least a 2-3 minute higher-intensity ‘burst’ in the middle. You do not have to go to the gym to do this. You can do this by walking stairs, stepping up and down on a low platform, or even walking outside. Let’s face it: 10 minutes is a lot easier on the brain than 30 minutes… and just as good.

For More Information: When you pick up my book The Every Other Day Diet you’ll have a chance to get my book 7 Minute Body for 1/3 the retail price for a limited time only.

In 7 Minute Body, I cover my personal 9 and 15-minute cardio sessions, my 3-minute abs workout (no kidding… I do not train my abs for more than 3 minutes!) and more.

Watch the presentation on my Every Other Day Diet homepage or just click here now to just pick up 7 Minute Body now.

The “Cost” of Eating Healthy

[ Note: This article was written by fitness and nutrition author Jon Benson. I have his permission to share it with you. Jon is the author of the Seven Minute Muscle Workout]

One of the biggest myths out there is the myth that eating healthy costs too much.

Just the opposite… and I’ll prove it to you in three ways.

#1: Cash

Here’s some sample figures courtesy of my friend Scott Tousignant’s fitness blog…

2 medium size sweet potatoes $1 or… small fries from a fast food joint

2 red peppers $1 or… a can of pop

Bowl of oatmeal with fruit & protein powder $2 or… large bag of chips

6 Chicken Breasts $10 or… a sub combo from a fast food joint

18 eggs $3.50 or… a burger from a fast food joint

2 salmon fillets $15 or… large pizza

Loaded chicken salad (homemade) $3 or… bag of cookies

Large bag of oatmeal $3.50 or… 4 chocolate bars

Not much of a comparison, it is?

Yet the foods on the left would feed a family of two or more for 4-7 days… the foods on the right? 2-3 days if you live through it.

Tips to make the most expensive part of eating healthy — the cost of quality meats — go further include…

1. Use tofu fillers in chicken and beef recipes. Even if you hate tofu, you can barely taste the difference when combined properly.

2. Buy your meats in bulk online. You can find less expensive grass-fed beef and naturally-raised chicken and have it delivered to you if you live near a large city. If not, check the local farmers.

3. Eat meat only 3-4 times per week and use black beans with rice or inexpensive tuna for your other days. I eat tuna cooked in a skillet with lots of veggies and some olive oil almost every night and I LOVE the taste!

My book The Every Other Day Diet has over 40 pages of recipes in it to help you eat healthy and cheap… and you can still eat out and consume your favorite foods several times per week.

#2: Your Health

Do we ‘really’ need to talk about buy new (usually larger) clothes every year or two? Or about the health care costs associated with being even 20 pounds over your ideal weight, let alone more? How about the time you miss from work with excessive colds?

Eating healthy and taking care of your body adds years to your life… and for the record, the years eating poorly takes away from your life, on average, costs each American over 80,000 in medical expenses.

Want to add that to your food budget?

#3: The Big Picture

Anyone who has been fit knows the joy it brings… the freedom you feel from wearing whatever you want… the productivity you see from increased energy… the pace at which you move during the day.

Not only are these gifts priceless, but they are also massive cash-savers. Your productivity alone can add thousands to your bottom line each year, well off-setting any costs associated with eating quality food.

The Bottom Line…

Like any good accountant would suggest, you need to look at your ROI (return on investment) if nothing else.

What does investing in a better body, greater health, and vibrant energy do for your life? How can that actually translate into more income AND less expense?

You will be surprised.

Don’t Quit. Get Fit!

P.S. If you want some tips on getting started with shedding that excess weight… go here for a short video… and prepare to take some notes! …

it’s freee….

Weight Loss Tips <--- click.here