HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA holy crap. Like I said in my email…There …

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Like I said in my email…There is NO such thing as coincidence….

Being a single mother of 4, I know all about the time crunch.

I did his leg workout today…I almost didnt make it, and I can sure feel it in my thighs right now.

Thank you for the fantastic video

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  • I’m officially MORE than frustrated!!!
    It’s funny actually.
    I removed a meal from my plan not even thinking that I was actually reducing my caloric intake….so like Michele said “starving myself”…

    I have put that last meal back into my plan and just decided to start eating earlier in the morning. I have also added more calories (the 200 that Rob suggested) in the form of lean protein.

    I know it will all come together shortly…

    It’s all in the details…it’s allllllllllll in the details.

  • Mastering The Kettlebell Swing
    That seriously looks like so much fun.
    I’m positive that it is more difficult than it looks, but damn I wanna try it
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    HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • FREE HUGS!!!!!

    I love you guys