Win A Free Copy Of Muscle Explosion

by Rob on February 3, 2009

build muscle fast muscle explosion

Who wants 6 to 10 pounds of muscle added to their body in the next 28 days? Win a FREE COPY of the rapid muscle building program Muscle Explosion, by Nick Nilsson as part of his Fitness Bailout Sale. Nick is doing his part by putting fitness programs in your hands at 50% of the […]


Navy Seals Perfect Pushup Review

by Rob on October 16, 2007

perfect pushup review

Pushups have long been a staple of any body weight workout routine and the true measure of a man. Any physical fitness test done at schools or in bars by college students revolves around the amount done in a given time or overall amount done to failure. The pushup is also the staple of the […]


One year ago I created a Halloween Workout that is a quick and intense workout using 2 pumpkins and 2 bails of hay. My point was to prove that you can achieve an incredible workout any time and anywhere. Another key point is to have fun with your fitness program. Lack of equipment, space, or […]

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Yes you read that correct… Exercise Less and you will in fact see better weight loss results than what you’ve been experiencing with your current workout program. But there are certain things that you must do in order to maximize this strategy. Would you like to know what this criteria is to boost your metabolism […]



Regardless of what sort of exercise you do, keeping a workout diary can prove incredibly useful. Particularly after you’ve been working out for a year or more. When I say ‘workout diary‘, I don’t necessarily mean anything fancy. A notebook and pen is really all you need. Just keep it handy whenever you set to […]


For the past 4 years I have been incorporating 8 Sets Of 8 into my workout program and every time I complete the 4 weeks of training I am amazed at how incredibly effective it is for not only burning fat but I always seem to add a bit of muscle during this phase as […]


Sculpt Your Thighs With Hack Squats

If you are looking to add some lean muscle and definition to your quads there aren’t many better exercises than the Hack Squat. When performed correct, this simple movement has the potential to carve out some sexy thighs that will beg to be revealed instead of being hidden under those jogging pants. But you have […]