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roasted root vegetables with orange spice sauce

We love roasted vegetables, especially in the winter and this recipe is great tasting with a zesty orange sauce. I’ve used three of our favorite root vegetables here but I’ll often mix it up and put in sweet potatoes, rutabaga, or even chopped up winter squash like butternut. Feel free to add onions if you’re […]

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Avocado Wasabi Sauce

We are always on the lookout for a great bean or lentil burger that we can make a huge batch of and eat for days. We have come to really dislike the store bought ones for the lack of taste and large amount of salt and other preservatives and unhealthy things in them. These black […]


Youre Only Human

by Christina on March 19, 2008

Anytime you try to do something new, you’re guaranteed to stumble along the way and it’s a part of the learning process. Realize that part of being human means that we’re not perfect and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Learn to recognize your triggers and then put together a plan to beat […]


Recipe: Green Smoothie

by Darlene on March 15, 2008

green smoothie

Last week’s recipe was a St Patrick’s day green soup which is a favorite around our house. Continuing with our “green theme” for the month of March, in honor of St Patty, We’ve got Darlene’s favorite green smoothie recipe. Darlene is away in Vegas for a photographer trade show, so I’m posting for her (Rob). […]


cheap food

At what cost are you denying yourself the nutrients, vitamins or nutrition your body needs? Is gourmet coffee or those lottery tickets keeping you from eating more nutritious foods? Ever gone to the grocery store and substituted for something you wanted because of the price or because it wasn’t on sale? Then, you go out […]


Recipe: Marrakech Couscous

by Darlene on February 23, 2008

Marrakech Couscous

Couscous is a little known grain, used often in North African dishes, especially those from Morocco. It can be prepared quickly on the counter by soaking it in boiling water, thus leaving the stovetop free to make the topping for it. In this Marrakech Couscous recipe we are not putting stuff on it, but rather […]


high fiber triple grain pilaf

Ready for a good fiber blast?! Try this high fiber triple grain pilaf instead of your usual rice dish. Adding more fiber into your diet will not only keep your digestion moving along, but eating more natural foods and less processed ones will give you more nutrients in your diet. Most on this after the […]

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Whole Grain Pancakes recipe

I found this whole grain pancake recipe in a little booklet when I bought some grain from a farmer’s market years ago. I’ve had it tucked away and recently pulled it out when I was asked what I eat for breakfast. While weekdays we mostly eat 8 grain cereal from Red Mills, on the weekends […]


Recipe: Creamy Almond Sauce

by Darlene on January 26, 2008

This is a multi-purpose, great tasting and easy to make sauce. You can put it on lentil loaf, bean cakes, quinoa cakes, sweet potato pancakes or anything else that needs a sauce or gravy. This creamy almond sauce recipe is simple, with shallots or onions, almond milk and raw almonds. That’s it. Pure nutrition without […]

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Recipe: Lentil Loaf

by Darlene on January 19, 2008

lentil loaf recipe

We use lentils in a number of recipes throughout the week. Red Lentil Dahl is a regular at our table, and we use lentils in one of our favorite soups, barley lentil soup. This Lentil Loaf recipe is very filling as it’s high in fiber and makes a nice meatless meal, even surprising the avid […]


Recipe: Red Lentil Dahl

by Darlene on January 12, 2008

Red Lentil Dahl Recipe

Red Lentils are a staple in our household as they’re nutritionally dense foods, a good source of iron and contain both soluble and insoluble fiber. We eat this Red Lentil Dahl a few times a day because it’s easily digestible and a great source of protein and other nutrients. We have a special note on […]


Recipe: Moroccan Chicken

by Darlene on January 5, 2008

Moroccan Chicken Recipe

Moroccan cuisine has long been considered as one of the most diversified cuisines in the world. The reason is because of the interaction of Morocco with the outside world for centuries. The cuisine of Morocco is a mix of Arab, Berber, Moorish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean African, Iberian, and Jewish influences. The cooks in the royal […]


Recipe: Mulligatawny Soup

by Darlene on December 22, 2007

Mulligatawny Soup Recipe

Mulligatawny is a classic Anglo-Indian dish. Mulligatawny is a spicy soup based on chicken or mutton/lamb stock. According to Madhur Jaffrey, the original mulligatawny soup can be traced back to the early days of the East India Company in Madras, and was more like a curry. The word is based on the Tamil name for […]


Recipe: Borscht Beet Soup

by Darlene on December 15, 2007

Borsch Soup Recipe

The original base for this bright red Polish and Russian soup was the cow parsnip. The Russian word ‘borshch’ means cow parsnip. Today, borscht is a beetroot soup, made with meat stock, cabbage, and frequently potatoes and other root vegetables. Source: Food Facts and Trivia This recipe is taken from The Looney Spoons cookbook and […]

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Recipe: Healthy Salad Dressings

by Darlene on November 24, 2007

Salad Photo, healthy salad dressing

Most commercial salad dressings are full of saturated fats, hydrogenated oils and preservatives. It is quick and easy to make up several batches of your own healthy salad dressings to keep handy. I even use a miniature bottle to keep some in my purse if I want to eat salad out and don’t like the […]