Weight Loss Tips – Maximum Muscle Stimulation for Fat Loss

Today’s weight loss tips are about exercise and how to best use your time in the gym to get more work done, stimulate more muscle and burn more fat. They say that building muscle while burning fat can’t be done, and that you should focus on one or the other, never both. That said, what if you just wanted to burn fat as efficiently as possible, end workout boredome make your time in the gym as quick as possible. These three weight loss tips are the very thing to take you in that direction.

leg press

Weight Loss Tips

1 Focus your training on the largest muscle groups:
The largest muscle groups of the body are the legs, back and chest. By working the largest muscle groups, primarily, you end up putting a larger demand on your body for energy and nutrition. Then a larger demand on your body for repair of that muscle tissue. You burn fat twice, first when you’re actually training and secondly when your body is busy rebuilding the muscles.

Arms (tricep and bicep) are smaller muscles, and where training certainly makes them look good and allows you to work harder on pushing and pulling movements, they don’t burn as much fat as the larger muscles.

As my trainer says, even if you don’t specifically train arms, they still get worked when you’re doing chest and back movements.

Chest – Bench press, Incline bench press, decline bench press, flies, pushups etc
Back – Bent over row, one arm dumbbell row, pull downs, pull ups, chins, seated rows
Legs – Squat, hack squat, leg press, lunges

So for maximum fat loss, create workout routines for the largest muscle groups.

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3 Weight Loss Tips

3 weight loss tips to help you improve your health, increase energy levels and have a good poo first thing in the morning. My buddy Dirk used to say “Rob – there’s nothing like a good crap first thing in the morning!” and I think most would agree.

I release 3 weight loss tips every Friday here on the blog (most weeks anyways) and I’m always on the lookout for a good tip. If you’ve got one that is healthy and natural, please leave a comment. I might use it in a future post.

3 Weight Loss Tips

breakfast muesli

Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast increases your metabolism first thing in the morning as well as keeps the hunger gremlins at bay later in the day. If you skip breakfast, you’re more likely to be making up those calories with unhealthy choices later in the day.

by simply making a few changes to her diet and eating the breakfast I recommended was one of them. You can read about her experiences with it on her post .

For members of the National Weight Control Registry, eating breakfast is part of their success strategy. These successful weight loss champions made it a daily habit to eat breakfast and have maintained a 30 pound or more weight loss for at least a year and as long as 6 years.

Breakfast is the fuel that starts you day. With it, you’ve got the energy you need to provide clear thinking, normalize blood sugar levels and keeps you on track with your food program for the rest of the day.

If you’re not eating breakfast and still procrastinating about doing exercise, breakfast may very well be the thing that gives you the energy to get mobile.

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3 Weight Loss Tips

Everyone’s looking for simple weight loss tips that they can follow and get results. There’s no magic pill as far as I’m concerned, but rather multiple lifestyle changes from making unconscious choices to conscious choices. It’s with this in mind that I offer 3 weight loss tips each and every Friday so that you the reader can grab one or more and begin to apply them to your life.

Weight loss programs are such subjective things, everyone has an opinion. Mine is easy – to eat more nutrient dense foods in the form of dark green leafy vegetables, vegetables, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds with animal protein a few times through the week. It’s a modified cave man diet that I have yet to name but am working on as I write my forthcoming book. In the mean time, here are this weeks 3 weight loss tips.

Eat 5 to 6 Small Meals a Day

Eat a breakfast as soon as you get up and then every 3 or so hours after that. A sample 6 meal day would include breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and small starch free evening snack. Smaller more frequent meals are easier to digest, help you use nutrients better and most importantly, help control blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar levels is the key to controlling hunger, fatigue and cravings.

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3 Weight Loss Tips

Every Friday is day here at Former Fat Guy Blog and the 3 weight loss tips for today are about white foods. I rarely if ever recommend removal of foods from diet, but rather take the approach of increasing and improving the foods we eat. I teach my clients to focus on increasing whole foods and making new habits. By increasing whole food consumption, the bad habits simply get pushed aside as there’s no room anymore.

I feel that today’s 3 weight loss tips simply have to be stated for effect, so I am.

3 Weight Loss Tips – Remove White Foods

Remove White Flour Foods

White bread, white pasta, white rice, white crackers, pancake mix, tortilla’s, buns, anything made with white flour should simply be tossed out (or given to your local homeless shelter or food bank). White flour products are broken down too quickly in your stomach and turned to sugar too fast.
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3 Weight Loss Tips

Every Friday is day here at Former Fat Guy Blog and the 3 weight loss tips for the new year that you can take action on right now are about pictures, measurements and journaling.

Something everyone always regrets after they’ve reached their goal weight is not having taken that ever important “Before” picture. Overweight people tend to be quite fearful of camera’s, but if there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s to document history! If you’re not thinking of it as documenting history then you’re not fully committed to your plan.

3 Weight Loss Tips

Take Your Before Picture

Get over the fear of the camera and take your before picture. When you reach your goal weight and then begin working on your physique for the rest of your life, image how happy you’ll be having document the whole process. Even if you don’t look at the pictures during the process, take them anyway and file them away. Eventually you’ll want to show your success’ and having a mitt full of pictures in various places doing all sorts of activities will be great for your website or book.

Take the pictures!

Measure Yourself As Well As Weigh Yourself

There will be times that the scale does not move. Somewhere during your journey you’ll hit a plateau even though you’re doing everything right. By taking measurements, you’ll know that you’re still shrinking but trading fat for muscle. You’ll weight the same but know you’re getting smaller because the tape measure told you so.

Take your measurements!

Keep A Food Journal

Food journal’s can help in many places. When you’re following a very strict program to get to your leanest, tracking every single food product that you eat can help you determine if you’re under calories or over calories and then help you adjust. Matching results to your journal can also help you re-visit a program that worked for you in the past. You’ll know exactly what you were eating and how much of it you were eating to get that consistent 3 pound a week weight loss. Was is a higher fiber content, a higher fat content or re-feeds happening more often that got your success? Should you cut calories or increase calories?

Archive your food journals along with your training journals. Keep every little detail so that you can refer to them at any time in the future. If you don’t know what you’re eating, how can you know where to adjust?

3 Weight Loss Tips

Every Friday is day here at Former Fat Guy Blog and the 3 weight loss tips for the new year that you can take action on right now are about goals, foods and exercise.

Weekly goals should be part of any weight loss program as long as they’re worded correctly because how your brain hears what you’re saying is critical.

Weight Loss Tips – Goals, Food and Exercise

Goals should be actions

Instead of having a goal of loosing 3 pounds this week, make your goal or goals the actions to get there. Instead of “I will lose 3 pounds this week”, state something like “I will walk 30 minutes every day this week”. Your focus should be on what’s going to get you to your result, not the result itself.
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New Years Eve Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips for New Years eve are the theme of this edition of 3 tips Friday. New Years Eve is a time to celebrate the ending of one year and to start the next year fresh. Many use the time to set new years resolutions, whether they be physical, financial, spiritual or career related, and would welcome any they could get. With the new year celebration comes parties, dinners, snacks and of course alcohol.

Now, I’m certainly one to have a couple of good glasses of wine, because life is just too short for bad wine you know, but I’m also goal driven and understand the effect of alcohol on weight loss.

With that in mind, here are my New Years Eve Weight Loss Tips

New Years Eve Weight Loss Tips

1. Eat Before You Go Out

You should always eat before your party to cut down on low blood sugar affecting your ability to make good food choices when you’re out. Having your meal at the last minute before heading out gives you a good 3 to 4 hours of even blood sugar and a full stomach. You should be staying away from starchy carbohydrates this late in the evening anyway, but I’ll say it again. Don’t eat starchy carbohydrates after 6 PM. This will reduce the risk of having a drop in blood sugar just as the beverages begin being poured. To further increase your level of fullness, make sure you eat a larger portion of vegetables to increase your fiber content and your level of fullness.

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3 Weight Loss Tips – Keeping Track Of Things

Weight loss tips this time around are all about keeping track of things and knowing what it is that you’re loosing. Knowing and tracking your results will allow you to make adjustments to further your progress. It’s also about being honest with yourself about what you can and might not accomplish based on how much work you want to put into it. Being realistic about what’s possible and the length of time it will take can be the difference in keeping your sanity.

tanita body fat scale1. Know what you’re loosing – When you drop 2 pounds during the week, what did you drop? was if fat, muscle or water? Muscle is your metabolic engine and you want to do everything in your power to build muscle and keep the muscle you have. Drastic calorie cutting may very well waste your hard earned muscle and slow the fat loss. Without knowing what you’re loosing (or gaining), you wont be able to make adjustments to your program. Invest in a good body fat scale that measures weight and body fat. The better ones like Tanita also measure hydration levels too, so you know if you’ve lost water weight, muscle or fat. Knowing can make all the difference.

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3 Weight Loss Tips

This edition of 3 tips Friday is clearly about weight loss. 3 weight loss tips that you can use right here, right now to get started towards you goal. 3 tips Friday allows you a 3 day jump on those who begin on Mondays. Take action, get started now.

Eliminate all starchy carbohydrates after 6 pm – Starchy carbohydrates such as bread, yams, rice, crackers, popcorn, pasta, potato’s etc are all converted to sugar quite quickly. When that sugar is flowing through your veins, your body will burn it for energy rather than fat.

After 6 PM, stick to lean proteins and vegetables only. Consider a meal of all vegetables with some chicken, bison or steak instead along with good fats. The fiber of the vegetables will provide bulk, make you feel fuller while eating less calories.
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3 Weight Loss Tips – Healthy Celery Snacks

Celery is a fantastic vegetable providing both fiber and natural water content. Celery is about 95% water, very alkaline and can be easily eaten anywhere, anytime as a handy weight loss snack.

Being both alkaline and of high water content, celery is perfect for smokers who have decided to quit and want to make sure their blood and body chemistry stays on the alkaline side. Those people removing the habit will often release enough toxins into the blood that it starts to become acidic and celery is a great way to balance that out. If you’ve just quit, keep celery handy and snack on it often.

3 Weight Loss Tips Using Celery

Celery can be eaten combined with almost anything. Here are 3 of my personal favorite celery snacks

1. Celery Stalks and Hummus – While I’m preparing a meal, I often snack on celery and hummus. is a dip made with Chick Peas (Garbonzo beans, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and often cayenne pepper. Darlene will be posting a soon. Taken with you to work, Hummus can be eaten with celery, carrots, sliced peppers or any other raw vegetable or whole grain crisp bread crackers like Ryvita crackers (www.ryvita.com). Opt out of the wheat crackers and choose whole grain rye instead. High in fiber, low in calories and great with Hummus. I like the sesame rye crackers which contain only whole grain rye, sesame seeds, salt and that’s it.

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3 Weight Loss Tips For The Fitness Lifestyle

Does alcohol make you fat? The age old question among lifters and anyone on a weight loss program for sure. You know that drinking makes you fat right? The beer belly is evidence of this fact… or is it? Tom Venuto, author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle gives us 3 weight loss tips this week in regards to alcohol and weight loss. This is the first of two sets of tips regarding alcohol and they’re not only based in science, they’re based on common sense, just like any of Tom’s work.

Alcohol and Weight Loss Tips

(1) Don’t drink on a fat loss program. Although you could certainly drink and “get away with it” if you diligently maintained your calorie deficit as noted above, it certainly does not help your fat loss cause or your nutritional status.

(2) Drink in moderation during maintenance. For lifelong weight maintenance and a healthy lifestyle, if you drink, do so in moderation and only occasionally, such as on weekends or when you go out to dine in restaurants. Binge drinking and getting drunk has no place in a fitness lifestyle (not to mention hangovers aren’t very conducive to good workouts).

(3) Don’t drink daily. Moderate drinking, including daily drinking, has been associated with cardiovascular health benefits. However, I don’t recommend daily drinking because behaviors repeated daily become habits. Behaviors repeated multiple times daily become strong habits. Habitual drinking may lead to heavier drinking or full-blown addictions and can be hard to stop if you ever need to cut back.

Tom continues with some thoughts on the subject of the role alcohol plays in a fitness lifestyle

Alcohol has been implicated as a factor that may hurt your efforts to lose body fat. Whether alcohol is “fattening” has been a very controversial subject because technically speaking, alcohol is NOT stored as fat; it is oxidized ahead of other fuels.

Whether moderate drinking is healthy has also been a subject of controversy. Many studies show that cardiovascular health benefits are associated with moderate beer or wine drinking (which has been of particular interest lately with reservatrol in the news so much), while other studies show improved insulin sensitivity. Some experts however, say that alcohol has no place in a fitness lifestyle.

I invite you to read more on this subject by reading the full article by Tom Venuto. Tom gives 4 more weight loss tips as well in regards to alcohol and weight loss.

Waters Role In The Human Body – 3 Weight Loss Tips

Water is such an important part of our lives and the role it plays in our body, every aspect of our body, is not to be underestimated. Because water is such a critical factor, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that the quality of that water is just as important? Water is life and without it we would dry up like prunes. I give out 3 weight loss tips each Friday which allow you the reader to get a 3 day jump on those who wait until Monday to start. I say take action, begin now. Here are 3 weight loss tips for today, continuing our theme of the importance of water in our life.

water weight loss tipsWe can all agree that we need more water every day. Most people are dehydrated and it’s easy to see why they gain weight when they first switch to a whole food eating program. They body is better nourished, electrolytes get balanced and your body begins to absorb more life giving water. With that water absorption comes weight and it’s why I tell people “congratulations” when they tell me they’ve gained weight after beginning to eat better. Exercise depletes the body of both water and electrolyes through sweat. If you exercise, you should be sipping more water each and every set to replace it. If not, cramps can occur. I’d like to share with you 3 advantages to drinking more water to improve all areas of your life, health and weight loss.

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How To Drink More Water – Weight Loss Tips

The importance of the role drinking water plays in your life can not be underestimated. As Harvey Diamond says, and I’ve quoted for years “Water is life! The better your water, the better your life”. When it comes to weight loss or just plain health in general, the quality and quantity of your drinking water is crucial. Today’s 3 tip Friday begins a series of tips on water and how to increase the amount you drink per day.

drinking water weight loss tips1. Have a glass of water first thing in the morning and last thing before bed – Simple enough rule. By having a glass of water first thing in the morning, you start the day with water. Adding a small squeeze of lemon can aid in liver detoxification as well and add a nice twist to plain drinking water. Studies have shown that drinking a glass of water upon waking and before sleeping will accelerate weight loss.

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3 Weight Loss Tips – Improve Digestion

3 weight loss tips for today’s edition of 3 Tips Friday. 3 tips you can take action on right here and right now and get a 3 day jump on your buddy who always says “I’ll start on Monday”. This edition of the weight loss tips is about how to improve digestion for weight loss.

Digestion of food is the most energy consuming thing your body does. It’s the same reason you hear your mom say “wait one hour after eating before swimming”. It’s not because you’ll get cramps, it’s because your body has sent so much blood to your stomach to do the work of digestion that you will have less energy for swimming.

Let me ask you this: If you don’t get the nutrition out of the food you’re eating, why are you eating it? That’s the whole point isn’t it? Making a few simple changes to how you eat, you can then assimilate all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fats, enzymes and protein of which your body is built.

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3 Weight Loss Tips – Play With Your Foods

3 Tips Friday, a collection of weight loss tips that you can take action on today and be 3 days ahead of your friends who start things on Mondays. Each Friday, I publish 3 weight loss tips or fitness tips that allow you to take steps towards you ultimate physique today. Taking action is one of the main themes of this blog and my weight loss forum. There is a saying that Knowledge Is Power, however, it is my belief that Knowledge In Action Is Power. Take action. Begin today.

Weight Loss Tips – Playing with your food

The idea here is to test small changes to your weight loss program. Make a small tweak in your diet and then monitor the results on your body fat. I call this “playing with your food”
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