Understanding Hypoglycemia and Blood Sugar

In this 4 part series on blood sugar, I first talked about and then . Now let’s look at hypoglycemia. Having it for a long time could cause diabetes.

What Is Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is a pancreatic stress pattern associated with having high amounts of sugar in the diet. It can be a precursor to diabetes through insulin insufficiency, or through glucagon stress.
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Understanding Diabetes Hypoglycemia and Syndrome X

In this 4 part series, I will take an in depth look at Diabetes, Hyperglycemia and Syndrome X, explaining them in detail and concluding with showing how to rebuild pancreatic function – removing diabetes and the different supplements that can benefit these different types of blood sugar problems.

Diabetes or Hyperglycemia is the accumulation of too much glucose in the blood stream, because of a pancreatic insufficiency, that usually involves insufficient production of pancreatic enzyme, and some times insufficient insulin, while Syndrome X was coined by Dr Gerald Raven, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. In 1988 he noted there were many individuals presenting the phenomenon of insulin resistance, yet they could not be classified type 2 diabetes. These patients were at greater risk of cardiovascular disease than the general population, so this is what he called “Syndrome X”. I’ll go more into Syndrome X in part 2 of this series.

And so we begin…

Diabetes, Hypoglycemia and Syndrome X.

Part 1 of 4 part series

Is it possible to rebuild Pancreatic Function – removing Diabetes?

diabetes hyperglycemia syndrome x“…First, to explain a bit about myself I am a 52 year old male who has been an insulin dependent diabetic for the last 25 years and under the care of the same doctor who first diagnosed and treated me. Over the course of his treatment and care I have had many ups & downs with complications from my diabetes. My doctor was always telling me to improve my care – I like this doctor because he pulls no punches and tells it like it is, and many times he has told me so, get better or else! However, during my last doctor’s visit, this is the first time that he has been happy & pleased with all my medical results. My AIC, cholesterol, blood pressure, liver panels, etc were all normal. He knows I use a lot of natural supplements, visit complementary healthcare practitioners and do not like to take “pills”. I briefly explained to him the protocol I was using. He didn’t question me as to why I was doing this, he saw the results first hand.

The reason I now can justly write this referral is because until my recent stay in the Pasqua Hospital in Regina with a rather severe and painful right ear infection, I never understood what a “HEALTHIER” body, mine, could withstand, yes, withstand.

I am a man who prefers to do my health care and maintenance the most natural way possible. There is a place for main stream medicine when needed.

During my 3 day stay in the hospital, I was given mega dosages of Demerol, and other pain killers, anti-inflammatory & antibiotics. I had an infected cyst lanced in my right ear & my ear canal was closed shut – lots of fun!

Because of the protocol of supplements Kristine had put me on for a “dysaerobic” body, I was able to withstand & come thru all that my body experienced while in the hospital.

I honestly believe that without this protocol I would have become and stayed sick a lot worse than I was – without question!

I am not going into explanations on because the end result speaks for itself. With Kristine’s assistance, I will dispose of all the residue toxins in my body left from my hospital experience. They were very much needed at the time, but now its time to move on to the “HEALTHIER” body I had before.

To anyone who is considering Kristine to assist them becoming healthier, what are you waiting for? Let her work with you to achieve your goal.

Kristine, in closing I will keep it very simple.

My doctor of 30 years was beside himself with excitement when he discovered both my 30 years of heart disease, and diabetes, had already largely disappeared simultaneously after seeing you just 3 times!

Thank You.

-Martin, Age 52, Saskatchewan”

Limited Testimonial from Better Health Answers

Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in the US, and its incidence is increasing at an alarming rate.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes or Hyperglycemia is the accumulation of too much glucose in the blood stream, because of a pancreatic insufficiency, that usually involves insufficient production of pancreatic enzyme, and some times insufficient insulin.

This high glucose and disruption of normal glucose metabolism places a great stress on the entire organism and can lead to a number of serious and potentially fatal complications.

Some of the conditions that come with diabetes are neuropathy, or simply put nerve damage, retinopathy often leading to blindness, atherosclerosis, (hardening of the arteries) loss of peripheral circulation, especially in the feet and legs which later could lead to gangrenes, and kidney failure.

Diabetes type 2 or non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or adult onset diabetes is a classic “disease of civilization”, almost unknown to people eating traditional diets and living in their traditional non sedentary way.

What Causes Diabetes?

One major culprit is soft drinks, which in their non diet form can contain as much as 10 teaspoons of sugar per can and in diet form, they contain NutraSweet or Aspartame which also elicits an insulin response too.
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Sunday already?

The week is about to come into full swing. Are you excited? I know I am.

I have decided to put . away for a little while. Not because it isn’t working for me, but because I am a girl that likes VARIETY!! I like to have a bit of everything on my plate at the buffet.
MMMMMM buffet!! KK calm down J

I have chosen instead to use the program designed by . More specifically, the Fit Chic nutrition plan, along with the complimenting workout program.
After all, I have a competition to win here!!
I will of course be keeping you all in the loop with my progress.
I am also anxiously awaiting my “Bronze Plus” Test results from . So stay tuned to see if I am a Sugar Burner or a Fat Burner.

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Weight loss? How To Tell If You Are A Sugar Burner!

The Inner Biochemist

The Simple Weight Loss Solution

homeopath doctor


The “Sugar Burner / Fast Burner / Glucogenic” Inner Biochemistry imbalance type

…I bet you didn’t know that a large majority of depression and substance abuse can be corrected by prescribing the perfect diet for that individual precisely.

…I bet you didn’t know inner-starvation-induced neurosis and psychosis cannot be differentiated clinically – from functional mental illnesses? Many mistakenly believe this to originate in much more complex psychological conflict, and trauma?

…How many people do you know who have low vitality, low sexual desire, can only make it through their day with lots and lots of sugar and caffeine – and chocolate?

…How many people do you know that are over weight or under weight for that matter, and have blood sugar problems, suffer from anxiety or depression, and chronic complainers?

…How many people would you like to restore to health for no other reason than to put a stop to their “incessant whining?”

Obviously these are the most “whined” about symptoms in the modern world…

The “Sugar Burner / Fast Burner / Glucogenic” Inner Biochemistry imbalance type is important because it means that you have poor glycemic control. Your blood and brain sugar tends to be very erratic. Your body does not produce energy from the foods you eat very efficiently. You have a particular difficulty handling starchy or sugary foods (by the way you utilize the sugars extremely fast. See more below)

The term by biochemical individuality was coined by a great biochemist, Dr Roger Williams. It is true Dr Williams has so elegantly asserted that metabolic biochemistry has infinite variations, that there can be no one diet that in inappropriate for everyone. Dr. Dean Ornish, MD recommends a low protein low fat low carb diet. Dr. Robert Atkins, MD recommends high protein, high fat, low carb diet. Barry Sears, PhD, recommends the Zone diet a more evenly spread more balanced diet of 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 30% fats. Robert Young, PhD, recommends a “Alkalarian” vegetarian diet very high in carbs…

As the old saying goes, one’s man food is another man’s poison. Now who’s wrong and who’s right?

So what is this mysterious Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance explained?

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:Kristine :Earl – The Inner Biochemist – My Passionate Mission: Healthcare Revolution

The Inner Biochemist

The Simple Solution

My Mission–is–My Passion:

– Healthcare Revolution

listen to my MISSION here…The Full Version

homeopath doctor

…We don’t experience migraines because of a deficiency in Tylenol 3.

…We don’t experience depression because of a deficiency in Prozac.

…Our child doesn’t have ADHD because they were born without Ritalin.

…We don’t experience cancer because of deficiencies in “Chemo”…

My mission is to change individual health care. I would like to see everybody understanding real health. What is Real health? Is it the absence of symptoms? No. Health is when a man becomes natural. What is natural? It is easy spontaneous and without effort. The word “SAHAJ” in Sanskrit means “what is natural, what is innate, in anything’s being.” When you are your natural self and don’t have any obsession or compulsion, you are not bothered about the results of your actions. That is what health is.
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The Truth About Homeopathy

The Inner Biochemist

The Simple Solution

homeopath doctor

…I bet you didn’t know that Ultrahomeopathy is the only medicine used -yes insisted on- by the British Royal family.

…I bet you didn’t know that Ultrahomeopathy is the only medicine that reverses genetic decline…

…I bet you didn’t know even simple homeopathy has had amazing results during epidemics…

…I bet you didn’t know that every generation experiences genetic decline in North America… From Infertility and conception difficulties, to massively expanded birth difficulties and early childhood disease – including allergies and asthma, to dramatic obesity. You’ll understand in future articles why this genetic weakening is happening – and its outcomes.

Now – The internet is amazingly full of misinformation on homeopathy. Why? Because an enormous multi-billion industry that directly influences 150 different countries is very threatened by the success of homeopathy — or any other competitor.

The Truth About Homeopathy is that it definitely works, even if the internet is full of falsified information about it (there is a reason for that – see below) – it is the highest form of medicine, nothing can make you feel better, and those who are in good homeopathic hands say it is nothing short of miraculous… that is The Truth About Homeopathy…

Now here’s the Why:

Examples of efficacy in mass pandemics:

When we had the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918, 22 million people died world wide of this virus. Here are some interesting facts: In the US alone, 500,000 deaths were caused by this epidemic. (In a future article, I will explain how viral epidemics work….)

Dr Dean W A Pearson, of Philadelphia and Hahnemann College collected data of 26,795 cases of influenza, treated by homeopathic physicians, which showed a mortality rate lower than 1.05%. The mortality rate among those treated by Allopathic medicine – without homeopathic medicine – was 30% to 40%.

Now ask yourself:

Which risk might -I- like to be exposed to?

1% or 40% chance of death?


Proof of Homeopathic efficacy rates in well-known pandemics…

…So what is homeopathy? And what is the the advanced Ultrahomeopathy?

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Introducing My Homeopathic Physcian – :Kristine :Earl

I’ve made use of a homeopath (or naturopath) for a couple of years now and it made such an impact in my life that I wanted to share it with you. I have been following a natural diet, using Sunrider whole foods and other supplements and just wanted to know what my inner biochemistry was like. I made it my intention to find a great naturopath and was blessed to be introduced to :Kristine and :Michael :Earl in 2004. A full 1 hour long interview I did with her is available at the end of this post.

I don’t believe in accidents. My tagline and personal motto has always been

… anything is possible and nothing happens by accident …


homeopathic physician

It was through a very interesting series of events that led me to :Kristine which I will write about in another post, but for the time being, just wanted to have you the reader understand that she is probably the most important person you will ever meet when it comes to your health.

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Miracle Pills or Propaganda? Vitamin C and Calcium, What Else Do You Have In Your Cabinet?

The Inner Biochemist

The Simple Solution

homeopath doctor

I’ll bet you didn’t know!

…I bet you didn’t know vitamin C causes destruction of proteins in your body, which will accelerate the aging process?

..I bet you didn’t know that vitamin C will cause formation of the toxic chemical pentosadine, a marker for premature aging and the tissue destruction?

…I bet you didn’t know that vitamin C depletes your body of many minerals and trace mineral nutrients? In order to eliminate vitamin C from your body you need to chelate every excess molecule of vitamin C with calcium, magnesium, zinc, or other minerals and trace minerals – and that’s the only way the kidneys can dump vitamin C!

The Inner Biochemistry of Vitamin C

…I bet you didn’t know that vitamin C will actually cause high cholesterol in certain cases?

…I bet you didn’t know that the “antioxidant” vitamin C actually decreases the activity of ceruloplasmin, one of your body’s most important antioxidants.

…I bet you didn’t know that vitamin C will convert the mineral iron to a form that damages the blood vessels, and leads to hardening of arteries and heart blockage?

…I bet you didn’t know some people will go into hypoglycemic crises from vitamin C, and in certain cases it can push a diabetic into ketoacidosis…

Are you beginning to get a little nervous about vitamin C or about the propaganda of vitamin C?

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