Does Weight Watchers Consider Inches Lost or Just Pounds?

It’s come to my attention that Weight Watchers does not track inches lost over the week, but rather focuses squarely on the scale, giving no credit to a gain in muscle. Does weight watchers understand or even promote an active lifestyle? and if they do, they simply MUST understand that a body building muscle is going to drop inches as it burns more fat, which wouldn’t register on the scale.

Imagine the psychological impact of a man or woman who’s been increasing their exercise frequency and intensity, watching what they eat, counting the points and proud of what they’re accomplishing as they get stronger, only to be totally discouraged at a weight gain a week later.

I Question The Weight Watchers Approach

Does Weight Watchers take into account an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in inches as a successful week? or is it just the reading on the scale that counts?

weight watchers inches or pounds

Muscle weighs the same as fat, let me be perfectly clear about that.

1 pounds of muscle is equal to 1 pound of fat, just as 1 pound of hammers is equal to 1 pound of feathers.

A pound is a pound.

However, a pound of muscle is more dense than fat and takes up less space.

As one exercises, he or she begins to stimulate the body to compensate for the work load and it does so by building more muscle. That muscle in turn is metabolically active, and begins to burn more fat, even while sleeping. As the body burns the fat, it becomes smaller in size because a pound of fat takes up more space than a pound of muscle. The body burns the fat as long as the body remains in a calorie deficit each day.

We shrink, yet it’s possible to weight the same, trading 1 pound of fat for 1 pound of muscle.

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Constant And NeverEnding Improvement

One of the most powerful lessons I learned years ago when I was starting my , was from Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power. In it I learned of the principle CANI, or Constant And Neverending Improvement. I became a student of small improvements compounded upon one another and knew that I’d never stop growing.

My mentor T. Harv Eker has a phrase, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”.

Success and Improvement are not destinations, they should be thought of as journey’s.

constant and never ending improvement

I’ve recently met a few people in my weight loss forum who have taken on a personal attitude of success and simply will not let anyone or anything stand in their way of getting the results they desire.

It’s like a switch was flipped.

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How Emotional Freedom Technique Can Reduce The Stress In Your Life.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can reduce stress the stress in your life including the fear of public speaking. They say the Fear of Public Speaking is the fear that affects most people today and if you have ever had the misfortune to be in front of many or few of your peers and have had to fight for breath control, to wrestle with your heart rate, try to dry your sweaty palms and pits and plead with your tongue to just speak clearly and slowly, you can relate to those folks to attempt to do it regularly. Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple method you can learn yourself, takes only a few short minutes before you stand up to speak and calms all fears of sounding stupid and feeling worse.

EFT can do all that and more. It works especially for the fear of public speaking and has a money back guarantee.

Emotional Freedom Technique And Work Stress

emotional freedom technique stressWhat about the stress you have at work? The job itself is enough to drive a person to drink and then there’s your boss!! The boss is never happy, you never get enough done, or do it right. Well then what about the jerks that you work with? Do they get a kick out of pushing you over the edge? And if you are the boss, can you believe the childish pre-schoolers that you hired and thought they were competent? You run a business not a kindergarten. Sometimes it’s hard to be enthused about getting up to face the day. What if you could wake up with a desire to live life as an adventure not a drudgery? EFT can do that! What if you loved the work you do? EFT can do that too! And the boss, are you saying EFT can make the boss a Joy to work with? Yes, that’s right? And those jerks you work with as well. Now really, we really can’t change anyone else or make them go away, but with EFT you can change how you see your world and all things in it and who else’s stress are you concerned about anyway?

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I’ll take a little bit more please.

Ya, you heard me…I’ll take a little bit extra.

Most of you may be thinking food right?
Nope, I’m talking about some extra responsibility.

I landed a job interview on Monday with a company that I am extremely excited to work for. I was hired a whole 6 minutes into the conversation. It is by far the best interview I have ever had.
I felt confident going in, I wasn’t nervous or flustered. I attribute this confidence to my weight loss. In the past I always DREADED job interviews. Sure my resume is great, but I never really felt that way about myself. Companies choose their staff based on what type of person they want to represent their business as well as their qualifications. I was always of the mindset that no one wants some fat girl working at the front with all of their customers. Having this in my mind made it almost impossible for me to succeed, and I really believe it has held me back from some wonderful opportunities.

Well no more of that shit. I’m different. I feel different because I look different. It really is amazing what losing a few pounds can do for your self esteem.

What will this mean for my weight loss journey?
I mean COME ON…I have two jobs now, add in 4 kids, a husband, a new fish, volunteer work at the school and a household commitment…I DEFINITELY don’t have time for the gym anymore right?

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My Son Sees Dead People

My son always made fun of the movie “Sixth Sense”. He would look at me and say “Mommy I see dead people”, then break out in his little giggle. I always thought that was funny, seeing as how I CAN see and hear others who have passed, but I would just laugh with him and say ” I see them too. But you better stop saying that!”

Well low and behold the Law of Attraction is at work. For about 2 years now I have noticed my son being more interested in what I do and telling me about weird experiences he was having. I knew what was going on but waited for him to come to terms and be more comfortable with his new found ability, and that happened this week. I was so happy and proud! Well, I am a mom first ya know!

My SonIt all started with a phone call a couple of days ago. He and I have our normal evening talks on the phone since he lives in Jacksonville, Fl. with his Dad. We talk almost every night and he tells me about his day, nothing riveting usually. But the other night, he began to tell me about a patch of fog he had seen that morning. He was on his way to school, and from out of nowhere there was this fog. He said it wasn’t large but as soon as it was there, it was gone again. He had a funny feeling about it, so he asked me to see what I felt. I told him I saw many people but 2 stood out, one was a gentleman in a Civil War out fit and the other was a lady with red hair and a red dress, looked like she was from the WWII days. We talked about it for a little while then got onto other subjects. These kinds of things are common place for us to talk about, the kids have grown up around strange happenings and things. All was well, or so I thought!

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The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part Four

Have you ever noticed that we are not schooled on how to have a successful marriage or how to be a good partner? On what qualities, we ourselves, must possess to be a good companion? What qualities our chosen mate should possess?

We fumble around from relationship to relationship… trying to find out what works for us and hopefully self-reflect to see what area’s we need to grow in.

Among the top of my arsenal of relationship books sits Project Everlasting
(see The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part One, Part Two and Part Three for details on the previous marriage secrets and an over of the book written by Mathew Boggs and Jason Miller).

There is so much useful information in this book that I could not discuss it with one article and do it justice. I am using this fourth and final article about the book to pull the most important keys of a successful marriage together.
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The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part Three

After reading the book Project Everlasting, I actually felt quite hopeful that successful marriages do and can exist. I realized that a blemished marriage can become that same great marriage it once was. (see The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part One and Part Two for details on the previous marriage secrets and an over of the book written by Mathew Boggs and Jason Miller).

All of the Marriage Masters (the name given by the authors to the couples they interviewed) didn’t just luck out and sail through their relationships.

Project Everlasting Book Cover
They recognized and could articulate why their marriages were successful. And really, how can you go wrong listening to the advice from couples who are talking the talk AND walking the walk?
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The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part Two

In my quest for building and keeping my current relationship healthy and strong, I have been reading a book called Project Everlasting (see The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part One for a more thorough explanation of the book and my initial discussion of some of the important keys to a great marriage). From this book, I am learning a lot about where I might have gone astray in previous relationships. Is it possible I have been wrong in my definition of what love and marriage should be and look like? Naaaaw! Well, ok, maybe a little.
Project Everlasting Book Cover
I think I wanted to hear that if the right two people meet – it just all falls into place. And if it does not all fall into place, then it is the wrong partnership. After reading this book, Project Everlasting written by Mathew Boggs and Jason Miller, I realized this is not necessarily true.
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The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part One

Have you ever observed an old couple holding hands? Watched them waltz with their feet never being more than an inch apart? Have you ever wondered if you will have a similar fate with the divorce rate being so high? I have always wondered what the secret is to a successful marriage.

Well, I believe that last question led me to read Project Everlasting: Two Bachelors Discover the Secrets of Americas Greatest Marriages written by Mathew Boggs and Jason Miller.

Project Everlasting Book Cover
The authors traveled across North America interviewing over 200 Marriage Masters (what the authors affectionately call the couples they interviewed) that have been married over 40 years in their quest to find out what their secret was for a lasting loving marriage. After absorbing every last word, this is what I discovered from reading this book…
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The Three Stages Of Weight Loss and Health Success

I recently got this email about the “fast track to business success”, however, if you change the word business to “weight loss and health success” (as you’ll see below), this summarizes exactly what is about to unfold here at the Former Fat Guy Blog. You will find expert authors in the fields of personal training, health, emotional freedom technique, law of attraction, relationships, pet health, fitness fashion and more. Have a look:

I recently came up with a pretty cool concept called the three stages of business weight loss and health success and wanted to share it with you.

Here it is in a nutshell:

1) Stage One: you’re trying to figure it all out on your own.
Result: zero success.

2) Stage Two: you learn a system.
Result: small, sporadic success.

3) Stage Three: you’re mentored by experienced coaches following a proven blueprint.
Result: huge, breakthrough success.

This was the case with our business my weight loss and health;
and, I’m pretty sure it will hold true for you.

The point is, you want to do everything in your power to get to stage three as fast as you can. Because this is where you leapfrog over the pitfalls and move from average results to world class achievements.

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Celebrate Your Success Every Day

How often do we end our days on a positive note rather than a negative note? I’d like to think it’s more often than not, but the truth is that we seem to be very hard on ourselves for all the things we did wrong in the day. I’d like to have you reverse that trend, acknowledge all the little wins you had in the day and go to bed knowing that you took action on your weight loss program and fitness. I know that I’m my own worst critic. I use it to become better though, pushing myself harder each and every day and I believe that you can do the same thing. It’s just a matter of perspective isn’t it? Celebrate your wins, focus on what was good rather than what went wrong, then use your inner critic to push yourself so that your little wins become bigger wins the next day. Where focus goes, energy flows. Continue reading →