weight watchers inches or pounds

It’s come to my attention that Weight Watchers does not track inches lost over the week, but rather focuses squarely on the scale, giving no credit to a gain in muscle. Does weight watchers understand or even promote an active lifestyle? and if they do, they simply MUST understand that a body building muscle is […]


Constant And NeverEnding Improvement

by Rob on January 23, 2008

constant and never ending improvement

One of the most powerful lessons I learned years ago when I was starting my weight loss transformation, was from Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power. In it I learned of the principle CANI, or Constant And Neverending Improvement. I became a student of small improvements compounded upon one another and knew that I’d never stop […]


emotional freedom technique stress

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can reduce stress the stress in your life including the fear of public speaking. They say the Fear of Public Speaking is the fear that affects most people today and if you have ever had the misfortune to be in front of many or few of your peers and have had […]


no excuses

Ya, you heard me…I’ll take a little bit extra. Most of you may be thinking food right? Nope, I’m talking about some extra responsibility. I landed a job interview on Monday with a company that I am extremely excited to work for. I was hired a whole 6 minutes into the conversation. It is by […]


My Son Sees Dead People

by Kandace on October 17, 2007

My Son

My son always made fun of the movie “Sixth Sense”. He would look at me and say “Mommy I see dead people”, then break out in his little giggle. I always thought that was funny, seeing as how I CAN see and hear others who have passed, but I would just laugh with him and […]


Have you ever noticed that we are not schooled on how to have a successful marriage or how to be a good partner? On what qualities, we ourselves, must possess to be a good companion? What qualities our chosen mate should possess? We fumble around from relationship to relationship… trying to find out what works […]


After reading the book Project Everlasting, I actually felt quite hopeful that successful marriages do and can exist. I realized that a blemished marriage can become that same great marriage it once was. (see The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part One and Part Two for details on the previous marriage secrets and an over […]


In my quest for building and keeping my current relationship healthy and strong, I have been reading a book called Project Everlasting (see The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part One for a more thorough explanation of the book and my initial discussion of some of the important keys to a great marriage). From this […]


Have you ever observed an old couple holding hands? Watched them waltz with their feet never being more than an inch apart? Have you ever wondered if you will have a similar fate with the divorce rate being so high? I have always wondered what the secret is to a successful marriage. Well, I believe […]


I recently got this email about the “fast track to business success”, however, if you change the word business to “weight loss and health success” (as you’ll see below), this summarizes exactly what is about to unfold here at the Former Fat Guy Blog. You will find expert authors in the fields of personal training, […]


celebrate success every day

How often do we end our days on a positive note rather than a negative note? I’d like to think it’s more often than not, but the truth is that we seem to be very hard on ourselves for all the things we did wrong in the day. I’d like to have you reverse that […]

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