A few days ago I posted Tara Scott’s Outdoor Pushup Variation video showing some extreme pushup drills. As amazing as they were, these pushup drills take it to another level. Tara Scott blogs about primal fitness and outdoor exercise and fitness. She is a senior instructor and trainer of primal body conditioning. Pushups are a […]


Basic outdoor body weight exercise should be a foundation for any workout program and Coach Tara has these primal workouts down to an art form. The pushup is a basic movement that strengthens so many parts of your body, the chest, tricep, shoulders, core etc and with her variations, begins to work more and more […]


turbulence training

Craig Ballantyne, the author of Turbulence Training, bodyweight fat loss training manual, and contributor to Mens Health magazine stopped in for a little chat a month ago and it’s now being partially released to readers. This Craig Ballantyne interview is ongoing, so be sure to register on the last page for updates. Craig says Everyone’s […]


Strong Women: Nothing But Pushups

by Rob on February 22, 2008

This has got to be the best video I’ve seen of pushups. These strong women (and a couple of guys) do some things with pushups that inspire me to train harder. I’m not sure if this was shot in one single day, but you can tell from her exhaustion at one point, that she’d done […]

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You may have seen the guys who do a pushup and then clap their hands before landing. Clap pushups require a forceful press launching the body off the ground. Well, ever seen a triple clap pushup? Think they’re possible? Have a look at this via Scott at Straight To The Bar Tweet Share


The Ultimate Perfect Pushup Review

by Rob on January 22, 2008

perfect pushup review

I posted my perfect pushup review a few months back and it got a lot of attention, er…. , slammed by a bunch of guys on a martial arts forum. It caught me a bit off guard as they trashed the product and the review. Then as I watched their discussions, I found that other […]


Navy Seals Perfect Pushup Review

by Rob on October 16, 2007

perfect pushup review

Pushups have long been a staple of any body weight workout routine and the true measure of a man. Any physical fitness test done at schools or in bars by college students revolves around the amount done in a given time or overall amount done to failure. The pushup is also the staple of the […]