Video: More Outdoor Pushup Variations

A few days ago I posted Tara Scott’s showing some extreme pushup drills. As amazing as they were, these pushup drills take it to another level.

Tara Scott blogs about primal fitness and outdoor exercise and fitness. She is a senior instructor and trainer of primal body conditioning.

Pushups are a core piece of by

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Video: Outdoor Workout Pushup Variations

Basic outdoor body weight exercise should be a foundation for any workout program and Coach Tara has these primal workouts down to an art form. The pushup is a basic movement that strengthens so many parts of your body, the chest, tricep, shoulders, core etc and with her variations, begins to work more and more parts.

Tara Scott was a Class 1 National Gymnast and a Professional Modern Dancer. Now she’s a Certified Pilates Trainer, and a Senior Instructor and Trainer of Primal Body Conditioning. I’ve got to find out more about this Primal Body Conditioning instruction course.

and of course, Tara is hot.

Strong Women: Bondi Beach Rope Climb

Bondi beach is a mile long beach on Australia’s east coast and a suburb of Sydney and this video shows a strong woman doing the bondi beach rope climb. I had posted a video earlier about another where the guy did it a number of times up and down without stopping. Same location, Bondi beach.

Here’s a panoramic shot of Bondi beach that I got from the Bondi beach home page

bondi beach

If you’re interested in getting a climbing rope, go to the source. This is the same place the people from Bondi purchased theirs.

Running Stairs For Fat Loss

I recently got this stair running workout emailed to me from Paul Becker and wanted to make it available. I’ve been waiting for the snow to melt so I can get back into stair running this spring. On the north bank of the Saskatchewan River here in Edmonton, there are a good number of different sets of stairs along the river valley trails. The stair running is perfect because of the varying angles. One set of stairs known as the Royal Glenora stairs has two built in rest points during it’s flight.

Running stairs is very taxing on the lungs and legs but is perfect for building endurance and ass. If you’re a regular reader of this blog and my posts, you’ll know that my trainer does not train legs, she trains ass. Running stairs is a perfect ass building workout as it burns fat and builds lung strength.

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Outdoor Exercise: Sandbag Press

Sandbag training seems simple enough as filingl a bag with sand and then lifting it. Lift the sandbag, carry it, throw it, do overhead presses with it or carry it around the block. It’s not as simple as you’d think. This video shows the simple sandbag press.

Sandbags are very versatile outdoor exercise gear that can be used in various crossfit workouts.

This video starts an entire day of outdoor exercise videos, coming out every 3 hours. I hope you enjoy