Poor Me Syndrome

PMS. The Poor Me Syndrome.

Guys, you too can be afflicted by PMS and not even know it.

This disease selects all gender, every ethnicity and all demographics!

Its running rampant and I saw three cases of it yesterday. Myself included!

Levels of severity can differ day to day and some of the symptoms to watch for might include:

  • Making excuses
  • Justifying to yourself that you have chosen to do the ”right” thing
  • Commiserating with others
  • Seeking sympathy

gym bag
I will share a personal experience with you. On Tuesday, I believed I couldn’t go to the gym because I was too busy from my work and at the end of the day I felt tired. A raise of hands if you’ve felt the same way. That was my belief but actually it was my own personal opinion created by what I thought was my own reality.

It all begins with a single thought and snowballs from there



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Eating At The Table – Food For Thought

It wasn’t until today that I decided that I need to revitalize a old tradition from my childhood and reminiscent of the Thanksgiving or recent Eating at the table.

Eight weeks ago, we purchased a gorgeous dark wood pub style table and chairs for our kitchen.

We live in a smallish condo. perfectly comfortable for two with no designated dining area. I chose the table because of the dark wood and it gave the area special warmth. A place for us to dine together. Until then, we had a tiny table not suitable for two.

40% of North Americans eat with their family at home each night each week

eating in front of the tvUntil then and even after we had the table, we shuffled our plates on our laps while we unconsciously, almost zombie like, sat to watch a sit com, the news or whatever reality tv show was on. After a busy day at work and especially throughout the Christmas season, it was our time to relax and our time to rest.

After recently talking to a couple at a party, I learned that they too would quite often watch tv with tv trays. Not only the two of them but their children as well.

Now, I suspect that we aren’t the only ones doing this.

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Youre Only Human

Anytime you try to do something new, you’re guaranteed to stumble along the way and it’s a part of the learning process. Realize that part of being human means that we’re not perfect and remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Learn to recognize your triggers and then put together a plan to beat them. Knowing what leads you to over eat is the first step in overcoming it.

Discover what is preventing you from eating well or from staying on plan. Remember, eating well for many of us isn’t something that we learn as a child or even as an adult. For some of us, it came later in life. The paths you choose will teach you more about yourself then you realize. Learn from each mistake and move forward.

Our Mothers watched us tumble and fall before we took our first steps alone. Tears came and frustration. Why would now be any different? Dust yourself off and get back to it!

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Where do I want to be?”

Being Human Means Not Having To Be Perfect

I was talking with Rob about my not so perfect eating habits lately and he asked me,

Would it be ok if you don’t eat perfect all the time?


I hesitated and said yes.

I reflect on what was said during that conversation. I was continually beating myself up over making mistakes instead of recognizing my errors and taking action. It was easier to throw in the towel and fall back into poor eating habits that felt comfortable then to once again get ‘back in the saddle’ which means work. I have now realized that eating healthy will contribute to the results I am looking for and yes, hard work.

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You, Just Wait A Minute!

Eating when read in a dictionary refers to the consumption of food for nutrition. Consumption yes but at an intense rate. Once again, our lifestyles dictate what food we are consuming but also the amount of time we consume it in.

Let me tell you about the ‘ah ha’ moment I had today.

It came to me while I was out doing an errand and at of all places, a food court and discreetly watched those around me “eating”.

Ever hear yourself say,

I was starving; I didn’t even taste the food. I inhaled it!


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When Is The Right Time For Weight Loss?

When do you make the final decision to take action on your weight? What’s the last straw that pushes you over the edge? What is your “warning weight”… the number that you set in your head that says “ok, gotta have a look at my training and my diet”? Is it when you pants no longer fit? Or you have to squeeze into that theater seat? Or is it when your doctor says “you have to do something or you’re going to die” ? or is it when you sit on the chair at the Christmas Party only to have it collapse under your weight?

I have a friend who keeps talking about his weight and setting goals to do something about it. I’ve been given a written “goal” listing why, when and how this is going to happen, yet it never seems to. Something keeps getting in the way and stopping this person from actually taking charge and doing it.

Finally, the moment came.

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