Eat Breakfast and Lose Weight

When I was growing up, breakfast consisted of arguing with Mom and telling her I wasn’t hungry. I was told to sit there and eat every Shreddie until the bowl was empty. Her family lived hand to mouth and many times their family had very little to eat. To this day, I feel nauseated at the thought of breakfast cereals.

Two weeks into my new eating plan and I’m eating 3 eggs with coconut oil, tea, Bob’s Red Mill Hot Cereal and my Sunrider foods. For those non breakfast eaters like me, that is a LOT of food!

The result? I’ve dropped 5 pounds of fat!

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Pimp My Diet Please

“This brings me to this point.. right here, right now. This is my choice. I am ready to change. I want to be healthy and I want to live my life. I want to participate in my life!”

On a summer day in August I was surfing the Internet and was frustrated with one of my many attempts at weight loss, I came across a Weight Loss website. Within the website and blog itself, a forum. It was then that I quickly realized that this was a community of people who were knowledgeable on many different health related topics. A friendly group who was non judgmental, supportive and many of whom, had been where I was currently at. I quickly felt a connection to some of the forum members including Rob, Michele, Blush and frequently communicated with Photogirl67.
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3 Weight Loss Tips – Healthy Celery Snacks

Celery is a fantastic vegetable providing both fiber and natural water content. Celery is about 95% water, very alkaline and can be easily eaten anywhere, anytime as a handy weight loss snack.

Being both alkaline and of high water content, celery is perfect for smokers who have decided to quit and want to make sure their blood and body chemistry stays on the alkaline side. Those people removing the habit will often release enough toxins into the blood that it starts to become acidic and celery is a great way to balance that out. If you’ve just quit, keep celery handy and snack on it often.

3 Weight Loss Tips Using Celery

Celery can be eaten combined with almost anything. Here are 3 of my personal favorite celery snacks

1. Celery Stalks and Hummus – While I’m preparing a meal, I often snack on celery and hummus. is a dip made with Chick Peas (Garbonzo beans, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and often cayenne pepper. Darlene will be posting a soon. Taken with you to work, Hummus can be eaten with celery, carrots, sliced peppers or any other raw vegetable or whole grain crisp bread crackers like Ryvita crackers ( Opt out of the wheat crackers and choose whole grain rye instead. High in fiber, low in calories and great with Hummus. I like the sesame rye crackers which contain only whole grain rye, sesame seeds, salt and that’s it.

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The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food

This two-part article looks at the many ways to freeze food (including specifics for common food types), as well as a few suggestions for getting the most out of your freezer itself. It can be a wonderful piece of equipment.

Chances are that when you buy a new refrigerator, the freezer just comes along for the ride. It’s a part of the kitchen that most people don’t spend much time thinking about.

It can be, however, an extremely efficient tool for putting aside excess food for later use. If you enjoy saving time when preparing your evening meal; being able to add fruit to your breakfast all through the year; or just love the idea of having home-made sorbet on hand whenever you like – read on.

Chest Freezer
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Recipe: Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette’s were traditionally served with potato as the only filling (so say the Spanish restaurant), but they’ve also come to be known as Spanish omelette’s if they contain a lot of vegetables, jalepenos and tomatoes or Salsa. This is the Spanish omelette recipe with salsa.

spanish omelette recipe

Spanish Omelette Recipe

– 6 eggs whites
– 2 whole eggs
– chopped red and green pepper
– green onions
– 1 jalapeno pepper chopped and seeded
– sea salt and pepper to taste

– tofu cheese

Mix eggs, peppers, onions and seasonings together well. Mix until eggs are frothy. Cook in small to medium fry pan on low-med heat with the lid on. When egg is slightly cooked around the edges, lift one side and pour a ¼ cup of water underneath – replace lid. When eggs are mostly solid (don’t jiggle when pan is shaken) put tofu cheese on top of one half and fold omelet in half. Replace lid until cheese is melted and eggs are solid.

Serve for 1 or two people with fresh salsa on top.

Rob is the which does very well with eggs, so this has a lot of eggs in it. He says this recipe has half the amount of eggs in it, but whatever. do very well with red meat, bison and eggs so a steak and eggs breakfast is perfect.

If desired, serve with chopped cooked chicken breast or steak on the side. Again, Rob’s modification.

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Spanish Omelette Recipe Photo Credit: Her View Photography

Weight loss? How To Tell If You Are A Sugar Burner!

The Inner Biochemist

The Simple Weight Loss Solution

homeopath doctor


The “Sugar Burner / Fast Burner / Glucogenic” Inner Biochemistry imbalance type

…I bet you didn’t know that a large majority of depression and substance abuse can be corrected by prescribing the perfect diet for that individual precisely.

…I bet you didn’t know inner-starvation-induced neurosis and psychosis cannot be differentiated clinically – from functional mental illnesses? Many mistakenly believe this to originate in much more complex psychological conflict, and trauma?

…How many people do you know who have low vitality, low sexual desire, can only make it through their day with lots and lots of sugar and caffeine – and chocolate?

…How many people do you know that are over weight or under weight for that matter, and have blood sugar problems, suffer from anxiety or depression, and chronic complainers?

…How many people would you like to restore to health for no other reason than to put a stop to their “incessant whining?”

Obviously these are the most “whined” about symptoms in the modern world…

The “Sugar Burner / Fast Burner / Glucogenic” Inner Biochemistry imbalance type is important because it means that you have poor glycemic control. Your blood and brain sugar tends to be very erratic. Your body does not produce energy from the foods you eat very efficiently. You have a particular difficulty handling starchy or sugary foods (by the way you utilize the sugars extremely fast. See more below)

The term by biochemical individuality was coined by a great biochemist, Dr Roger Williams. It is true Dr Williams has so elegantly asserted that metabolic biochemistry has infinite variations, that there can be no one diet that in inappropriate for everyone. Dr. Dean Ornish, MD recommends a low protein low fat low carb diet. Dr. Robert Atkins, MD recommends high protein, high fat, low carb diet. Barry Sears, PhD, recommends the Zone diet a more evenly spread more balanced diet of 40% carbohydrates, 30% proteins, and 30% fats. Robert Young, PhD, recommends a “Alkalarian” vegetarian diet very high in carbs…

As the old saying goes, one’s man food is another man’s poison. Now who’s wrong and who’s right?

So what is this mysterious Sugar Burner Inner Biochemistry imbalance explained?

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