Recipe: Gold and Black Bean Salad

This is another gem from one of my favorite recipe books Vegan Planet cookbook. This recipe sounded good and did not disappoint. I modified it slightly as I didn’t have any olive oil in the house, and I added tomatoes and we were happy with my version.

Beans are a great source of dietary fiber and have no fat or cholesterol – unless you add that to them. You can eat as much of them as you want. As you start adding more bean into your diet, you may have a flatulence issue but that will settle down as your body gets used to getting the much needed fiber you may be missing now. Be patient – or sprout them a bit before cooking – that will help with the gas issues. To do that – soak them overnight, spread them out on a damp cloth for another 12 hours. Once they have just the tiniest little sprout on them they are ready to cook. This step isn’t necessary but will help if gas is a concern.

Gold and Black Bean Salad
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The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food

This two-part article looks at the many ways to freeze food (including specifics for common food types), as well as a few suggestions for getting the most out of your freezer itself. It can be a wonderful piece of equipment.

Chances are that when you buy a new refrigerator, the freezer just comes along for the ride. It’s a part of the kitchen that most people don’t spend much time thinking about.

It can be, however, an extremely efficient tool for putting aside excess food for later use. If you enjoy saving time when preparing your evening meal; being able to add fruit to your breakfast all through the year; or just love the idea of having home-made sorbet on hand whenever you like – read on.

Chest Freezer
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Recipe: Smokin’ Pumpkin and Corn Chowder

Halloween means pumpkins and pumpkins mean carving, but it also means good eating too. Please don’t overlook the fact that a pumpkin is a member of the squash family and provides great nutrition for you and your family. This weeks’ recipe is Smokin’ Pumpkin Corn Chowder.

After making it, we got thinking about chowder as well and had a little discussion about “what makes a chowder?” Rob and I both had different thoughts on the subject. I believe a chowder to be a “thick chunky soup” and Rob believes that a chowder means it has to have “potato’s and milk”. Neither of us came to a conclusion about it, so we’re now wondering if we should even call this a chowder or not. Regardless, this pumpkin recipe is great at Halloween or any other time of year, so when buying your pumpkin for carving, make sure to get an extra for eating.

halloween pumpkin recipe corn chowder

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