Found this little upper body (abdominal / core and shoulder workout) on the Diesel Crew website. I can see myself doing this with a good heavy kettlebell, but I suppose one could start a bit lighter. I like it. Tweet Share


Dan John, the Strength Coach and head track and field coach at Juan Diego Catholic High School in Draper, Utah originally said that the body is one piece and that there is no core. Mark Twight at GymJones took that to heart and filmed a bunch of “center oriented exercises” where movement was initiated from […]

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how to strengthen the foot

The Foot, we walk on them, jump with them, put them in fashionable shoes, kick things with them (ouch), pound on them (running), soak them, paint them but how do we make them stronger. I’ve put a lot of thought into how they work and how to make the foot stronger. I believe the feet […]


Chest Freezer

This two-part article looks at the many ways to freeze food (including specifics for common food types), as well as a few suggestions for getting the most out of your freezer itself. It can be a wonderful piece of equipment. Chances are that when you buy a new refrigerator, the freezer just comes along for […]


Power Wheel Core Trainer Review

by Rob on October 9, 2007

power wheel review

The Power Wheel is not to be confused with the abdominal wheel, but is still in the same category of abdominal exercise equipment. I have known about the Ab Wheel for years, but wanted something a bit more robust, better for outdoor workouts and which incorporates lower abdominal training as well. Enter the Power Wheel. […]


swiss ball exercise dumbbell bench press

Swiss ball Dumbbell Exercises are a fantastic way to improve core strength while you’re doing what you would normally do anyway. By using dumbbells as free weights, and choosing the Swiss ball instead of a traditional bench, you activate more muscles as you do your weight training. Activating more muscle should burn more fat. Having […]