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Food combining and natural hygeine methods as outlined in the world famous "Fit For Life" by Harvey and Marilynn Diamond.

This Forum's Link Policy

Postby Rob on Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:45 pm

1. Links will not be permitted to users without at least 30 prior posts.

ie: new users registers and enters a link to the latest weight loss pill or drug.

moderators have instructions to delete posts from brand new users that include links. Links will be removed from posts where the users have less than 30 posts (with the odd exception).

2. Links to weight loss drugs or pills will not be allowed.

I turn down offers to promote the latest weight loss drug or pill on a monthly basis. I refuse to take money to promote any pharmaceutical, so you may get an idea of how passionate I am AGAINST them.

so... I won't allow links to them here on my forum, nor in my blog post comment sections.

my moderators have instructions to delete posts that include such links

Diet pills and Diet drugs are not the answer. Education, exercise and application of that knowledge on a daily basis is the answer. This is what this forum is about. Join the discussion, be a contributor, share your results.
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