Constant And NeverEnding Improvement

by Rob on January 23, 2008

constant and never ending improvement

One of the most powerful lessons I learned years ago when I was starting my weight loss transformation, was from Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power. In it I learned of the principle CANI, or Constant And Neverending Improvement. I became a student of small improvements compounded upon one another and knew that I’d never stop […]


weight loss

New Years Eve thoughts turn to New Years Resolutions and with it, all sorts of manifesting and “law of attraction” principles. Whether or not you know of the law of attraction, or manifesting tips or techniques, I’m sure you set out some goals for the new year. Looking back over 2007 here on the blog, […]


Universal Screaming

Knowing when the Universe is SCREAMING at you is not always the easiest thing to see, believe it or not. I found out the hard way that is exactly what was going on in my life. Little did I know I was about to embark on a journey that would bring me so far and […]


What Is Your Symbol Of Strength?

by Kandace on October 31, 2007


Most of us have many symbols of strength and sometimes it’s just one thing. You know, that one thing that when you see it, hear it, or feel it, it just makes you feel like you can do anything. For me, it’s a lot of different things. The song “Rockstar” for instance, by Nickelback. It’s […]


What do you believe…

by Kandace on October 24, 2007


Changing your beliefs can be one of the most difficult things to imagine. But is it really? What are your beliefs? Are they the same beliefs as everyone around you or are they actually what you truly believe. If you chose to cancel out everything you have learned from your parents, your friends, your church, […]


no excuses

Ya, you heard me…I’ll take a little bit extra. Most of you may be thinking food right? Nope, I’m talking about some extra responsibility. I landed a job interview on Monday with a company that I am extremely excited to work for. I was hired a whole 6 minutes into the conversation. It is by […]


African Queen Candace

The real Queen Candace you say? Isn’t there only one. Ahhhh! That is what I thought, and what I am finding about about her or should I say them is getting pretty interesting. Not only are they a very strong group of women but they new exactly how to stand back to be noticed. Follow […]


When we want to lose weight, have insomnia or any other fears or phobias, they are ingrained truths that have been learned from our parents, passed down through DNA, learned from siblings or teachers, or simply decided to be true. These emotional blockages are tied up in your cells and without a very simple method […]


My Son Sees Dead People

by Kandace on October 17, 2007

My Son

My son always made fun of the movie “Sixth Sense”. He would look at me and say “Mommy I see dead people”, then break out in his little giggle. I always thought that was funny, seeing as how I CAN see and hear others who have passed, but I would just laugh with him and […]


Kandace is writing a good lot about the strength of ancient women here on the blog beginning with Spartan Women and now writing about the African Queen Candace. Here is a really cool video showing a very strong British woman. Tweet Share


My Near Death Experience

by Kandace on October 10, 2007

near death

My near death experience is something I don’t talk about very much. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just not something that I bring up everyday. I am about to share my story with you and it’s very personal to me, mostly because it also involves someone very close to me and my […]


Weight Loss Competition Finals

by Jessie on October 5, 2007


My morning walks to the gym have become something that I look forward to. I use this time to reflect, to contemplate, to plan. There are no voices. The silence tolls its minutes mute as a mime artist gazing through infinate shadows. A nuisance of shroud lined streets…one after another. I get lost in the […]


Bourne Ultimatum – Friday Fun

by Rob on October 5, 2007

I love the Bourne series. I’ve seen them all and quite frankly have nothing but rave reviews of all three in the series. Here is a Jimmy Kimmel parody of the third Bourne movie, the Bourne Ultimatum. Gotta love it Tweet Share


African Queen Candace

My Spartan women has introduced me to the African Queen Candace. She is so very dominant in my mind and I can feel a powerful draw to her. Might be the name. As I began this hunt for any information on her, she and my guides lead me to what I needed so I could […]


Sexual Energy

How often do you show the Universe your sexual energy? More often than you think. Sexual energy has alot to do with what you are attracting. Have you ever thought about the Law of Attraction and Sexual Attraction having ANYTHING to do with one another. Oh man! They sure do, and I’m about to tell […]