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Kandace has been a Life Coach for more than 22 years. She has special abilities, some would call them psychic, that help her better see what's going on with her clients in order to guide them in the right direction. She works primarily with individuals, but also works with companies higher managment and their employees to get everyone on the same productive flow. Kandace loves what she does and truly wants everyone to succeed to be their better self. She does this with gentelness and warmth. She gets down to the information you need to move forward. Kandace says "There is never anything bad, only change", and she never judges. She truly understands that there are different paths for everyone and that everyone is here for their own experiences. She is very down to earth and puts you at ease with her energy. Visit her website at and read the testimonials from a few of her clients. There are a few that give their information so you can contact them first. Kandace Clarity with Kandace Life Coach : (352) 835-3436

Understanding Messages From The Universe

Knowing when the Universe is SCREAMING at you is not always the easiest thing to see, believe it or not. I found out the hard way that is exactly what was going on in my life. Little did I know I was about to embark on a journey that would bring me so far and fill my life with lots of joy and blessings. Universal Screaming

Working From Home

I started my business for lots of reasons, and because I work from home I don’t really get out much. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do , but I was doing it all from here. Sure, I would take the occasional trip to Ft. Meyers to visit my clients down there but that is about it. Since we moved 2 years ago I hadn’t really gotten out enough to make new friends. Let’s face it, whether you work from home or not there is still house work to do, meals to cook and stuff like that. Not much time for a social life.

Times have been a little stressful these past 6 months. Justin had to quite his job because the chemicals they used were tearing up his skin. We had no idea that it would take him a while to find what God wanted him to do. So, like everyone else I have not been excluded from hard times financially. But, I have been here before, so I just took it all in stride knowing that this stress would not last and that the next phase was coming.

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What Is Your Symbol Of Strength?

Most of us have many symbols of strength and sometimes it’s just one thing. You know, that one thing that when you see it, hear it, or feel it, it just makes you feel like you can do anything.

For me, it’s a lot of different things. The song “Rockstar” for instance, by Nickelback. It’s like the Universe is asking me what I want, and although my answers are not necessarily the same as his, I still get the chance to raise my vibration and tell the Universe what that is.

Another is a necklace my daughter gave me to wear. It’s really hers, but you know how that goes when you have a teenage daughter. Your stuff becomes her stuff and once in a while she lets you borrow something of hers. When I wear the necklace, it reminds me of all the possibilities she has to make this world a better place. She also has some of my abilities and is developing quite nicely.


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What do you believe…

Changing your beliefs can be one of the most difficult things to imagine. But is it really? What are your beliefs? Are they the same beliefs as everyone around you or are they actually what you truly believe. If you chose to cancel out everything you have learned from your parents, your friends, your church, and society what would you be left

You will be left with the one true sense of who you really are. Your beliefs would only be what you find to be true and accurate. You would be free to use your own feelings as guides to choose what you resonate with, to raise your vibrations with no other restrictions.

NamasteI was raised in a Catholic home and went to Catholic school most of my life so you would think that my beliefs were pretty rock solid right. Wrong! I always new there was something else, something they weren’t saying, something was missing. I mean I would sit in church and in class listening to what I was being taught and not really believing any of it. Why should I. I knew deep down in my bones this was not all there was, how could it be. There had to be more. Looking back I understand why I got bad grades in Religion class, there were to many questions I had left unanswered.
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Would The Real Queen Candace Please Stand Up

The real Queen Candace you say? Isn’t there only one. Ahhhh! That is what I thought, and what I am finding about about her or should I say them is getting pretty interesting. Not only are they a very strong group of women but they new exactly how to stand back to be noticed. Follow me on this for a minute.

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My Son Sees Dead People

My son always made fun of the movie “Sixth Sense”. He would look at me and say “Mommy I see dead people”, then break out in his little giggle. I always thought that was funny, seeing as how I CAN see and hear others who have passed, but I would just laugh with him and say ” I see them too. But you better stop saying that!”

Well low and behold the Law of Attraction is at work. For about 2 years now I have noticed my son being more interested in what I do and telling me about weird experiences he was having. I knew what was going on but waited for him to come to terms and be more comfortable with his new found ability, and that happened this week. I was so happy and proud! Well, I am a mom first ya know!

My SonIt all started with a phone call a couple of days ago. He and I have our normal evening talks on the phone since he lives in Jacksonville, Fl. with his Dad. We talk almost every night and he tells me about his day, nothing riveting usually. But the other night, he began to tell me about a patch of fog he had seen that morning. He was on his way to school, and from out of nowhere there was this fog. He said it wasn’t large but as soon as it was there, it was gone again. He had a funny feeling about it, so he asked me to see what I felt. I told him I saw many people but 2 stood out, one was a gentleman in a Civil War out fit and the other was a lady with red hair and a red dress, looked like she was from the WWII days. We talked about it for a little while then got onto other subjects. These kinds of things are common place for us to talk about, the kids have grown up around strange happenings and things. All was well, or so I thought!

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My Near Death Experience

My near death experience is something I don’t talk about very much. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just not something that I bring up everyday. I am about to share my story with you and it’s very personal to me, mostly because it also involves someone very close to me and my heart.

About 16 years ago my grandmother was very ill and in a nursing home. She had didn’t have very long to live and we all knew that. But my grandmother was stubborn. As soon as there was talk about her dieing she perked right back up. It got to the point that none of us expected her to die anytime soon even if they said she would. At the time I was working alot of hours trying to advance my career, planning my wedding, and I didn’t have alot of time to visit her. I felt bad about it but I had to keep going. Right? near death

One day my mom phoned and told me my grandmother was not expected to make it much longer. I didn’t take it so hard because we all knew how she was. Until one day it hit me driving home from work. I really started to think about what it would be like without her here. During this whole thought process I spoke to God and said ” I just want to know where she is going.” The Law of Attraction at work I tell ya. Little did I know what I was really asking for. It was about 2 weeks later that I found out!
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Introducing African Queen Candace

My Spartan women has introduced me to the African Queen Candace. She is so very dominant in my mind and I can feel a powerful draw to her. Might be the name. As I began this hunt for any information on her, she and my guides lead me to what I needed so I could share this all with you. What I have discovered is pretty remarkable, so this journey of discovery with me. You won’t be sorry.

In my search, the first article I was lead to was about, now get this, Amazon Black Sparta. See this just proves we are all connected. I never knew about a Black Sparta. How cool is that! In this article it talks of women worriers from all nations. Complete armies of nothing but women. Fierce, Loyal, Strong women who fought with all their heart for their beliefs and nation.African Queen Candace

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Sexual Energy and the Law of Attraction

How often do you show the Universe your sexual energy? More often than you think. Sexual energy has alot to do with what you are attracting. Have you ever thought about the Law of Attraction and Sexual Attraction having ANYTHING to do with one another. Oh man! They sure do, and I’m about to tell you how.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you felt good. You just felt darn sexy. Sure, you may have been in your old holey jeans, your torn T-shirt and flip flops, but you just felt sexy anyway? You didn’t even know why but for some reason that morning you woke up and put your best sexy self forward.

I bet you also noticed that day that you were stared at, Whewed by those of the opposite sex and just couldn’t help laughing about it because secretly you knew what you did. Those are the best days right? Everything seems to go your way and you seem to get whatever you want.
Sexual Energy
Well, what would make you think that the Law of Attraction works any differently than that. You wake up in the morning and know that you are going to get the attention of the Universe. You don’t really know how or why, but you just are. Then the magic happens. The Universe responds. Much like the opposite sex, it reacts to your vibration. And let’s face it, sexual energy is very powerful.

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How I Put Trust Back Into My Relationship

What can you do to put Love and Trust back into your relationship once it has been broken? Not an easy one to discuss. The feelings of betrayal, loss, and anger are all affects of what comes from mistrust and the feeling that you are unloved. Most of us just tend to brush it away secretly hiding our true feelings and harboring what is really going on inside. The questions and insecurities are brought to the forefront of our thoughts thus creating the outcome we do not desire. Trust in relationships

I have been through this myself, so what I am about to tell you doesn’t come from a book, or others experiences. This comes directly from what has happened to me and what I did to get it all back.

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Wow! Last Week Just Blew By!

I gotta tell you I learned alot last week about so many different things having to with anything from feelings to website marketing! WEW! It was great! This week should be no different. I am manifesting like crazy and I hope you are too. I know I said Farewell to the Spartan Women but I still have one more article left, for now. I think she will be with us for a long time and will pop up now and again to let us know what she has to say on many things. I have very much enjoyed her energy and I am glad she has decided to stick around.

I will also be extending my articles on Trust. This week I will share with you what I have learned about putting Trust back into your relationships. Until then…I Hope you all have a wonderful prosperous week.

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Trust and Love, What’s the Difference?

Is trust what makes a relationship work? I always thought it was love, but if you think about it they are two in the same. You trust someone, so therefor you love them, right? To put your trust in someone, many people think, is to give them full control over your feelings, to be so open and giving that you fully give them all reign over who you really are. Why do we do that? Can’t we trust someone, love them and still maintain control over our feelings and emotions? Mirror Effect

When you meet someone new or have been with someone for a long time, it is grand and wonderful thing! You fully trust that person with everything that you have. Your in love but you are also in trust. Have you ever thought about a relationship that way? Not as being in love, but as being in trust. And what exactly would that look like?

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How To Find the Spartan Women Inside Yourself

Farewell to the Spartan Women. I must tell you that when these articles started I had no idea exactly of where I was headed with it. Only that I wanted others to know of their lives as well and the men. The Spartan women that has been with me has remained reserved but certainly guided me to the information she wanted to share with you. The strength that these women upheld was amazing, not to mention their ability, in their time, to step out of the box for what they believed to be right. Spartan Women

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Farewell to our Spartan women and Manifesting Stories!

Hello again! This week is going to be a farewell to the Spartan women. It has been an interesting learning experience to say the least. Now it is time to welcome in our African Queen. This should be really fun!

We will also be learning about manifesting experiences. Mine and from others. So if you would like to be in my post on Wednesday, send me and email with your best manifestation ever. Have a wonderful week and I can’t wait to connect with you! Blessings!

Clarity with Kandace
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Anger and Control

When anger strikes you, how exactly do you handle it. That swelling of mean energy and frustration that just won’t let go in the pit of your stomach. Have you ever taken a moment to sit back, before you lashed out, to really examine what it is within you that made you so angry? It’s always easy to blame it on outside sources, but what about why it made you angry in the first place.anger
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Channeled Message From My Spartan Women..

This message is a channeled message from the Spartan women I see when I am writing my articles. I assure you I have not written this on my own. She is a very powerful women and has many women with her. They are all about to give you there life stories through me, and will have messages to give you along the way. This however, is the Spartan message. Take much care in reading it. They are hear to help us ans watch us. Spartan Women

“I am a Spartan women and I have many messages for you all. Women of today, be on your guard for what is right. Feel our energies take over your bodies and let us in. We will be the ones from the past to give you strength and the abilities to hold strong and in position. When you are not strong enough for yourself call upon us and we will be there to uphold your strength for you. Allow us to help. Many women are here from the past ready to help in all ways, there is no shame in asking. We have a lot of stored up energy just waiting for you to ask for our help.

Our strength was one of the most powerful in all nations, you have already learned that. Now let us show you how strong our next generation can be. Let us help your daughters to become stronger women, tell them of us and how to let us in, to stand by you in strength and possibility to gain what we could not before. Your very freedom relies on it.

I am hear because Kandace asked me to give you a message. My message is to stand up for yourselves and call upon your Spartan women to help for strength. Stand tall and proud for who you are. We did! “

Clarity with Kandace
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