I really want the body fat solution book …

Comment posted Tom Venuto Body Fat Solution Giveaway by Priyam.

I really want the body fat solution book as i have very very less control over my hunger. I have complete control over my exercise regime, i workout daily. But everyday i make myself a commitment that i would eat health and would eat in the limit, but as soon as i get to eat something i like something which is junk i can’t control myself. My brain asks me to stop but my hands just feed me an feed me till i even realize what i have done and then a guilt feeling just eats me up.

I have lost fat but want to take it to the next level by using the methods described in the book. Also i want to get fit and lean before august as i really want to be a contender for Mr. Sparks the annual festival of our college and also try hard to win it. This is my last year of college so wanna do everything possible to get lean, fit and strong and get going. Also my girl will be shocked to see me on the stage of which i have always been afraid of because of my body.