See, your other giveaways scared the crap out …

Comment posted Best Abdominal Exercises – Win A Free Copy by BLR.

See, your other giveaways scared the crap out of me – I’m terrified of regimens that will require me to push my flabby beginner’s body to limits that cause me to pass out at the gym (almost happened – twice – and I need to remember that I can’t do the hard stuff unquestioned).

THIS giveaway interests me greatly. I know that a good core ab workout is key to a workout program. I’m currently reading Body-for-LIFE for Women (Bill is only a little involved in this project, it’s a woman MD who has worked on this book), and when I’m ready to construct my workout (this weekend is the goal), I would like to be fully armed with the best ab workouts out there. I think if this is a set you recommend, it’s something I’d certainly like to test out to see how it works.

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  • Tom Venuto Body Fat Solution Giveaway
    Rob, Tom, I’ve made TREMENDOUS progress this week. Starting at a whopping 305 pounds last week, I weighed in at 295.2 today. Rob can probably relate to this, but the psychological boost of getting out of an entire rank of three-digit numbers (from 3– to 2–) is great!

    Starting is easy. Keeping with it is hard. I can use all the tools I can get my hand on. I’ve read Rob’s website (and his wonderful free booklet), I’ve read Body-for-LIFE and Body-for-LIFE for Women, and Skinny Bitch. I have convinced myself that this will be a slow progress, and it will also change over time.

    I’m entering this contest because I know I can see success, but the more tools I have in my toolbox, the better the chance of reaching my goal of true fitness will be. Please consider me!

  • Does Weight Watchers Consider Inches Lost or Just Pounds?
    As has been stated before, WW does not really pay attention to, give you tools to track, or really address the issue of inches lost vs. pounds lost. At weekly meetings, the “OOHs” and “AAHs” during storytelling time happen when a person says they’ve lost _X_ pounds in that week – the other members want to know, “How did you do it!?” I’ve seen members of all sizes enraptured by the story of a person who managed to drop 2, 3, OMG 5?! pounds in one week. Is it water weight? Are they eating right? Who gives a crap!? The scale went down!

    This is one of the reasons I ended up quitting WW – they have a sound nutritional approach by modern medical standards, but in general there’s far too much concentration on that weekly weigh-in. If you end up going up or stagnating? It can tear a person apart, especially if they’re doing everything “right.”