Rob, Your emails and blog have been very motivational …

by Rob on July 11, 2014

Comment posted Best Abdominal Exercises – Win A Free Copy by Jason Stevenson.


Your emails and blog have been very motivational over the past several weeks since I found you. I have been using several of your techniques to change my life forever.

I have lost 40 pounds since November of last year, and getting rid of dairy products and eating live foods has really helped my losses. I am hoping to get down about 30 more to my goal weight of 190 pounds.

I have never been able to see my abdominal muscles, even in boot camp in the Army I was on the “fat boy” program doing situps and pushups outside my Drill Sergeant’s door each night. All of that effort allowed me to pass the physical exams, but that is all.

I have never had those washboard abs, and I desperately need the right set of tools to get me there. This looks like the right tool for the job.

Thanks for all of your support and inspiration. Keep up the good work with the blog and site!


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