I have done my follow up visit to …

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I have done my follow up visit to the cardiologist, as expected things are not well. Aside from the obvious weight factor which is why I initially wanted to win your Metabolic Surge program. I have been made aware of some irregularities in my actual heart electronics. Bad News!!! More follow up required!! still more Bad News!! Soooo I really am going to require some manner of plan to get me through all of these unanticipated new hoops. The Dr. can only do what he can medically so that leaves the brunt of the battle in my court hopefully with some much needed coaching and planning to assist with my weight loss and maintenance goals. This situation has escalated from serious to “I NEED TO CHANGE ORrr”??? Well we all know broken hearts are never a good thing no matter how they’re broken. Once again thanks for your consideration in this contest, I feel it will benefit me immeasurably as well as add another ally to your customer base.

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  • It has recently become apparent that my efforts to control my diabetes has fallen short of any reasonable goals.Six months off meds due to financial situations (no doctor)have not only allowed my sugar levels to escalate but left me wih sky high blood pressure, this in spite of a clean eating regime and supplementaion. At this point the only way for me to save myself is going to be with medical intervention and a significant weight loss. I am hoping that the implementation of your Metabloic Surge program will give me the support and guidance that I need to overcome this hurdle and aid my efforts continue to lose some 100+ lbs. Thanks for your consideration.