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The Rapid Fat Loss program Metabolic Surge takes fat burning to a whole new level as it literally uses the stored energy in your fat to build muscle. Under the right training and nutritional conditions, your body has the capability of actually building muscle while burning tremendous amounts of fat. In fact, under these conditions, your body can actually use your own bodyfat to provide the energy for building that muscle, practically DOUBLING the speed of fat loss!

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nick nilsson metablic surge rapid fat lossDuring the week of February 2 through February 6th 2009 (Mon to Friday this week), Nick Nilsson and I are giving away a free copy of all his fitness books and programs starting with Metabolic Surge.

This is NOT for the timid and should only be applied by anyone already in good to extreme shape already.

A Fat-Loss Program That Actually Allows You To Build Strength AND Muscle? How Is That Possible?

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It’s possible with a scientifically-designed program that harnesses and applies the real power of your own natural metabolism.

With the right training and nutrition, your body is fully capable of building muscle even when on a fat-loss program. You see, your body reacts to certain nutrients and certain training styles in very predictable ways.

By exploiting your body’s natural reactions, the right program not only maximizes the positive fat-burning and muscle-building effects of Growth Hormone, it also maximizes the anabolic effects of Insulin while minimizing Insulin’s possible negative impact on fat burning.

It’s a combination that has the potential to transform your body in a remarkably short period of time!

The training part of it combines elements of low repetition / high intensity training along with short duration cardiovascular intervals. Your body is constantly moving, switching back and forth between weight training exercises and cardio exercises for the duration of your workout.

During your rest periods for your weight lifting, you’ll be doing cardio and while resting for your cardio, you’ll be doing weight training – for 45 minutes.

It forces your body to burn calories continuously during the workout which dramatically increases your metabolism leading to increased fat burning long after the workout is finished. More so than either the weights or the cardio alone.

For an example of this type of training, have a look at a sample day of Metabolic Surge.

You can print that out and take it with you to the gym for your next workout.

The training program along with the nutritional manipulation make rapid fat loss while building muscle a reality. Normally, one would build muscle, and then cut up afterwards.

Again, this is ONLY for the advanced athlete who has a good base of fitness prowess already.

There is a protein principle in his nutritional program that really shook my beliefs. I still use it once a week at the very least and will continue to.

Win A Free Copy…

Tell me why you must have this program in the comment section. Over the weekend, I’ll be choosing one person who has left the most compelling comment and send their email to Nick for a free copy. We’ll be doing this all week, with a new program every day, so stay come back and leave a comment. Subscribe to the rss feed too, for instant delivery of the blog post.

that’s it… leave a comment telling me why you should have this rapid fat loss and muscle building program, and it could be yours.

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and the winner is Ryan Evans – Comment #11. Thank you for everyone who participated in this giveaway.


  1. In 2000 I became a widower with a 3 month old and a 2 yr old. My weight hit almost a staggering 290 after this and until 3 years ago I was at this weight attempting to play rugby. I then injured my neck and I used my stairmaster as a means of endorphins to relieve the pain and got down to 240. I have remarried and have a 17 month old son and things are looking up but my weight is around 250/260 and i can’t break the barrier. I want to live a liong healthy life and see all of my children grow up and could use any help I can get.

  2. I HAVE TO HAVE METABOLIC SURGE.. Pleaseeeee…. I am a 51 year old mother of 4.. who has gone from 212 lbs to 140 lbs all on my own. I have taken control of my life and in turn found my pASSioN. I love the FITNESS world. I love working out. I love eatin right. I especially love to inspire other women and show them just because we turn 50 years old.. our life isn’t over. It is a BRAND NEW BEGINNING… I actually teach 2 body sculpt classes at my gym and I love challenging us and watching their faces when they accomplish something they never knew they could DO> Please ROB.. I love NICK”S site and his info. My favoritie type of workout is the tabata way. I must have this METABOLIC SURGE not just for myself but to share and bring to others so they,too, can lead healthier and better lifestyle..and realize their own potential. Say I can have it ROB… I promise to put it to good use~ :)

    My fiance and I are commited to the gym 6 days a week currently. I feel good, but i still have 100lbs (currently 278) to lose and he has 75lbs(Currently 300lbs) to lose. we are getting married in September 09, and we are trying to not be the big fat blobs on our wedding day. We need help and support. Plus we are young, and want to get our health in order before it’s to late. I am 28 and he is 30.

  4. I have been working on losing weight. I am under a Dr’s care. He supported me by checking what i am doing and agreeing that it wont hurt me. I was well over 400 lb. I have weighed today in his office – I am down to 377. Yea!!! I need your help. How do I build muscle and lose the weight at the same time? What can I do to be effect in weight loss and continue to build health?. I was in an accident a few months ago. i have re-built my strength. I am currently enjoying the gift of walking. I use a crutch to assist with my balance. Getting my wieght off as quickly as I can and building muscle will be the best way for me to heal. My Dr wants me to continue working out hard. I need your help to be effective and actuall see results and continue to build on my health. I hope you will select me. i wait for your decission.

  5. I am a single mother with 1 son who is now 10 years old who also just happens to have autism. I have to be as healthy and fit as possible to always be here for him if for no other reason. During my marriage prior to my divorce I allowed myself to get totally out of shape. I recently started to take control of this and made a lifestyle change and lost 70 lb. BUT I really need to learn how to burn off this extra fat I still carry and regain muscle and strength to be healthy and fit for the rest of my life. I want to avoid the roller coaster up and down cycle….I want to be in the best shape I can possibly be in and it seems I cannot get there soon enough. My body responds well to disciplined instruction and training… I do well with guidance and it sounds like this book might just provide me with the final kick in the butt I need. I work full-time from home currently and also homeschool my son from home….so money is limited. Many times opportunities like this I have to let go as paying for things my son needs comes first and to be honest…..the extra money is just not always there.

    Anyway enough of my drama. I hope you will consider me in this give-a-way. I would love to be the next “success” story.

  6. Woah. These people need it much more than I do. I’m 16 years old, and because I haven’t started losing muscle (do to age) yet, it hasn’t been a struggle during my fat loss so far. I’m doing great! ^_^ When I get down about 15 lbs, I do intend to buy the book, but I really hope this goes to someone who not only needs, but deserves it.

    BTW, awesome job developing this system, Rob!

  7. I’m 21 and I work full time and I’m also a full time student in college. I played football all through highschool and was in great shape. Durring the 3 years after highschool until a month ago i gained about 40 lbs. (from 185 to 230) I just started dieting and working out again several weeks ago and have droped 10 lbs. The thing is, I have done this about 4 times now and i never stick with it. I end up giving up after about a month, and i have almost hit that 1 month mark and I dont want that to happen again. I love lifting weights and building muscle, but my main focus is to loose weight and do cardio. But if i can lift weights and build muscle while i do cardio and loose weight then I have lots of confidence that I can stick with it this time and loose the other 30 lbs. I have to pay my own way through college, and i live on my own so I dont have extra money to pay a personal trainer, this book could guide me in the right direction to get back into shape and keep it off for good.

  8. In March of 2004, my nightmare began. I had been going to the local clinic complaining of constipation and abdominal pain for a couple of days. After multiple tests, nothing was found but the pain was getting worse. Without any relief, I called 911 and was rushed to the hospital.
    The doctor’s had found that I had a ruptured colon and was going into septic shock. I was immediately rushed in for emergency surgery. I had suffered a multiple organ failure and part of my colon had to be removed, which resulted in a colostomy.
    My family was told that there wasn’t much more they could do for me and that they didn’t give me much hope for survival. I remember somewhere in a semi conscious state, that one of the nurses had stated that “I don’t think he’s going to make it “! That really freaked me out.
    After the surgery, I spent 4 weeks in intensive care and was then transferred my own room. At the time of the surgery I weighted close to 390 pounds, which caused problems. Because of my weight I wasn’t able to be properly stitched up, so I had to have my incision of 18”, filled with gauze and solution to heal. I later developed bed sores on my buttocks the size of dinner plates. The dead skin had to be removed from these sores and treated daily in order to re-grow new tissue.
    I was finally released from the hospital after being there nearly 2 months. Throughout my recovery, I had a nurse come over to the house daily to change bandages.
    Dealing with a colostomy was absolutely horrible. Having to look down and see a part of your colon sticking out of your abdomen was enough to make cry.
    Several years later, I developed diabetes, high blood pressure and went through bankruptcy. I went through a bout of depression and didn’t really care about life all that much anymore.
    I lost 50 pounds, but ended up gaining most of that back and then a little bit more. I topped the scale at 415 pounds. My friends didn’t want to socialize with me anymore and my family was treating me differently.
    After a couple of years going through hell and being so low, that I had to reach up, just to touch bottom. I turned to God and my life started to change. I felt I have been given a second chance and I want to change my life around for the better. I have the will power to succeed; I just need information to get me there.

  9. Hi! I would really love a copy of Metobolic Surge!! I have been trying to lose the 50lbs for over 3 years – since I started Feb 2006 I have gained weight! AHHHH! My highest weight was 235 … I am now down to 219 … however, due to migraine medication and thyroid issues I am really struggling, and the 17lbs I have lost has been VERY DIFFICULT!!

    I want to lose 69lbs as soon as possible, I am in my mid-thirties and am afraid to be overweight going into my 40’s, and I want to have a baby, and feel that my weight is going to hinder me from being able to conceive or have a baby.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  10. Hello,

    I wish to have ‘Metabolic Surge’ as I am very close to my ideal body since the
    past 4 years and am not getting an inch closer to it but have not given up and
    going tougher and tougher by the day with my diet and training and I believe
    the right input will propel me to my DREAM BODY :-))))))))))))))))
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just the mention of it made my body release endorphins :-)
    Im simply fanatic about it and am glued to the internet looking for bits and bites of wisdom from people who have been there and done it and its simply so wonderful and inspiring :-)

    I love fitness and health and knowledge and all things nice and beautiful.

  11. In the past 6 months, I have placed in the top 10 for total pounds lifted, total number of workouts, and this last month number of cardio minutes at my local YMCA. I started spinning at 5:30 am just before the new years, looking for something to kickstart fat loss.

    I have stayed within five pounds plus and minus of 260lbs during this time. I eat fairly decent, not a lot of refined foods (my kids are on a gluten free diet, so I am as well), get plenty of protein (my recovery shake is milk, yogurt, fruit and whey) and water.

    On top of this I mountain bike, do kung fu, do yoga and hit the heavy bag.

    I’m sitting at 260lbs, 23% BF at 6’2″. I’d like to drop that percentage by about 8 points….

  12. I would like to have Metabolic Surge because I am in the process of releasing fifty ponds of excess body fat. I have carried this around for twenty years and that is long enough. I have purchased and used many diets, exercise plans, pills and herbs. Some work, some don’t. I have gone up and down in my weight, lbm and body fat %. I am determind to be lean, fit, and healthy when I turn fifty, one year and twenty days from now. From all my reasearch and learning about the body there is still that ever elusive metabolism. I want to learn more about it to be successful with my goal. Thank you Rob for your site, your honesty and your desire to help people. XO

  13. It has recently become apparent that my efforts to control my diabetes has fallen short of any reasonable goals.Six months off meds due to financial situations (no doctor)have not only allowed my sugar levels to escalate but left me wih sky high blood pressure, this in spite of a clean eating regime and supplementaion. At this point the only way for me to save myself is going to be with medical intervention and a significant weight loss. I am hoping that the implementation of your Metabloic Surge program will give me the support and guidance that I need to overcome this hurdle and aid my efforts continue to lose some 100+ lbs. Thanks for your consideration.

  14. Hi Rob, You’ve known me for several years so are familiar with my health (or lack of health) issues. I had gotten back on track in Jan 2007 but after my move Nov 2008 I’ve been floundering. There are a lot of reasons but NO EXCUSES! I’ve regained 30 of the 130 pounds I’d lost which means I have 100 pounds to lose again. If it were physically possible with artificial knees, for this 61 year old grandmother I’d KICK myself. I need a jumpstart & hope that Metabolic Surge could give it to me. At my age, I’m not certain I’d be able to do ALL of the exercises but would give it my best effort…not TRY but DO! Anyway, I didn’t get to add this comment yesterday because I needed to change my email address. That’s done so now I will be timely in my response to your offers. Thanks a billion Rob for being instrumental in helping change the lives of so many. Hope your Tuesday is terrific. Injoy:) Carolyn

  15. As I read my earlier comment, I realized that the weight loss amounts I wrote weren’t accurate. In Jan 2007 I started at 403 & dropped to 287. I’m presently over 300 so STILL have 100 pounds to lose again since my regain. Cyber self-kick!

  16. @Carolyn – GREAT to hear from you again.

    Metabolic Surge is definatly not for you my dear. It’s a HIGHLY INTENSE training program that requires huge amounts of effort for the incredible rewards it delivers.

    You my dear, would be better off with my Fat Loss Fundamentals course when it’s released soon. Begin with the basics, set the foundation, then tackle the big stuff. The next 100 pounds for you is a walk in the park.

    Congratulations on getting rid of the first 100!

  17. I don’t have a story nearly as rough as many of the previous commenters. I am just a mom. A 28 yr old mom who through diet and hard work has lost 70 of 90 pounds so far but has been stuck at this plateau for the better part of a year. Sometimes my weight goes up a few pounds, then it goes back down. My ideal weight for my height, frame and amount of muscle would be around 175/ But I can’t seem to break my 190 mark. I am discouraged, depressed and losing motavation. I would love a new plan to blast me back onto track!

  18. Thanks Rob, for the heads up that this isn’t the right program for me. I had not read the earlier comments before I placed my own & there are MANY deserving candidates for winning this program. I had a great food & water day + started African Healing Dance. I’ve already been doing belly dancing & hula so it’s a nice change although many of the same moves are used. I also modified the chicken marinade recipe that was on one of your other pages & it’s going on the plate in about 15 minutes. Has key lime juice, garlic, Jack Daniels honey mustard & low sodium soy sauce. I’m beginning to drool in anticipation. I’m going forward & have every intention of having a wonderful Wednesday. Injoy:) Carolyn

  19. Hi Rob
    I have constantly worked out for many years, with a combination of using concept 2 rowing/stepper and weights. With clothes on I look very slim but under the clothes I still carry far too much fat. I have cut out alcohol totally and doing the 5/6 small very healthy meals. I am into my third week (without a lot of change, so far) I am desperate to get real muscle definition and lose the horrible fat I am carrying.
    I always enjoy reading your e-newsletters
    Perth Western Australia

  20. I have done my follow up visit to the cardiologist, as expected things are not well. Aside from the obvious weight factor which is why I initially wanted to win your Metabolic Surge program. I have been made aware of some irregularities in my actual heart electronics. Bad News!!! More follow up required!! still more Bad News!! Soooo I really am going to require some manner of plan to get me through all of these unanticipated new hoops. The Dr. can only do what he can medically so that leaves the brunt of the battle in my court hopefully with some much needed coaching and planning to assist with my weight loss and maintenance goals. This situation has escalated from serious to “I NEED TO CHANGE ORrr”??? Well we all know broken hearts are never a good thing no matter how they’re broken. Once again thanks for your consideration in this contest, I feel it will benefit me immeasurably as well as add another ally to your customer base.

  21. All my life I have been heavy and every year I would get heavier. The heaviest that I got to was 430 pounds. By the grace of God, aside from obesity, I have not had any other diseases inflict me. I finally took it serious that I needed to loss weight after my mother passed away from obesity related complications at the age of 67. I did/do not want to see my own children ages 8 and 6, see me with dealing with the obesity. I am scared for my young daughter who is 6 years old and already overweight. I do not want her to live with this demon pursuing her for the rest of her life. I have lost a great deal of weight in the past year and half…but I have a whole lot of weight that I set need to lose and I need definition in this body….I am working on motivating the rest of my family to also lose weight and get healthy. We need this resource…please consider me (us) for this great prize.

    God bless.

  22. Metabolic Surge is deserved by me because it helps you loose that fat without loosing muscle. I have lost most of my muscled while trying to loose weight and this has caused my strength to go down.

    I have lost 44lbs but still have to loose more 22lbs to get to my target weight and have 10-12% body fat. I am trying to gain muscled but at the same time don’t wanna get my fat shedding to a halt. So i think metabolic surge will be great tool for me to reach out my goal.


  23. A winner has been chosen for the Metabolic Surge giveaway. See the bottom of the post for who it was. Contact me as soon as possible for the details on how to receive your free gift.

    and thank you for everyone involved in this giveaway

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