Thanks Rob, for the heads up that this …

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Thanks Rob, for the heads up that this isn’t the right program for me. I had not read the earlier comments before I placed my own & there are MANY deserving candidates for winning this program. I had a great food & water day + started African Healing Dance. I’ve already been doing belly dancing & hula so it’s a nice change although many of the same moves are used. I also modified the chicken marinade recipe that was on one of your other pages & it’s going on the plate in about 15 minutes. Has key lime juice, garlic, Jack Daniels honey mustard & low sodium soy sauce. I’m beginning to drool in anticipation. I’m going forward & have every intention of having a wonderful Wednesday. Injoy:) Carolyn

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  • As I read my earlier comment, I realized that the weight loss amounts I wrote weren’t accurate. In Jan 2007 I started at 403 & dropped to 287. I’m presently over 300 so STILL have 100 pounds to lose again since my regain. Cyber self-kick!
  • Hi Rob, You’ve known me for several years so are familiar with my health (or lack of health) issues. I had gotten back on track in Jan 2007 but after my move Nov 2008 I’ve been floundering. There are a lot of reasons but NO EXCUSES! I’ve regained 30 of the 130 pounds I’d lost which means I have 100 pounds to lose again. If it were physically possible with artificial knees, for this 61 year old grandmother I’d KICK myself. I need a jumpstart & hope that Metabolic Surge could give it to me. At my age, I’m not certain I’d be able to do ALL of the exercises but would give it my best effort…not TRY but DO! Anyway, I didn’t get to add this comment yesterday because I needed to change my email address. That’s done so now I will be timely in my response to your offers. Thanks a billion Rob for being instrumental in helping change the lives of so many. Hope your Tuesday is terrific. Injoy:) Carolyn

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  • Tom Venuto Body Fat Solution Giveaway
    Congratulations to the winners of this week’s prize. I hope you’ll put it to good use. Now I’ll have to save my $ to get the book. :) :) :)

    I would be hard pressed to decide for the many deserving candidates, but I emailed you separately about that.

    Hope all is well & continue your praiseworthy work in motivating people.

    Injoy:) Carolyn

  • Tom Venuto Body Fat Solution Giveaway
    I am missing a piece to the puzzle of permanent weight management. I do need to unlock my motivation to overcome emotional tsunamis. I’m ready to move on to the next level.

    I’m continuing to do video dance workouts & doing extra kicking in the hot tub just to keep my body moving along with my 10,000 step a day goal. I’m able to play more with the dog & walk up the inclined driveway without panting.

    Hope this one will come my direction.