Hi! I would really love a copy of …

Comment posted Win A Free Copy of Metabolic Surge by Paula.

Hi! I would really love a copy of Metobolic Surge!! I have been trying to lose the 50lbs for over 3 years – since I started Feb 2006 I have gained weight! AHHHH! My highest weight was 235 … I am now down to 219 … however, due to migraine medication and thyroid issues I am really struggling, and the 17lbs I have lost has been VERY DIFFICULT!!

I want to lose 69lbs as soon as possible, I am in my mid-thirties and am afraid to be overweight going into my 40’s, and I want to have a baby, and feel that my weight is going to hinder me from being able to conceive or have a baby.

Thanks for your consideration.