In March of 2004, my nightmare began. I …

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In March of 2004, my nightmare began. I had been going to the local clinic complaining of constipation and abdominal pain for a couple of days. After multiple tests, nothing was found but the pain was getting worse. Without any relief, I called 911 and was rushed to the hospital.
The doctor’s had found that I had a ruptured colon and was going into septic shock. I was immediately rushed in for emergency surgery. I had suffered a multiple organ failure and part of my colon had to be removed, which resulted in a colostomy.
My family was told that there wasn’t much more they could do for me and that they didn’t give me much hope for survival. I remember somewhere in a semi conscious state, that one of the nurses had stated that “I don’t think he’s going to make it “! That really freaked me out.
After the surgery, I spent 4 weeks in intensive care and was then transferred my own room. At the time of the surgery I weighted close to 390 pounds, which caused problems. Because of my weight I wasn’t able to be properly stitched up, so I had to have my incision of 18”, filled with gauze and solution to heal. I later developed bed sores on my buttocks the size of dinner plates. The dead skin had to be removed from these sores and treated daily in order to re-grow new tissue.
I was finally released from the hospital after being there nearly 2 months. Throughout my recovery, I had a nurse come over to the house daily to change bandages.
Dealing with a colostomy was absolutely horrible. Having to look down and see a part of your colon sticking out of your abdomen was enough to make cry.
Several years later, I developed diabetes, high blood pressure and went through bankruptcy. I went through a bout of depression and didn’t really care about life all that much anymore.
I lost 50 pounds, but ended up gaining most of that back and then a little bit more. I topped the scale at 415 pounds. My friends didn’t want to socialize with me anymore and my family was treating me differently.
After a couple of years going through hell and being so low, that I had to reach up, just to touch bottom. I turned to God and my life started to change. I felt I have been given a second chance and I want to change my life around for the better. I have the will power to succeed; I just need information to get me there.