by Rob on July 31, 2014

Comment posted Win A Free Copy of Metabolic Surge by Lisa.

I HAVE TO HAVE METABOLIC SURGE.. Pleaseeeee…. I am a 51 year old mother of 4.. who has gone from 212 lbs to 140 lbs all on my own. I have taken control of my life and in turn found my pASSioN. I love the FITNESS world. I love working out. I love eatin right. I especially love to inspire other women and show them just because we turn 50 years old.. our life isn’t over. It is a BRAND NEW BEGINNING… I actually teach 2 body sculpt classes at my gym and I love challenging us and watching their faces when they accomplish something they never knew they could DO> Please ROB.. I love NICK”S site and his info. My favoritie type of workout is the tabata way. I must have this METABOLIC SURGE not just for myself but to share and bring to others so they,too, can lead healthier and better lifestyle..and realize their own potential. Say I can have it ROB… I promise to put it to good use~ :)

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