Thanks – of course it’s good for you. …

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thanks – of course it’s good for you. There’s nothing in there that isn’t.

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  • Coconut oil IS a healthy fat. You need some fat in your diet but the good kind. Coconut is the best for cooking. It heats to a high temperate without smoking and doesn’t go rancid.

    Try not thinking about calories but what does your body need to function. It needs three things: protein (big debate but I follow about 10% which is what some experts say is all or more than you need), carbohydrates (vegetables/fruits, grains, etc – NOT breads, pasta) and fats. You need fat in your diet.

    I follow this:

    protein 10%
    fat 10-20%
    carbs – the rest

  • glad you enjoyed it!

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    Actually it’s not wheat – only wheat is wheat. Spelt is a GRAIN, and so is wheat. But spelt is not wheat. Brown rice is a grain, so is kamut, so is barley, rye and triticale. Read this for more information:

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    Oh you can see where we stopped in Texas on our 17,000 mile 5.5 month trip through the US and Canada here:
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    Jon, most people agree that Austin isn’t really Texas. It isn’t at all like the rest of the state and I can attest to that, having been to Austin and around it a bit. Not many people in Austin speak “Texan” with little or no accent. Hit southern Texas around Corpus Christi and regions around it and you’re in real cattle country, full on Texas towns.

    Anyway, congrats, she’s gorgeous!

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    well you can’t really, that sorta defeats the purpose of using whole grains, not pre-processed flour. You won’t get the same fluffy pancakes unless you go buy some whole spelt. Try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.
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    Yes the whole leek, green and white parts. Spinach – hmm, that’s interesting – one bunch I’d say. Can’t remember now. You can’t really do it wrong.