Strong Women: Nothing But Pushups

This has got to be the best video I’ve seen of pushups. These strong women (and a couple of guys) do some things with pushups that inspire me to train harder. I’m not sure if this was shot in one single day, but you can tell from her exhaustion at one point, that she’d done enough.

I did a few months ago which is a fantastic product, but as far as I’m concerned, pushups are the simplest of “kick your ass” exercises because they can be performed anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Various pushup variations keep things interesting and target different parts of your anatomy.

Pushups are a part of the I posted a few weeks back.

There’s nothing wrong with setting a goal of 25 to 50 push ups a day, in as many sets as it takes, to keep in shape at the office, at home or while traveling. I’ll be doing them daily when I’m hiking to Everest base camp this fall.

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  1. Just had a little look back at this video as I just sent the link to a friend who’s daughter is now getting into pushups.

    I’ve set a goal to be able to do 100 pushups in a row without stopping.

    part of getting there is to do 100 pushups 3x a week in the fewest amount of sets.

    Today I had a personal best of 50 in the first set, followed by 2 sets of 25 each. Two days ago, it was 4 sets (45, 25, 20, 15) so I’m making progress quite quickly.

    I’m leaving to go backpacking for a week tomorrow and will continue to do the pushups in the back country

    we’re running a 10,000 pushup challenge in the forum. Are you in?

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