For the record: these are kick ass pancakes. …

Comment posted Recipe: Wheat-free Whole Grain Pancakes by Rob.

for the record: these are kick ass pancakes. Easily the best pancake I’ve ever eaten

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    look up Dr Bruce Fife at He’s sort of the leading expert in all things coconut
  • Breaking Your Fat Loss Plateau
    Agreed @Kate. I recommend 9 Tbsp of coconut oil per day for a man and 6 for a woman. Grass fed butter too, but I recommend raw butter and that’s nearly impossible to obtain. Not impossible, but tricky none the less. NOBODY that I know of recommends increasing fat from good sources such as coconut oil and grass fed butter. Glad to know you
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    Thanks for your feedback Delmer. Me too. In a plateau, I eat more food
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    sure is Luke. Most of the time when we make any of the recipes here, we make double or triple batches and freeze a good portion of it
  • Breaking Your Fat Loss Plateau
    Thank you for your comment Beverly. Being quite familiar with the HCG injections (having read about it in depth and have a close friend who’s done it), I can understand why people resort to this approach.

    However, my friend is quite disappointed with the end results. Yes, he got results and lost weight and now he’s in a worse position than when he began.

    He regrets having done it.

    as for your comment about younger people taking on exercise and being able to handle the stress of it, I disagree. Point in fact is the method of escalating density training in which a load is put on the muscle so that it will grow, but without any sort of heavy weights. Typical training loads are 1/2 what one would typically use.

    Exercise benefits all age groups. The human organism is the only machine that improves with use. It grows and becomes stronger with use. Many many people train into their 80’s and 90’s without problem and with only positive effects.

    it’s my opinion that anyone who says they’re too old to exercise or that it’s for young people use it as a cop out to choose a pill of some sort.

    The human body NEEDS to be exercised whether for fat loss or not.