Poll: Does Weight Watchers Really Work?

I’m wondering if Weight Watchers actually works, if it teaches health or just portion control. Weight Watchers was my first experience with dieting and I went as early as grade 5. I was 175 pounds at the time and my mother thought that I shouldn’t be so heavy. She first took me to the doctor who told her that I would “grow into it” as I got older. She didn’t think that was the right answer and so we joined Weight Watchers together.

[UPDATED: see my note and link at the bottom]

I barely remember the food program as my mom handled that part, but I did go to the weekly weight ins. I remember taking more and more pieces of clothing off each time we went in, and even began removing my keys, my wallet, my belt, shoes and socks to get that extra quarter pound.

I know little of Weight Watchers now, but I’ve heard that it’s mostly about portion control and little about health. I admit, I do not know their current program, so I want to ask the question. Does Weight Watchers work? are you currently following the program and are you getting results. More importantly, are you learning anything about health and nutrition, or just about portion control.
does weight watchers really work
It’s my belief, and the basis of what I teach my clients, that a successful program should educate the user about health principles that they can take with them wherever they go. I believe that it’s more important to fully understand how digestion works, how to support the colon and manage blood sugar as well as making nutrient dense foods the primary focus of your meals.

So what about Weight Watchers? I know it teaches portion control, but what else? If you’re following the program, are you happy with the results and if you’re a former member of Weight Watchers, why? Did you lose weight and leave the program or get pissed off at them?

In the poll below, please choose any and all answers that apply to help myself and others understand.

If there is more to Weight Watchers, either good or bad that I’ve not included in the poll options, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: I have a few friends and clients who use weight watchers for support and accountability where they are in the world. They’ve been filling me in on some of their experiences.

First: have a read of and the psychological impact the scale has, when weight watchers clients are exercising and gaining muscle weight.

Second: I just learned some alarming things about the beverages weight watchers recommends. I’ll be writing a post on that soon.


  1. Success following Weight Watchers, as with any weight reduction program, depends chiefly on what you bring to the table. I’ve lost 130 pounds following Weight Watchers and have kept it off for 7 months so far.

    My experience following the program and watching others who have followed it tells me that it is possible to follow the program and even lose weight without adhering to a healthy diet, especially on the Flex (Points) plan. But their Core plan emphasizes whole, healthier foods and discourages reliance on processed white flour foods. Most people shy away from that aspect of the program, with most of the comments I hear being along the lines of “I can’t give up my bread,” or something similar.

  2. Thank you for the contribution. I’ve heard about the Weight Watchers Core program. I’ll have to look into it.

  3. I was on WW about ten years ago, and what struck me the most was the emphasis on “trying to have it all”. They were fanatical about discussing low-fat, low-sugar desserts, cookies, candies, treats of all kinds. It really wasn’t about learning any new eating habits… only about finding substitutes so you could keep eating what you wanted. I wanted to learn about healthier eating patterns, but didn’t find any real support there.
    Now I’m finally losing, through a combination of exercise and diet, with some help from acupuncture.

  4. I lost weight doing weight watchers, but I didn’t have the energy to exercise. I do not think it is very well suited for an active 20 something looking to lose 30-40lbs with exercise.

  5. WW was the first attempt I made at losing weight. However, like many members I took the weight off and then rejoined because I began to put in on again. It wasn’t until the second time that I realized that it wasn’t teaching me healthy eating habits and I was becoming a slave to the scale. I know that it can work but for the majority, it is not a long term or life plan.

  6. I had successful weightloss using the weightwatchers program two years ago. I was not significantly overweight to begin with and lost 20 pounds in two months. I was able to keep the weight off and in my opinion weight watchers really puts things into perspective for you. It makes you more aware of what you are eating and how much. I liked the program and still wanting to lose about another 10 pounds Ive tried to begin the flex plan again and am not quite as successful now. I am not interested in the core program and am trying to learn more about it.

  7. I lost 35 pounds with WW. It is a good way to take a long term approach to losing weight while teaching you to be thoughtful about how you live your life and plan your eating and activities. They are good about bringing you back to the same principles, avoiding fads, and giving encouragement through support of fellow members. This is very helpful especially to people who need to be educated about food, and have grown up in dysfunctional eating situations.

    I have not returned because I felt like a slave to the little book which kept me accountable, and I was weary of measuring everything. I honestly preferred fasting to feeling constantly nagged by my own conscience about food. So, yes it works. Yes, you learn a great deal. Yes, it tends towards good health guidelines.

    I used the flex program, and not the core program. Long time members told me that flex is good for losing weight, and core is good for keeping it off because you don’t have to measure and count so much.

    I may return to the program eventually, but I needed some time off.

    It also makes a big difference who your leader is. Some are absolutely excellent, and some are not very helpful.

    The harsh reality is that you can’t lose weight and eat whatever and whenever you want. Most people kids themselves about this truth, and get nowhere. You have to face that early on in WW.

  8. Mindi, thanks for your comments.

    I would tend to agree that results may very well vary depending on who your leader is. I was not aware of that term “leader”, but realize that the program is held in many places within one city and of course all over the country. If the leader isn’t “on” with their stuff, the members may suffer as well.

    good point about flex being useful for weight loss and core being useful for keeping it off.

    once again, thanks for your valuable feedback.

  9. I’ve lost 50 pounds with Weight Watchers in about 15 months. I did most of the losing with flex, but now I’m on core. I think there are people who “game” the program and eat crap on it, but it’s really not designed to work that way. The 8 Good Health Guidelines are the cornestone of the program, something which a lot of people forget.

    I lost half my weight going to meetings and half doing the online program only.

  10. I lost over 60 pounds on the WW Core program. I have kept the weight off for over a year now. I attended the meetings almost every week, I am now a lifetime member. I was fat my whole life. I have amazed my friends and family, I am in the best shape ever. I do workout about 4 to 5 days a week. I have become addicted to spinning. I do not think I would have ever been as successful counting points on the flex program. The Core Program was exactly what I needed.

  11. I never had luck following any “Diet”. I had to create my own plan for eating.

    My opinion is that weight watchers will work for anyone as long as they commit to it. This goes for South Beach as well. Losing body fat is all about self-control, deciding it is time to lose the weight, and exercise.


    The Chub Chronicles

  12. I’ve lost almost fifty pounds on Weight Watchers and have just started the core program (I was previously on flex). It’s interesting figuring out my comfort zone and I’m looking forward to how it works this week.

    They do stress the healthy eating guidelines but I think people still have a diet mentality about it and look for the easy outs like low fat, highly-processed foods.

  13. I lost 47lbs on WW about 5 years ago became a life-time member and kept it off for over 2 years. Changes in my life, work and increased stress got me eating out of wack again.
    I gained almost all the weight back. But it’s clearly my doing… not eating right and not being active.
    I went back last week and was warmly welcomed. I think I have found a group & leader that will work. When I heard about Core, I was skeptical. I decided to try it and I think it may be a little harder but probably better long term. Can I start connecting with my sense of hunger, being full etc?
    I am very hopeful and excited. WW did wonders for me in the past and I know it will work again.

  14. I have been on WW since Jan 3, 2008. I love this program. Sunday is my high point day and is also my chance to have my “bad foods” throughout the week I eat healthily and exercise vigorously. I do believe this is a long term/life long program that works and has worked for many many people!! This program has been out for 45 years… they must be doing something right.

  15. I wanted to add in that I’ve lost 42.5 pounds in 18 weeks on WW.

    Totally worth it!! I actually get to have my cake and eat it too! :)

  16. I am a 40 year-old male who has been on WW Flex plan for 13 weeks, and I have already lost 20 lbs. In regards to healthy eating, WW encourages it (at least our leader does), and through the change in my eating habits (less fat, more fiber), I have succeeded in not only losing the weight, but my cholesterol has dropped as well.
    I noticed that some talk about WW honing in on substitution….and they are correct. However, the substitution is healthier than the original. For instance: I love pizza, and instead of picking up the phone and ordering one, I make whole grain pita/low fat cheese/turkey pepperoni & mushroom pizzas. They have even shown me how much fat content is in some sauces, and I have found spaghetti sauces to put on my pizzas that have little to no fat and high fiber.
    I love WW, and will continue to strive to become a life member.

  17. tfoxsail: Good for you. If you learn about nutrition and it is an improvement upon what you did know to live a healthier lifestyle, more power to you. Best wishes and much success to you!

  18. Hello,

    I am an ethical Vegan who is on the program… and it has been working, though the support for vegans are discouraged or nil…I had one meeting coordinator try to get me to ditch my beliefs and drink fat-ladden milk…so I went online and had better success, even going to the Veggie forums. I have been gradually removing flour and sugar (cannot stand the taste now) and opting for whole Veggies, fruit and whole grains, legumes and seeds. It has been AMAZING…My Mock Meats, Almond Milk, Soy Yogurts are on an average 1-3 points….when I go to a resturaunt I am always on the “low-point” end because I nix the cheese, sour cream, breads(Covered with butter), and meat.

    That is just mt 2 cents

  19. I’m a lifetime member and could not lose weight without Weight Watchers. They teach portion control, greatly encourage exercise, require significant amounts of vegetables/fruits…as well as other good nutritional guidelines. They also ask members to drink 8 glasses of water a day and take a multi vitamin daily. They give TONS of support, encouragement and ask for accountability. In the end, you get a lot for a reasonable amount of money.

  20. I started weight watchers several years ago, and would highly recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

    I have read several posts that claim weight watchers does not teach you how to eat healthy, and I disagree. When you first join weight watchers, they explain the two plans you have to choose from (“flex” where each food is given a point value based on calorie, fiber, and fat content, and you have a given amount of points to use in a day; or “core” where you can eat what you need to feel satisfied as long as it is from a list of the core foods which include lean meat, no fat dairy, whole grains, fruits, and veggies.) Each plan allows you 35 points to use throughout the week for extra items that are not on your plan.

    In addition to the plans, ww gives you “good health guidelines” to follow every day. You need to take a multivitamin, drink at least 6 glasses of water per day, eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, have at least one (or two–can’t remember) healthy fat servings, have at least two servings of dairy, limit intake of alcohol, fat and sugar, and eat whole grains whenever possible.

    I agree that weight watchers does not seek to give you strict rules about how or what to eat, and it does allow for “unhealthy” foods by giving you extra “points” to spend on splurges during the week. However, I think for many people, weight loss is very overwhelming. They have a long road ahead of them, and have obviously had unhealthy habits that have led them to be overweight. Having a “diet” program tell them what to eat all of a sudden is not realistic or effective.

    I have read about numerous studies that suggest restriction only leads to binges. Instead, weight watchers teaches you take small steps on your journey to a healthier body and eating habits. The good health guidelines teach you what your aim should be in terms of the types of food you should be eating, and weight watchers indirectly encourages you to eat healthy foods by making them lower or even free in terms of their points values.

    While I agree that we should all eat lean meat, veggies, and whole grains, etc., that is just not realistic 100% of the time. Designing a program that encourages you to eat healthy foods, and yet still allows for the occasionial wedding cake or valentine’s candy without the guilt or feeling you have “blown your diet” is ideal.

    I read a post on your other blog from someone who claimed weight watchers failed because a friend gained all her weight back. Ideally, weight watchers should not be thought of as a temporary plan or even a “diet.” It is designed to be a way of life. With that in mind, it is necessary to incorporate the occassional high fat/calorie/sugar food. To say that you will not eat it for the rest of your life is simply unrealistic.

  21. I am a current Weight Watchers member. I was hesitant to join until I heard about the Core plan. I absolutely love the plan. It is based on eating nutrition dense foods, essentially healthy foods that fill you up for less calories. There is never a need to be hungry because you eat to satisfaction. The plan also encourages exercise. Less calories eaten and more calories burned equals weight loss. I lost 23 pounds in a little less than three months. More importantly, I have maintained the loss for almost a year now and am confident I can maintain it long-term. I spent approximately $160 at Weight Watchers in monthly fees and now am able to attend my weekly meetings for free as a lifetime member. Compared to many of the other commercial plans, this is a true bargain.

    Weight Watchers does encourage healthy eating through the healthy guidelines and the discussions at the meetings. However, I feel the Core plan is much healthier than the Flex plan. Too many members skip the healthy guidelines and eat 1200 calories of junk rather than wisely using points for healthy foods. The Core plan avoids this pitfall.

    I would highly recommend the Core plan to anyone. If you find it restrictive, I would suggest making minor alterations to fit your life (i.e. I use low-fat cheese instead of non-fat cheese) as long as your overall calorie consumption is limited.

  22. Hello,

    My name is Ian
    And Im am overweight. Id like to try the WW again. I originally tried it a few years ago but didnt seem to loose anything beyond 5 pnds. I am in desperate need of some guidence and support. I do not wish to attend the weekly meetings. And i have all my materials from previous program. I tend to go more towards the flex program. If any one can understand my pain and final frustration with how i feel and look about myself, please help
    Please send some advice, assistance, etc …Ive been trying to loose 20 pounds for over 10 years lol
    and im lost!!
    help please come
    (anyone, pls contact at) = allzboutit!aol.com

  23. I am currently following the WW Core program and have been on it for almost 10 weeks and have lost 13 pounds. My goal is to lose 27 pounds total. I go to the meetings about twice a month for support and to weigh-in which seems to keep me a little more accountable then weighing myself. Two years ago I had followed the Flex plan and was hungry all the time (I was only allowed 18 points which translates to approx. 950 calories) and didn’t really have much long term success. I also hated all the obsessive point counting. I am really happy with the Core plan and am surprised that more people aren’t on it. I thought I would have a terrible time giving up bread, sugar and full fat cheese, but I am eating so much more healthfully that those cravings are minimal. There are a couple of things that I cheat on, such as low fat yogurt and cottage cheese rather than non-fat, but otherwise I find the program very easy to follow and particularly if you eat out. The rate that I’m losing weight may seem too slow for some people but I am closer to 50 and thrilled so far.

  24. Ian,

    I’m not sure if I can help or not but here goes. First, I have lost over 75 lbs on WW in just under a year and am now on week 3 of the maintenance program. With my experience in the program, my first question to you would be to ask if you went to the meetings on your first try through the program? Especially to someone having problems getting over a specific plateau, the meetings can be an irreplacable asset. The reason for this is having your leader look at and analyze your points tracker with specific foods you’re eating. At least try to go to them long enough to get that help and get you over that hurdle.

    It could be a number of things from what foods you’re eating, how you’re spreading out your bonus points, needing to recalculate your points, needing to add in or step up your exercise program, not eating all of your points, etc. The first two I’d suggest looking at is that you’re eating all of your points including bonus points, and that your bonus points aren’t being spread evenly over every day or all piled into a single day of the week. Those are the most common causes of plateaus I’ve heard over the months.

    The other reason I suggest meetings for you is from your post it sounds like you’re having a really tough time getting over the 5lb marker and getting down on yourself about it. It sounds as though you could really benefit from the encouragement of others in the same room going through the same struggles to keep you going. I can say from experience, you’re starting at the toughest part of the journey, it takes most people longer to lose the last 10-20 lbs than any other range. If you keep going with it though and don’t give up, you will get there and it will be the best feeling.

    Personally I don’t think there’s any plan out there that’s perfect for every single person. We all live very different lives and have our own pitfalls to deal with in this struggle. The people I’ve seen this work for were completely honest with themselves in where they had problems and constantly evaluating it and making it work for them. Some may find they end up ok without sweets etc and the core works for them, others find better substitutes, while others are better off eating the real deal but only once in a while. Personally, if I had tried to eliminate the favorite junk foods, I’d have failed miserably a long time ago, so I found a balance between substitutes and once in a while splurging for that treat with my bonus points. I also didn’t do it all at once, I started with figuring out how many points I was currently eating with my current foods. This lead me to which of these I’d be able to incorporate, and many small changes for others that allowed me to bring what I already enjoyed into a healthier light, getting used to measuring foods, then found a few more recipes from a WW cookbook, then I got my points down to target. Every week or so I’d evaluate my food and spend a little time looking for more alternatives to add etc. It’s a lot like quitting smoking, there are a rare few people that can quit cold turkey with no issues, but the majority of us need some way to taper off the addiction so we don’t go running back to it twice as hard and end up worse off than we were before.

    I wish you the best in your journey, though I won’t say luck because luck has nothing to do with it, it’s all about what you really want and keeping working towards that.

  25. I started weight watchers in 6th grade after gaining a significant amount of weight that was not at all healthy for me. I was about 170 lbs as a 10 year old. You wouldn’t believe it because I was not that big, but my doctor advised me to try. At the time weight watchers was not that famous, and a lot of my family members outside of my core family laughed at me for trying. After about half a year of weight watchers I got down to a weight of 145. I looked like a totally new different girl from the shoulders down. In my opinion weight watchers really helps show you that some of the foods you think are healthy, are actually not healthy at all. Sometimes fat grams aren’t everything. For instance a bag of gummy bears may be “FAT FREE” but they have TONS of sugar, which slows down your metabolism. I did the core plan, which in my opinion was the best. I got off and I am now back at 165 lbs, but I am taller so it doesn’t look too bad. However I just decided to rejoin the program about a month ago and I have already lost ten lbs. On weight watchers you can lose an average of 2-3 lbs a week and keep it off (if you continue to watch what you eat, even without your food companion book). It is a great program, and if you are willing to eat right, I think you should really try it! And I disagree with a few people above saying that WW does not encourage exercise. At first they catered to at home mothers and lazy men, and didn’t talk about exercise that much. But you will find that in the last few years they made exercise a core part of their program. They even made a PointBooster chart for exercising daily, and you can add points if you exercise. So I encourage anyone who reads this to try it. And you do not have to buy the classes, you can just buy the books if you want.

  26. I think weight watchers is an excellant program!!!! I started in August of 09 and as of May 2010 ive lost and kept off 48lbs!!!!! Great GREAT!!!!! Program

  27. I have a comment ide like to leave regarding the weight watchers meetings, i joined a few weeks back and was very unimpressed, first of all the meetings felt much like high school in a way, where the regulars, and trust me they let you know right away, their typically the thinnest ones in the bunch sit right up in the front, and talk with the leader, there close friend on foods they ate the night before, ice creams etc..pretty much oblivious to the others around them that are in need for guidance etc..while im just sitting in the back of the room, just waiting or some information and pretty much left feeling hungry…and the weigh ins took over 40 minutes, and i was almost laughing at the women who felt they would strip down to their biking apparel beneath there clothes all in an effort to save a few ounces..i left the meeting feeling discouraged..they also push the ww treats which i bought into and since ive been on the ww diet ive lost an entire pd..no one at these meetings talked about nutrion, or gave examples of healthy diets, they werent really very friendly and you defintely felt like an outsider amongst all the regulars in the bunch..and at 10.$ a meeting i quickly quit after 3..had anyone else had this kind of experience with WW? I know people have lost but HOW? Im also in a rut, i was hoping to lose 30 lbs and now feel worse off than i was before joining…

  28. They never talk about what foods are good for especially if u have a problem, let say with cholesterol. They never talk about lifting weights. Sombody was right when they said they don’t count inches lost instead of pounds or fat lost which is more important than weight. Weighing myself can ruin my whole day!!! I threw away my scale and will never buy another. I have been on for three weeks and not lost a pound. I know a lot about nutrition and could teach a class and then don’t talk a lot about good nutrition. I am fed up too.

  29. I joined 5 weeks ago, and have lost 14.8 pounds so far… but I do seem to be more obsessed with food now than I was. I’m constantly thinking what can i eat now, and how many points will that be? I feel like I’m always hungry and looking to eat something whereas before I started WW, I wasn’t like that…. but I am losing weight on the plan. Not as much as I’d like, but still losing weight…… so I think it DOES work.

  30. I have been overweight since grade 4…I have 2 older sisters and all 3 of us have been heavy for the better part of our lives, there are 2 distinctive reasons for our weight issues, the first is a medical condition called p.c.o.s., and the other, truthfully the more influential cause, uneducated eating. We were never taught how to eat. We never knew what portion control was, we ate b/c that’s what we were told to do, but eventually we ate to feel good, or b/c we were bored…I can’t speak for my sisters but I know that in my case my uneducated eating became an eating disorder, I am an over eater, a grazer, a binger. I hate that I can’t stop myself from eating. I am now 23 yrs old, 240 pounds, and so unhappy with the way I look. I’ve battled food and depression most of my life. I have many reasons to be happy, but my weight and eating habits are like a huge rain cloud over head. I want to be able to enjoy my life and the wonderful things in it. I have finally faced reality and decided that i need help, I researched a few different weight loss companies and have decided that WW may be my best bet, I need to learn how to eat and am hoping that they can help. reading your stories has made me see that this is going to be hard work, but worth it. I’ll keep you posted!

  31. I believe WW works, I have done it now for 3 weeks and I have lost 6 lbs. You really have to make smart choices and maximize you points that you are given to work with. You can still have a small piece of cake or some ice cream but you must count it and be aware of how much you are putting in your mouth. The books they give you every week has really good nutritional information in it and yes they do teach you to make the smarter choice…in the end its really up to you. You have to be accountable to yourself and realize it took time getting to the point your at now so it will take time getting to where you want to be. There is no quick fix with weight loss.

  32. I am glad Katie made that comment. I too find that the WW meetings cater to their regulars and a certain personality type that I do not have. I got nothing out of the meetings, and when I asked if I could just weigh in and not attend the meetings the assistant leader gave me the third degree, saying “I have never heard anyone say meeting didn’t help them.” Well lady, this one doesn’t help. I am glad others are losing weight, but what matters most to me is that I was NOT losing weight. I am not there to be a cheerleader for others. I won’t make this mistake again. I have enough garden parties in my life without paying to attend one and coming home empty handed.

    The point is, you don’t need a program if you have the right state of mind.

  33. I would have to agree with Kiki above, I did the program with a group of friends and it worked. Ultimately though it really depended on the person for commitment to long term effects. One of the girls really took the program to heart and learned a new “eating lifestyle” after being heavy her whole life and never really committing to a good program… she finally had decent results. I however, have been an up and down dieter for the better part of 20 years and I focused only on the weigh in every week. Unfortunately this ended up being a race to lose the most, and I found that restricting my calories severely was the key to that. The sad thing is I was greatly rewarded for this in my meetings. I took the coins/key chains and smiled all the while knowing that I was cheating and not truly doing what WW was teaching. So, does it work? Sure if you have committed to truly wanting to live a healthy active lifestyle, but if you are in it just to see the results on the scale? Not so much.

  34. I joined WW in May 17th 2009. I was at 354 pounds, today on July 7th, I am at 220 pounds. Does it work, yes but the trick was to CHANGE MY MINDSET. When you change your brain, you can change your body.

    Too many times people what the quick fix to solve the issues. There are no quick fixes. WW does work but I do know it is not for everyone.

  35. I have been contemplating using the WW program but due to my failing finances, i can’t always afford the monthly dues. I have a friend who assisted me before so i do have a small understanding of the program.

    My question is. Can..or does the WW program work if one is to go by the points system, (of course going by WW points and dining out guides) and not attend weekly meetings and weigh-ins??? I really do want to give it a try but don’t want to purchase the books if its impossible to see success doing it on my own.

    Thank you very much for any and all input provided.

  36. Weight Watchers completely works, I have lost 125lbs on the program . Say what you will about them not teaching about every aspect of health, all I know is because I walked into a weight watcher meeting a year ago, I will probably live for 10 years longer and that is completely what it is all about, my son will have his mother for longer. Why nit pick when Weight watchers is changing and prolonging lives, bottom line!!!!

  37. True enough Ann, but loosing weight does not make one healthy. My statement still stands and I’m not nitpicking. With the many years you and your family have earned back from Weight Watchers, maybe have a look at improving health now…. learn a few things about food, not just about calories.

    just my thoughts, be they what they are

    Thank you for your comment

  38. i first started weight watchers in sept 2009 and by nov. 2009 i had lost almost 20 lb i did the flex plan. i loved that i could eat and was more aware of what i waas eating. i started at 150 and got down to 130. i kept it off for a while and then being busy with school and work went back to fast food. i am now back up to 155 and started WW again 2 weeks ago. i dont have time to work out this time because im so busy will i still be able to lose weight? i agree that the program makes me think of food more and what i can eat but i think that fades after the first month and the point is to eat more but smaller portions to keep your metabolism going. for me that is great bc i would always eat one huge fatty meal a day because by the time i would eat it was beyond hunger and i didnt care what it was. anyway just really need tips about how this will work without working out. i also never use the extra 30 points and i never used them when i was on it before.. is it better to use them? thanks for any help!!

  39. I lost 50 lbs on Weightwatchers after having my first child. It took me about 6 months to get back to my pre-preg weight (124 lbs), but it was very successful. The one thing I like about Weightwatchers was that it helped me monitor what I was eating. I rarely eat out, and I cook and eat all-organic meals.

    Yeah, sure, it did teach about portion control. However, you can’t lose weight if you are overeating. All Weightwatchers is is a fun way to count calories and fat in everything your eating. Instead of counting 50 calories, you count 1 point.

    All weight loss comes down to is ‘calories in’ vs. ‘calories out’. Obviously to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in. So, whatever diet you choose, make sure it follows that basis. I chose Weightwatchers because I had a choice in what I put in my body and didn’t have to cut out carbs or fat. I just had to stay within a points parameter. Plus the allowance points and activity points made sticking to the diet that much easier.

  40. Also, I think that eating organic helps with weightloss naturally. Preservatives, aspartame, msg, additives, high fructose corn syrup (etc., etc.) makes weightloss a lot more difficult and can cause cancer. You can do Weightwatchers following these parameters. Actually, doing Weightwatchers is easy following these parameters.

  41. following the birth of my son, in 1988, i joined weight watchers. i went from 185 lbs to 140 in not too long a time. unfortunately, i quit smoking and put the weight, and then some, back on in later years. after the holidays, i’m going to rejoin weight watchers. it worked before, it’ll work again. but it’s like any diet, you have to do your part too.

  42. I tried WW and need to lose about 50 pounds, didn’t lose anything. Was on it for months and maybe lost 5 pounds at the “height” of it. The only time I saw any results is when I cut my daily points from may allowed 39 to maybe 25-29. At the point value they assigned ( reviewd by several WW “officials”), it was maintaining my current weight, and not losing.

    The ONE thing that I could not get an asnwer for, and made no sense to me, is when they determine your daily points value, they do not take into account your body type. Example, take two guys with different body types (one is small framed and not very muscular and the other is naturally husky and has more muscle mass). Assume that they are both overweight and weight exactly the same. The skinny guy has to consume more calories daily to maintain that overweight status than the guy who is larger to begin with, but yet weight watchers assigns the same points to both of them. That’s what happened to me. I am a thicker stronger person than most and my points are pretty much maxed out. I actually eat MORE calories than I was before WW. Make sense?

    Utter crap for me, and no one at WW would help or explain anything to me. They just kept saying to eat those points and I would lose. When I would claim that it was not working, all they would say is that ” you can’t expect to lose every week.” OK, but it’s been like 8 weeks with no results, explain that!

  43. I have joined & gave up WW a few times. They helped me learn about healthy choices, portion control & exercise.

    Personally the Flex program didnt work for me because it gave me too much freedom for my “junk”. I became obsessed with points and what I could get. For instance even if I was full after 1/2 a burger I would finish it because I had used the points for it, at least in my mind. My advice is dont dwell on points. I would definatly use the Core/Filling Foods plan. To me it is easier to work with, especially with a family. Its also more about teaching you healthy choices & to listen to your body. To me this seems like an easier way to make the changes become a way of life. You are taught about the better sweet choices but honestly its not worth it. Save your points & have the real thing because you will end up doing it anyway eventually because fake sugar just doesnt cut it :) Just remember moderation.

    I agree with some of the posters that said the meetings have their cliques. I found this to be true with some groups. I have attended 2 different meeting groups. The first didnt have many cliques, it really was a great group of people that just shared ideas, very informal. The second always made me feel like an outsider that wasnt welcomed. I never learned anything the few times I went.

    When I first joined I had a wonderful leader & the meetings were informative. When I became pregnant I quit but thanks to some of the things I learned I only gained about 10lbs. When I rejoined after my 6wk checkup I had to go to a differnt meeting because we had moved. I also went with a group of friends that highly recommended the meetings at this location. One word—AWFUL!! The leader was vulgar & rude. After 3 meetings I quit & decided to follow the program alone. As you can guess not much success. This was followed by a few more go it alone attempts. I finally joined online because I refused to be subjected to that awful leader again & I dont feel the need to discuss my food issues that in depth with strangers . The one thing I learned online, and therefor highly recommend tracking online, is that 1+1 does not always equal 2. In WW math 1+1=3. I discovered I had been eating approx 40 extra points a day.

    I will say that not all leaders are the same so you cant really judge the program/meetings based on just that. I have a friend who had a wonderful leader & had alot of success. I would advise trying a few different meetings or following the program online. You can get the support online as well.

    Ultimately I will say WW does work if you take the time to listen & put into action the things they teach you.

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