I would have to agree with Kiki above, …

by Rob on July 24, 2014

Comment posted Poll: Does Weight Watchers Really Work? by Melissa.

I would have to agree with Kiki above, I did the program with a group of friends and it worked. Ultimately though it really depended on the person for commitment to long term effects. One of the girls really took the program to heart and learned a new “eating lifestyle” after being heavy her whole life and never really committing to a good program… she finally had decent results. I however, have been an up and down dieter for the better part of 20 years and I focused only on the weigh in every week. Unfortunately this ended up being a race to lose the most, and I found that restricting my calories severely was the key to that. The sad thing is I was greatly rewarded for this in my meetings. I took the coins/key chains and smiled all the while knowing that I was cheating and not truly doing what WW was teaching. So, does it work? Sure if you have committed to truly wanting to live a healthy active lifestyle, but if you are in it just to see the results on the scale? Not so much.

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