I started weight watchers in 6th grade after …

by Rob on July 30, 2014

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I started weight watchers in 6th grade after gaining a significant amount of weight that was not at all healthy for me. I was about 170 lbs as a 10 year old. You wouldn’t believe it because I was not that big, but my doctor advised me to try. At the time weight watchers was not that famous, and a lot of my family members outside of my core family laughed at me for trying. After about half a year of weight watchers I got down to a weight of 145. I looked like a totally new different girl from the shoulders down. In my opinion weight watchers really helps show you that some of the foods you think are healthy, are actually not healthy at all. Sometimes fat grams aren’t everything. For instance a bag of gummy bears may be “FAT FREE” but they have TONS of sugar, which slows down your metabolism. I did the core plan, which in my opinion was the best. I got off and I am now back at 165 lbs, but I am taller so it doesn’t look too bad. However I just decided to rejoin the program about a month ago and I have already lost ten lbs. On weight watchers you can lose an average of 2-3 lbs a week and keep it off (if you continue to watch what you eat, even without your food companion book). It is a great program, and if you are willing to eat right, I think you should really try it! And I disagree with a few people above saying that WW does not encourage exercise. At first they catered to at home mothers and lazy men, and didn’t talk about exercise that much. But you will find that in the last few years they made exercise a core part of their program. They even made a PointBooster chart for exercising daily, and you can add points if you exercise. So I encourage anyone who reads this to try it. And you do not have to buy the classes, you can just buy the books if you want.

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