Who cares? My family is from Canada! Its …

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who cares? My family is from Canada! Its not a issue, everybody else makes it an issue. oh yea ive been there! who cares about scott bird anybody can turn a paper in to some work of art! it doesnt matter if they take it from your country to the Us the us is better anyways

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  • im sorry somebody hacked into mine and messed it up sorry!!!!
  • okay here I am adding to the conversation:::: How does this greywater system work???? Do you just put in the ground and then use it????? Its very confusing to be honest and Rob Im not talking to you on this one anybody else can put there info on this but Id rather not talk to robby right now. i dont feel comfortable abround him because of his NASTY NASTY secret.
  • my bad for expressing my opinion. you are just mad because I exposed your secret. boo hoo hoo Rob is sad now!!!!!
  • are you gay???? because you wrote this:Scott, you’re the most passionate, well written environmental author that I have ever met. that seems like it to me. You can tell me anything!!!!1
  • are you not going to reply back now??? or is it because I told you???? oooo yea ive been there too! So ha ha ha

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