This recipe and the Moroccan chicken went over …

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This recipe and the Moroccan chicken went over very well in our household. Hubby had tried to make hummus before, but for some reason thought all you had to do was soak the chickpeas; he didn’t realize they needed to be cooked too! Now he knows better… and this first batch of hummus is a keeper!!

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    I was on WW about ten years ago, and what struck me the most was the emphasis on “trying to have it all”. They were fanatical about discussing low-fat, low-sugar desserts, cookies, candies, treats of all kinds. It really wasn’t about learning any new eating habits… only about finding substitutes so you could keep eating what you wanted. I wanted to learn about healthier eating patterns, but didn’t find any real support there.
    Now I’m finally losing, through a combination of exercise and diet, with some help from acupuncture.