Pimp My Diet Please

“This brings me to this point.. right here, right now. This is my choice. I am ready to change. I want to be healthy and I want to live my life. I want to participate in my life!”

On a summer day in August I was surfing the Internet and was frustrated with one of my many attempts at weight loss, I came across a Weight Loss website. Within the website and blog itself, a forum. It was then that I quickly realized that this was a community of people who were knowledgeable on many different health related topics. A friendly group who was non judgmental, supportive and many of whom, had been where I was currently at. I quickly felt a connection to some of the forum members including Rob, Michele, Blush and frequently communicated with Photogirl67.
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Inspired Weight Loss

Diet and exercise will only take you so far when it comes to weight loss. For 80% of you it has only taken you as far as the first 4 weeks of 2008 after setting your New Years Resolutions to lose weight. Eating well and working out like crazy has now become more of a chore and is very difficult to maintain. So what is it that separates the people who stick with their fat loss goals from those people who continue to struggle to lose weight?
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20 Minute Kick Your Ass Workout

Are you looking for a bodyweight workout to test your strength and endurance? Try this simple little round that I found on crossfit today. It’s their Workout Of The Day or WOD and If you’re not sweating and panting like a dog when you’re done, there’s something wrong.

The idea is to complete as many of these rounds as possible in 20 minutes.

body weight pull ups

Body Weight Pull Ups

Pull-ups & Chin-ups force you to lift your own body weight and are one the best strength training exercises you can do for strength & muscle mass. Pull ups are done with palms facing away from you which then uses more back and less bicep making it harder than chins.

Do 5 reps

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Poll: Does Weight Watchers Really Work?

I’m wondering if Weight Watchers actually works, if it teaches health or just portion control. Weight Watchers was my first experience with dieting and I went as early as grade 5. I was 175 pounds at the time and my mother thought that I shouldn’t be so heavy. She first took me to the doctor who told her that I would “grow into it” as I got older. She didn’t think that was the right answer and so we joined Weight Watchers together.

[UPDATED: see my note and link at the bottom]

I barely remember the food program as my mom handled that part, but I did go to the weekly weight ins. I remember taking more and more pieces of clothing off each time we went in, and even began removing my keys, my wallet, my belt, shoes and socks to get that extra quarter pound.

I know little of Weight Watchers now, but I’ve heard that it’s mostly about portion control and little about health. I admit, I do not know their current program, so I want to ask the question. Does Weight Watchers work? are you currently following the program and are you getting results. More importantly, are you learning anything about health and nutrition, or just about portion control.
does weight watchers really work
It’s my belief, and the basis of what I teach my clients, that a successful program should educate the user about health principles that they can take with them wherever they go. I believe that it’s more important to fully understand how digestion works, how to support the colon and manage blood sugar as well as making nutrient dense foods the primary focus of your meals.

So what about Weight Watchers? I know it teaches portion control, but what else? If you’re following the program, are you happy with the results and if you’re a former member of Weight Watchers, why? Did you lose weight and leave the program or get pissed off at them?

In the poll below, please choose any and all answers that apply to help myself and others understand.

If there is more to Weight Watchers, either good or bad that I’ve not included in the poll options, please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: I have a few friends and clients who use weight watchers for support and accountability where they are in the world. They’ve been filling me in on some of their experiences.

First: have a read of and the psychological impact the scale has, when weight watchers clients are exercising and gaining muscle weight.

Second: I just learned some alarming things about the beverages weight watchers recommends. I’ll be writing a post on that soon.

Reader Feedback

You know, you write a blog and wonder if anyone actually reads them or gets any value out of them. Comments appear from time to time (more would be good – hint hint), but it’s always nice to get some feedback personally emailed to you.

I get them from time to time and today is one of those days.

Dear Rob,

Thank you so much for your teachings. I have learned a lot through you and am encouraging many of my friends to subscribe and learn from you to keep their bodies health. Now I have increased the habit of whole food consumption after learning the bad habit about white food which turns very fast to sugars in our bodies.

May God bless you, increase your knowledge and wisdom to be a blessing to more of God’s people who are seeking for for truth. The bible says – know the truth and it shall set you free, again it says wisdom is profitable to direct. Long life is our heritage.


You’re very welcome Sarah. Thank you for taking it upon yourself to make changes and become better. We need more people in this world who are willing to step out of victim mode and take responsibility for their lives.

Saving Water : Using Greywater

This is the fifth article in a 6 part series on Saving Water. See part 1 on measuring your tap water, part 2 on benefits of a water tank, part 3 on gutters and drains and part 4 on saving water around the house. Living in Sydney, Australia I’m acutely aware of the value of this precious resource.

When it comes to conserving water, this is the big one. As greywater comprises around three quarters of a household’s waste water, it’s well worth looking at. After all, saving water = saving money.

What is Greywater?

Garden hose
First, a definition.

The water you see around the house can generally be classified as one of three types –

White / fresh water : this is the clear water you drink.
Greywater / graywater : this water contains a small amount of dirt, and is water that has been previously used within the house. The water which leaves the washing machine, for example.
Blackwater : this is the waste water from the toilet.

Just remember the greywater = previously used part, and you’ll begin to see just how much of the stuff there is available.

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Recipe: Creamy Almond Sauce

This is a multi-purpose, great tasting and easy to make sauce. You can put it on , , quinoa cakes, sweet potato pancakes or anything else that needs a sauce or gravy.

This creamy almond sauce recipe is simple, with shallots or onions, almond milk and raw almonds. That’s it. Pure nutrition without the calories, oil or saturated fat in traditional gravies.

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3 Weight Loss Tips

Every Friday is day here at Former Fat Guy Blog and the 3 weight loss tips for today are about white foods. I rarely if ever recommend removal of foods from diet, but rather take the approach of increasing and improving the foods we eat. I teach my clients to focus on increasing whole foods and making new habits. By increasing whole food consumption, the bad habits simply get pushed aside as there’s no room anymore.

I feel that today’s 3 weight loss tips simply have to be stated for effect, so I am.

3 Weight Loss Tips – Remove White Foods

Remove White Flour Foods

White bread, white pasta, white rice, white crackers, pancake mix, tortilla’s, buns, anything made with white flour should simply be tossed out (or given to your local homeless shelter or food bank). White flour products are broken down too quickly in your stomach and turned to sugar too fast.
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Constant And NeverEnding Improvement

One of the most powerful lessons I learned years ago when I was starting my , was from Anthony Robbins’ book Unlimited Power. In it I learned of the principle CANI, or Constant And Neverending Improvement. I became a student of small improvements compounded upon one another and knew that I’d never stop growing.

My mentor T. Harv Eker has a phrase, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”.

Success and Improvement are not destinations, they should be thought of as journey’s.

constant and never ending improvement

I’ve recently met a few people in my weight loss forum who have taken on a personal attitude of success and simply will not let anyone or anything stand in their way of getting the results they desire.

It’s like a switch was flipped.

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My First Kettlebell Workout

Way (way, way, way) back in late Sept 2007 I did a podcast about the fact that I was about to . Darlene was in Peru at the time and I had purchased a 20 pound Kettlebell while I was waiting her return. I acquired a little health challenge while she was away and stopped all my training (I was in the hospital the day she was flying home and wasn’t even sure if I’d make the airport to pick her up). I was all fired up when I wrote the article, just itching to get lifting asap as I learned about them from Pavel’s e-book and some online video’s of kettlebell training, but alas, it was not to be at that moment in time.

I was released from the hospital in time to meet Darlene’s plane (which ended up being delayed), got her home and we took the night off.

The very next day, Dar and I drove downtown in my new Jeep to buy a heavier Kettlebell. We got a 35 pounder and headed home. I unloaded it from the Jeep and was asked the fateful question:

How Do You Use A Kettlebell Anyway?

kettlebell workout
I did three swings (count them – 3 [!]) and suddenly stood up and said “Ow – That didn’t feel too good” and then went in to lay down on the couch. 10 minutes later I called Darlene and told her I couldn’t move.

I threw my back out after my first 3 kettlebell swings.

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The Ultimate Perfect Pushup Review

I posted my a few months back and it got a lot of attention, er…. , slammed by a bunch of guys on a martial arts forum. It caught me a bit off guard as they trashed the product and the review. Then as I watched their discussions, I found that other members agreed with me and had gotten results themselves and from spouses who used the perfect pushup and were able to reduce wrist and palm pain by their design.

Other comments on the post found that my perfect pushup review was spot on and I’ve yet to have any negative comments here on the blog.

perfect pushup review

The Ultimate Perfect Pushup Review

Then, just recently, I was contacted by Taylor, a young aspiring bodybuilder from the United States who has done what I’m calling the Ultimate Perfect Pushup Review. He’s been using the perfect pushup 21 day program that comes with the product and been getting some great results.

Taylor has posted his video results and his charts indicating his gains over the 21 days. Now he’s on to part 2 of his program and adding a bulking phase to gain some lean mass. It’s more than a review, it’s a real guy, doing the real work and posting his results.

Good luck Taylor, I fully support you.

The Navy Seals Perfect Pushup product is relatively inexpensive at $40 (the travel version is a bit more) and a great addition to your home gym. The device allows you to rotate through a range of motion different from regular pushups and thus hitting the pecs in a different way. I recommended them in my perfect pushup review and I recommend them now.

Gymnast Damien Walters Shows Extreme Physical Skills

Damien Walters, tumbler, gymnast and martial artist shows off displays his extreme skills and conditioning in this showreel.

Thanks to Scott Bird for the heads up on Damien

I’ve looked around for more information about Damien Walters on the web, but can’t seem to find any. He doesn’t seem to have his own website, just a youtube account. If anyone has more information about this tumbler / gymnast Damien Walters, please leave a comment.

Recipe: Lentil Loaf

We use lentils in a number of recipes throughout the week. is a regular at our table, and we use lentils in one of our favorite soups, . This Lentil Loaf recipe is very filling as it’s high in fiber and makes a nice meatless meal, even surprising the avid meat eater guest you may have over. We make a triple batch of this, eating one and freezing the other two, then use them as fillers in wraps along with hummus and a good portion of salad mix. I hope you enjoy.

lentil loaf recipe

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3 Weight Loss Tips

Every Friday is day here at Former Fat Guy Blog and the 3 weight loss tips for the new year that you can take action on right now are about pictures, measurements and journaling.

Something everyone always regrets after they’ve reached their goal weight is not having taken that ever important “Before” picture. Overweight people tend to be quite fearful of camera’s, but if there’s one thing I can tell you, it’s to document history! If you’re not thinking of it as documenting history then you’re not fully committed to your plan.

3 Weight Loss Tips

Take Your Before Picture

Get over the fear of the camera and take your before picture. When you reach your goal weight and then begin working on your physique for the rest of your life, image how happy you’ll be having document the whole process. Even if you don’t look at the pictures during the process, take them anyway and file them away. Eventually you’ll want to show your success’ and having a mitt full of pictures in various places doing all sorts of activities will be great for your website or book.

Take the pictures!

Measure Yourself As Well As Weigh Yourself

There will be times that the scale does not move. Somewhere during your journey you’ll hit a plateau even though you’re doing everything right. By taking measurements, you’ll know that you’re still shrinking but trading fat for muscle. You’ll weight the same but know you’re getting smaller because the tape measure told you so.

Take your measurements!

Keep A Food Journal

Food journal’s can help in many places. When you’re following a very strict program to get to your leanest, tracking every single food product that you eat can help you determine if you’re under calories or over calories and then help you adjust. Matching results to your journal can also help you re-visit a program that worked for you in the past. You’ll know exactly what you were eating and how much of it you were eating to get that consistent 3 pound a week weight loss. Was is a higher fiber content, a higher fat content or re-feeds happening more often that got your success? Should you cut calories or increase calories?

Archive your food journals along with your training journals. Keep every little detail so that you can refer to them at any time in the future. If you don’t know what you’re eating, how can you know where to adjust?