Top 20 Posts Of 2007

It’s been a wonderful year here on the blog combining the writing talents of the two Scott’s – Scott Bird and Scott Tousignant, Jessie, Kandace, Michele, :Kristine, Tracy, Dawn, Annette and my personal favorite Darlene. To wrap up 2007 and bring 2008 in with a bang this New Years Eve, I thought I’d offer up the Top 20 of 2007.

new years eve

Top 20 Posts of 2007

Whos Writing For The Blog – Writer Showcase

There are eleven writers that wrote for the blog this year, some full time, some part time and some very part time. I’d like to finish off 2007 by introducing four of them and showcasing a few of their articles. Then to usher in the new year, each Monday in January will feature a few more so that you can become familiar with them and what they write about.

Former Fat Guy Blog Writer Showcase

Scott Bird

scott birdHailing from Sydney Australia, Scott is passionate about strength training, cooking, photography and the environment. Scott posted his first cooking series about Healthy Asian Cooking starting with a look at the . He quickly followed that with , , what to look for when and to show how “well rounded” he is, is writing a book based on his short series on .

Scott Tousignant

scott tousignantScott is a personal trainer from Ontario, Husband and father of 2, Scott is also known as The Fit Bastard. Scott and I met when he interviewed me for his Unstoppable Fat Loss interview series and has been contributing great fitness articles and video. This summer, Scott showed us how to create a vision board so that we could have the vision of our ideal physique in front of us all the time. He’s shown us how to perform an Intense 10 Minute Leg Training with the help of his lovely wife, explained the fat burning 8 sets of 8 workout as well as Leg Sculpting Drop Sets.

Jessie aka Blush

jessieJessie and I met when she joined the forum. Her incredible writing with a hint of naughtyness caught my attention real quick! Being a mother of 4 all under seven with the youngest being twins and her being a stay at home mom who had just begun her weight loss journey, I asked her to blog her experiences. If anyone ever tells me that they can’t lose weight because they’ve got kids, have no time or any other host of excuses, I simply point them to jessie’s post on Taking Responsibility. Jessie joined a gym, got a personal trainer and restocked her kitchen and she began to lose a lot of fucking weight!


micheleMichele writes about relationships. She was the first member of my forum when I started it last summer and I’ve called her my Number One ever since. Michele began writing with her post on the Secrets Of Successful Marriages and having looked for her soul mate for a number of years wrote 5 Tips For Internet Dating. Michele and her long time boyfriend have been in a long distance relationship for a good while now and finally wound up meeting the family for the first time. Out of curiosity (pure curiosity), Michele recently watched this video on the swinger lifestyle and wrote her synopsis of what it means to be a swinger

Next Monday I’ll introduce you to Kandace, a life coach from Florida, :Kristine my Ultra Homeopathic Physician and Tracy my own Personal Trainer who lives and works here in this great city of Edmonton.

My Homework – Mung Bean Nutritional Information

I started a Winter Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge on my forum for the sole reason of busting a belief about “not being able to stick to a fitness program over the holidays”. To fully bust it, I decided to start a fitness program over the holidays and get a bunch of friends from the forum to join me. My part of this homework assignment, which you’ll see below was my .

We started on December 1st, 2007 and this first session will last a full 3 months.

At the beginning of each month, we set our goals and then take weekly steps towards them. We check in each Sunday night or Monday morning with our results for the week as well as set new goals for the upcoming week.

Bearly Joe posted any possible challenges he knew were coming up in the week as well as listing what he can do to be proactive about it. He prepares in advance for things that might take him off course. I thought it was a great idea and have incorporated it into the challenge.

I decided to create some homework in the 3rd week.
winter weight loss challenge 2007

Winter Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge

The idea of homework was again, to be proactive about health and nutrition. To assign homework that would educate the members on whole foods, their nutritional value and to create a recipe that included the food they were studying. For this first homework assignment, I asked everyone to research a vegetable that they’ve never eaten before and then turn in their results within 2 weeks. (it was the Christmas holidays, so I wanted to give ample room).

Bearly Joe, from Madison Wisconsin joined the forum in July, but wasn’t active until I sent out the notice about this weight loss challenge. He’s since asked us to play “Stump The Vegan Know-It-All” having been vegetarian / vegan for a great many years. He’s since become a wealth of knowledge on all things green.

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Swinging. I am sure everyone has heard this term before. If not, swinging is defined as a form of recreational, social, and sexual intercourse between consenting adults. Swingers commonly consist of male/female couples meeting with other male/female couples for sex and ongoing intimacy. My knowledge on what happens at these parties was very limited until I watched this documentary about swinging. I selected the play button with wide eyes and many questions…What kind of people go to these parties? How do they work? Does kissing, caressing and having sex with another person outside of a couple’s relationship not affect their relationship? Well, I believe I found my answers…

[google 896097672888471651 nolink]
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Recipes: Healthy Christmas Dinner

December was soup month here on the blog, but I wanted to show everyone how we created a healthy Christmas dinner. We wanted to put a healthy spin on the traditional version. We started by buying a free-range organic turkey from a local farmer (), adding a festive salad with homemade Christmas salad dressing, and a fabulous sweet potato side dish to complete the dinner. My mom and sister made some other dishes but we skipped the white potatoes with butter and milk, and only had a tiny bit of the stuffing from white bread. So we wanted to show that if you offer to bring some dishes, you have control of what is in them, and you are contributing to the meal. Then you can eat a tiny bit of what else is offered if you want to be polite, but you also have some healthy choices that you’ve made to fall back on, if the main menu isn’t so healthy.

Healthy Christmas Dinner Recipes

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New Years Eve Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips for New Years eve are the theme of this edition of 3 tips Friday. New Years Eve is a time to celebrate the ending of one year and to start the next year fresh. Many use the time to set new years resolutions, whether they be physical, financial, spiritual or career related, and would welcome any they could get. With the new year celebration comes parties, dinners, snacks and of course alcohol.

Now, I’m certainly one to have a couple of good glasses of wine, because life is just too short for bad wine you know, but I’m also goal driven and understand the effect of alcohol on weight loss.

With that in mind, here are my New Years Eve Weight Loss Tips

New Years Eve Weight Loss Tips

1. Eat Before You Go Out

You should always eat before your party to cut down on low blood sugar affecting your ability to make good food choices when you’re out. Having your meal at the last minute before heading out gives you a good 3 to 4 hours of even blood sugar and a full stomach. You should be staying away from starchy carbohydrates this late in the evening anyway, but I’ll say it again. Don’t eat starchy carbohydrates after 6 PM. This will reduce the risk of having a drop in blood sugar just as the beverages begin being poured. To further increase your level of fullness, make sure you eat a larger portion of vegetables to increase your fiber content and your level of fullness.

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New Years Resolutions and Goal Setting Tips

New Years Eve thoughts turn to New Years Resolutions and with it, all sorts of manifesting and “law of attraction” principles. Whether or not you know of the law of attraction, or manifesting tips or techniques, I’m sure you set out some goals for the new year.

Looking back over 2007 here on the blog, the writers and I have posted what turned out to be some really great law of attraction and manifesting tips that I’d like to return your attention to before you write your new years goals.

Law of Attraction Principles For New Years Resolutions

weight loss

Weight Loss

The hidden secret to the movie “The Secret” is a very simple principle. It’s about taking action. My post this summer in regards to the was about exactly that. You can think about it all you want, learn about what to do, buy all the expensive gym memberships or home fitness equipment, but until you Get Off Your Ass and get to work, all the wishing, thinking, dreaming, meditation and goal setting isn’t going to result in an ounce of muscle being built or a pound of fat being burned. Most new years resolutions start with a great goal in mind, but wind down just a few short days or weeks later. Getting the body you want in the new year is going to require a bit more work than that. Read my thoughts on .

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Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

merry christmas
I want to wish you a Merry Christmas

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas

from the bottom of my heart

Christmas is the ultimate Free Day.

It’s a calorie free, fat free and sodium free day. Enjoy your time with family and friends and let go of any stress around the foods you’re eating.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry, but please don’t drink and drive.

From myself, my cats Pumpkin and Boo,

Feliz Navidad
(I’m feeling Spanish, what can I say?)

I Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I would personally like to wish you all a Happy Holiday in whatever country you live, whatever language you speak, and whatever religion you follow. For me the holidays are a time to reflect on what I have in my life that I’m thankful for. There are so many people in our world that have less and I have no right to complain.

Yes the holidays are about giving, but I focus on giving of my time and love, not material gifts. I wish to receive the same back. My fondest memories of Christmases past are of times with family and close friends, sitting around playing cards and laughing.

I believe love has no barriers and it does heal all wounds. So let’s spread a little love and joy this season and throughout the year in 2008.

All the best to you and your love ones. May you be happy and healthy always.

Merry Stressmas – I Mean Christmas

Isn’t the Christmas season supposed to be a time of joy and happiness? I remember when I could barely wait for Christmas to come…all of the presents and good food…time to play with my cousins and run around the house stuffing my face with chocolate! Good times! But where did those good times go? Exactly when did Christmas become so stressful and crazy?

When did it become a retailers dream? When did it become handing over a list of “I must have” items and expectations? When did it come all about me?
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Recipe: Mulligatawny Soup

Mulligatawny is a classic Anglo-Indian dish. Mulligatawny is a spicy soup based on chicken or mutton/lamb stock. According to Madhur Jaffrey, the original mulligatawny soup can be traced back to the early days of the East India Company in Madras, and was more like a curry. The word is based on the Tamil name for ‘pepper water’, ‘milligu-thannir’, also called ‘rasam’.

Recipes for mulligatawny soup abound; some use apples or other fruits, some use nuts, some even use oatmeal, along with meat and vegetables. The common denominator is spiciness and ‘curry’ flavours from curry powder or a mixture of dried spices. Source: BBC Food Glossary

Mulligatawny Soup Recipe

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Understanding Messages From The Universe

Knowing when the Universe is SCREAMING at you is not always the easiest thing to see, believe it or not. I found out the hard way that is exactly what was going on in my life. Little did I know I was about to embark on a journey that would bring me so far and fill my life with lots of joy and blessings. Universal Screaming

Working From Home

I started my business for lots of reasons, and because I work from home I don’t really get out much. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do , but I was doing it all from here. Sure, I would take the occasional trip to Ft. Meyers to visit my clients down there but that is about it. Since we moved 2 years ago I hadn’t really gotten out enough to make new friends. Let’s face it, whether you work from home or not there is still house work to do, meals to cook and stuff like that. Not much time for a social life.

Times have been a little stressful these past 6 months. Justin had to quite his job because the chemicals they used were tearing up his skin. We had no idea that it would take him a while to find what God wanted him to do. So, like everyone else I have not been excluded from hard times financially. But, I have been here before, so I just took it all in stride knowing that this stress would not last and that the next phase was coming.

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