I am a 340lb male,the only time I …

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I am a 340lb male,the only time I have felt like a million bucks is while eating the atkins diet,but we all know we cannot sustain this kind of diet,although I lost rapidly and felt great it was short lived as I returned to the old habits of junk,pasta,white flour,carbs big etc.I am interested inthe “Gold Test”and where i might have this done?Like I said I felt like a million bucks on atkins,and my wife said I am a different person while eating that way moods,energy romance etc.I am six foot five 340 lbs of misery as i cannot get a hold of the right fuel to burn in this very unhappy body,I want my energy back and my life.
Desperate in Pennsylvania
I thank-you in advance for anything you can point my way
Richard D Winters