Yes, you can freeze soup, chilli, stew, all …

Comment posted The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food by DarkMavis.

Yes, you can freeze soup, chilli, stew, all that stuff. Just separate it into portions & freeze them in individual containers. My mum uses old margarine tubs. I just pour stuff into ziploc freezer bags & squeeze the air out – it takes up less space than boxes. Just remember to label everything so you don’t end up making spaghetti to go with your frozen bolognese sauce which turns out to be chilli… You can leave it out to defrost or microwave straight from the freezer.

Frozen fruit goes weird when you defrost it because the freezing process breaks down the cells and denatured enzymes, amongst other things. I find frozen fruit works best if you cook it. I keep frozen raspberries to put into puddings, and ice cubes of strawberry purée to put into milkshakes :-)