Thanks so much for putting this information about …

Comment posted The Ultimate Guide to Freezing Food by kayleigh benedict.

Thanks so much for putting this information about freezing foods up but i have an assignment do and well your blog helped with most of the questions about freezing and i am supposed to be using a book but i don’t have it and the questions i am looking for are What guidelines should be followed when serving foods to prevent bacteria from multiplying rapidly? and one other How should foods be packaged for the freezer? I mean i know that they can be stored in the original container, for meats, but then they need to be wrapped in plastic wrap but I don’t know what else i am supposed to put they gave me two lines is that all i put? Please feel free to email me my email is [email removed by admin] and one last thing congrats on loosing al that weight that must have been pretty difficult but if you set your mind to something you can always do it Thanks again and please respond back soon the worksheet is due tommarrow thanks
Kayleigh M. Benedict