Wow, all the gloom and doom ecofreaks are …

Comment posted What Is Braggs Liquid Aminos by blackavenger.

Wow, all the gloom and doom ecofreaks are loose and active. It always happens when people make observations based on emotions instead of logic or emperical evidence. Almost everyone knows there are people with sensitivities to almost every kind of food or liquids. However, there are the majority who are not affected at all by the same foods or drinks.
We all must usually find the truth by ingestation and experience the results. The rants do nothing but foster arguments and muddle the truth.
Since I have high BP, salt or soy sauces or msg usually send it very high. I cant tell you scientifically why it happens, but I [and the wife] can and have used Braggs L-Aminos for 6 years in the place of salt. Our BP has come down and we now eat deliciously flavored foods with a little spritz of aminos and dont use salt or msg, etc, and we have never had any bad effects. We even carry a spritzer bottle when we travel to avoid the over salting of our foods by resturants.
The only problem is that I have to drive a 200 mile round trip to buy it or pay redicilous shipping charges by mail. Thats what livin in the boonies gets ya.
If you are on a salt restricted diet you would do well to try it. Ya might like it.