Good post, rob will tell you that i …

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good post, rob will tell you that i don’t believe in half of what you refer to(and he dislikes me for it) but i still read it your posts and everyone elses..i respect our views..i have to say this post was the best i have ever seen..the others well i don’t agree but this one is something speacil because it is moe true to life. I am over the moon you and your gentleman got back in touch.


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  • it is my honour as your writeing is 2nd to 0…(a compliment)..please could you help me understand your Spartan lady’s blog? I saw your comments but I was reading and expecting more? but i did not read any more or could not find anymore? i am very sorry to trouble you on a different thread. but is there a link to the full writings? or is it just what you felt from a spirit side of things?

    i am sorry if i am being uneducated etc

    with the greatest respect


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    a great post rob..

    i think it would be really cool if you published the fact that you have gained a lot of weight recently and then, due to the champion of your soul, lost it again.therefore respect is due.please put the details on here of why you gained the weight,because we all can…and then how you turned the corner (Darlene) and made your goals come back..

    I hope you don’t delete my comment, I think it would be helpful to me and maybe others that are lost.

    God Bless Rob

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    hey hey hey,,,,,please please please i will defned myself a little bit here!!! i might be a lot of things and i know i am but come on!!!! you guys know nothing of my shit…

    i asked a simple question, how do unmarried people write something like that, you both answered me personally…which was nice!!!!!!!!!!!! so why?????????

    do the whole quote thing? you both know i “think” you are cool people…etc etc…

    I was just asking a question…that is all…

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    thank you very much for that…i am 190lb but extremetly strong for my weight, what would be a good weight for me to really push me? the 45lb’s i thought?
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    So my good fellow, the thinking would be to drink your body weight in water per day? I have done this? I have done (i really don’t know if it is right i am no guru like you) one ounce of body weight to 2.5lb of body weight..considering i never ever ever ever drank water! so it worked.

    thanks very much for the information


  • The Secrets of Successful Marriages – Part One
    niether of you are married how can you even discuss this?

    you might be well happy in your relationships and i take my hat off to you for that totally but!!!!!!!!

    your not until you know..why write?