How tall are you James? The easiest way to …

by Rob on July 24, 2014

Comment posted on Mastering The Kettlebell Swing by Scott

How tall are you James?

The easiest way to tell is to try one out (perhaps in a gym, or at a friend’s place). If this isn’t an option, grab a 45lb dumbbell and try a few of the moves. It won’t feel quite the same, but it’ll give you an idea.

A 45lb kb is probably reasonable though – but go lighter if you’re in any doubt. There are several ways to make the exercises themselves more challenging :)

Scott also commented

  • Personal recommendation – London Kettlebells. I’ve bought several things from those guys, and the service is always great.
  • Nice post. Swings are great.

    Btw, Tracy pushes extremely hard. If you manage to keep up, you’re doing well :)

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