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To Rob:

You say that my very good health is a claim and not proof. When My younger sister died three years ago from cancer at
47 I went to the doctor and had him do a complete check up on me. He had every test known done on my blood and they all came back perfect. He said every test was right on where it should be. He was surprized that some one my age would have such perfect numbers (I am retired)
So this is not how I feel – it was a medical report of my current physical condition. Not every member of my family drinks distilled water so this is a very good indicator that the
differece is the water.

My cousin is five years older than me and had to have cataracts remove when he was 52 years old as he was completely blind. He only drinks tap water that is very hard water and said he will never drink distilled water. When I had my eyes checked there is NO cataract problem at all. I reseached the net and found that calcium deposits are the main cause of the cataract and that can come from the water. Proof is when you can link one thing to another. There are different levels of proof some are stronger than others depening on how strong the link is. I think there is a strong enough link to show that the distilled water is what has helped keep my body clean and healthy.
When I was younger I could lift 750 pounds on a weight machine with my legs and I was only 150 pounds.
I do not smoke, drink booze, over eat junk food, and I drink distilled water.

I would like to point out the difference between a cost and an investment. You say a distiller costs money but you can’t recover a cost. A distiller is an investment because your are saving money from medical procedures like eye surgery, pills, pain, lost work, etc… It saves you money not cost
you money. I got one from sears for 200 dollars. That is a lot less than the 1200 for you alkaline machine or the other over priced devices – (many that do not work). The 800 or 1200 dollars these people scam from you is not the biggest problem. The damage done to your health from not getting the distilled water to clean your system is where the major damage is done. I know how forceful some of the sellers of those things are because one of my sister sells one that you clamp on your main line (does not work). They do it for the money.
If they lost 5000 dollars on every unit they sold they would quit selling them fast. These products come from other countries where the money is sent, but the local people who sell them are left holding the bag when the law suits start. People are told that it does not matter how bad the water is this device will treat the water so it safe (without a filter). If any of the people from Canada who died from drinking the bad water had one of these on their line someone could be in for wrongful death law suit. If they lose a 3 million dollar suite like this I doubt they will be selling them the next day.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.
(I say: it is better to vent with a pen than with lead)


owen also commented

  • I have been using distilled water for about 20 years and have done a lot of personal research on it. I think the only water anyone should drink is distilled water. It is the only logical think to do. There is real proof of this by people I trust and I have done the tests myself to confirm the data.

    I find there are some people that will only listen to hearsay and listen to the lies about distilled water. These people reject all proof and evidence you show them and hold fast to the lies they were told and that they themselves retell. They do this because it makes them money for the product they sell. Many of these over priced scam products come from countries other than Canda or the US.

    In Canada a water treatment plant failed and the operator still claimed the water was safe. He faked the reports to the Government and said the water was safe. People died (within weeks) because of this – even his own grandchild!! Yet he still claimed the water was safe when he knew it was not.

    I explained to my sister that if those people had a home water distiller those people would still be alive and well today.
    She thinks distilled water is bad so thinks the people would still be dead if they used distilled water as she thinks distilled water will kill you(how sad). She thinks this because she got involved with a scam from overseas that sell a small pipe you clamp on your water line. They claim that it makes the water “Live” to get people to shell out 800 dollars or more. I have tested the water from a house with this device on it and it was NO different than tap water (before and after made NO difference) – so I call it a scam.

    If some one wants to charge you more than twice what the existing technology is then you can be sure it is a scam.

    if some one makes claims of hearsay and will not show proof the device will work – then it is a scam.

    There are test for eveything and anththing. I have tested distilled water by using it for 20 years and I am in VERY good health. It has passed every test and is used in many applications (medical, industry, chemical, etc…)

    I do not sell any product so do not have a conflict of interest in my position. I state the facts and only the facts. I hope this will be of help to those who are feelling confused by all the lies being told about distilled water.

    The bottom line – Distilled water is SAFE to drink and will NOT kill you. It is the only water you should ever drink. It would be wise to eat good food and take vitms and minerals and abstain from junk food and junk science.