Howdy, I had a life-time buddy stop by a …

Comment posted on Is Your Drinking Water Killing You? by Frank Knight

I had a life-time buddy stop by a couple days ago and started telling me about this wonderful Kangen water machine he got after hearing I am dealing with cancer… it was like he went from my buddy to a infommercial host in the blink of an eye! I felt he had been “hooked by hype” but respectfully listened to him as he spoke of from killing cancer to making cleaners from this miracle machine.
I have been researching pros and cons for the last couple days since his visit and really appreciate finding your little piece of the net especially since I was about to order a set-up on ebay that claimed to be better than kangen… that’s when I googled “kangen scams” and found you.
Thanks for this information… I am definitely going to start distilling my own water. I would buy it at the store but have heard of plastic containers causing bad effects themselves from the plastic “leaching” and adding to that the dismay of learning that advertised as “distilled water” to actually be from kangen type machines that are filtered and not distilled.
I have one question and that is:
What about electrolytes, does distilled water contain them?
Bless you for sharing your knowledge.