Is Your Drinking Water Killing You?

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Is your drinking water killing you?

The Water Wars – Bottled, Distilled, RO, Alkalized, Structured, and more..?
… So which is it?

Why is it even “brand name” bottled waters can be more acidic that beer, or even coffee?

Why is it that “alkalizing” waters can kill you?

How do you sort this whole mess out?

Once again, we turn to our own Inner Biochemistry for the answers…

I bet you didn’t know…

– there is only one common water process that makes your water higher energy…

– water, just like food, has to be converted to the very unique specific frequencies of your specific body to work…

– only one type of water moves through the membranes of the human body easier than any other type of water…

I’ll give you an quick story why this is so important: recently a few old acquaintances started calling about their “$4000 water filters” and how great “the multiple streams of alkalized water” were… so I asked for the science – never received it – I got on a call and found it was highly unscientific and often dead wrong in what was being taught to the people shelling out all this money – so I did the “acid test” (no pun intended) – I asked for a partial Bronze Plus test on a person whose Inner biochemistry I had already tested – after – they drank this supposedly “life giving – living water”…

You know what?

Their tests came back worse than anyone I ever tested – period – after only a few weeks of using the “living water”. Astonishingly, the only time any test came close was once when somebody was days away from death…


…Not a pretty picture you say?

This is why this brief post – and the future article – could save your life!

So what is this mysterious thing called water? And why is it so mysterious…?

Please print and study this very brief posting repeatedly – once it “clicks” the deeper understandings and “flat earth” to “whole earth” paradigm shifts behind this article will change your life – I hope you will gain a clear understanding (please print and reread this article as many times as you need…) because this has been a major stumbling block for many millions of people around the world when it comes to weight loss…

First Target – is Distilled water good for me?

We will be discussing the pros and cons of all theories on water in a future article (or series). It is important to know that, after many interviews – we have found almost all water “experts” usually rely only on the past, and untested theories (ie. Alkalizing is good), and “common knowledge” (ie. everybody thinks this so it must be true) as their sole sources of information… you’ll see the difference in this brief post, and the forthcoming article(s)!

Remember, this brief discussion is by no means exhaustive…

As my future article(s) on water come out, for more information, I do recommend subscribing for free and Listening to two new interviews about drinking water featuring both Lily Rambo and Dr. Sherrill Sellman on Growth Architect. Also, stay subscribed for more planned water interviews as they come out – definitely “Listen while you work” to all water interviews, by the forth-coming FormerFatGuy blog author :Michael:Earl on – you’ll be blown away by …some very surprising facts, like how to clearly see – wait for it now – the used toilet paper that is legally allowed in your drinking, bathing, and clothes washing water… and how some Chernobyl victims recovered simply by drinking the right water…

This is a brief comment on distilled water only, from an Inner Biochemistry perspective:

No 1

Only the process of distillation makes the water higher energy…


…when water is vaporised and transformed into steam, it leaves behind all inorganic minerals that were held in the water molecule in a liquid state – this means that the energy it took to hold the inorganic minerals is now freed up so distilled water has a higher energy simply because of vaporisation – the heat of the energy is not lost when steam is cooled in condensation – that energy is still there. In plain English, the added energy which heated the water is still present in the distilled water.

No 2,

water, just like food, has to be converted to the specific frequency of your specific body…

…Because of its high energy it can be converted easier than other low energy waters.

No 3

distilled water moves through the membranes of the human body easier than any other type of water…

…because of this high energy, and because it’s wetter not having the inorganic minerals binding it’s molecules… Water is used to “flush” or remove toxic wastes from our body – including salt, and other metabolic wastes, plus it’s also used for hydration, plus it’s used for taking into your cells all the substances needed from food – and even from supplements.

If your water is empty ie. “distilled” – then it can do each of these jobs a lot better – both the flushing – and carrying minerals into your cells.


The equally important key question most people haven’t learned to ask…

Am I drinking in high energy?


The Electrical charges in my drinking and bathing water:

Hydrologist “Lucienne Vincent” said that “the lesser the micro watt potential in the drinking water, the better…” What creates micro watts in water is inorganic minerals.

Therefore, distilled water for many fits the proper Inner Biochemistry criteria of low minerals, low micro wattage, high energy, and wetter water (viscosity, to be discussed in a future article)

So that’s why I recommend distilled water for many of my patients, depending on the specific inner biochemistry.

Again, as this is a brief post, and as my future article(s) on water come out, for more information, I do recommend subscribing for free and Listening to two new interviews about drinking water featuring both Lily Rambo and Dr. Sherrill Sellman on Growth Architect. Also, stay subscribed for more planned water interviews as they come out – definitely “Listen while you work” to all water interviews, by the forth-coming FormerFatGuy blog author :Michael:Earl on – you’ll be blown away by …some very surprising facts, like how to clearly see – wait for it now – the used toilet paper that is legally allowed in your drinking, bathing, and clothes washing water… and how some Chernobyl victims recovered simply by drinking the right water…

So what is this mysterious water? And why is it so mysterious? I hope you have some new ideas which lead to a clear understanding (please print and reread this brief post as many times as you need…) as this has been a major stumbling block for many millions of people around the world when it comes to weight loss…


I hope you have found this introductory brief post on the WATER WARS and “Is Your Water Killing You?” informative! Please stay tuned for the forthcoming articles – and subscribe to this blog!

Please post your comments and questions below, simply by scrolling to the end of this article…

Look for the forthcoming articles where I will be covering the common diseases that fall under these two imbalances

  • hypoglycemia
  • syndrome X
  • diabetes and sugars

…which are growing dramatically – more than tripling in the last 10 years. It’s time for these answers.

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  1. I received a question from a reader asking if his Kagan Water machine was killing him.

    I didn’t know what a Kagen water machine was at the time, but I googled it and voila, it’s an alkaline water machine

    :Kristine? your response

  2. I am drinking Water Depot Reverse Osmosis water. I used to use a Brita filter for my tap water. Now I am nervous…very nervous.

  3. I think Reverse Osmosis is fine, just that Distilled is the best. The Brita just filters tap water I think, but doesn’t change it. Still waiting for :Kristine’s response. I know she’s busy at her office.

  4. I just heard from :Michael – he and :Kristine are quite busy and traveling this weekend but wanted me to share this point that he corrected me on:

    “It is definitely not possible to say RO is fine”

    They’ll be posting more about Reverse Osmosis water and more on this topic in the near future.

    So, if you’re drinking Reverse Osmosis water right now, um, I guess it might be better to just stop. Let me say this: if I was drinking Reverse Osmosis water I would stop drinking it based on the research I know :Kristine and :Michael are doing and have done on water. There.. my opinion and what I would do.

  5. I have to admit…I am confused. I went to the local Food Basics this morning to purchase some Distilled water. I found a large water container that said distilled on it. When I read closer…it said the water was filtered with Reverse Osmosis…how can it be called distilled and reverse osmosis at the same time?

  6. Ok, I think I might have solved my confusion. I went to my trusty local organic health food store. There they sell STEAM DISTILLED water. When I mentioned I had seen 5 gallon jugs of water at my local grocery store saying Distilled Water but it also (in fine print) said filtered by reverse osmosis…the health food store owner looked a little confused as to her understanding…that is not distilled water.

    So now my local organic health food store is my source of distilled water.

  7. You’re telling me that this Food Basics store is selling a water product labeled “distilled” when in fact it’s not Steam Distilled, correct?

    they’re product is Reverse Osmosis but labeled as Distilled and not Steam Distilled correct?

    if that is the case, it leaves a serious bad taste in my mouth about how this is marketed. That is scary.

    Now I want to go look at all the fine print on the “Distilled” water I see. I’ll do my own investigation as well


  8. :Kristine and :Michael have asked me to post this asap. They’re not able to get to a computer right now and sent this via blackberry

    — begin snip —

    We have found:
    Any brand name is corrupted
    Any Fortune 500 food source is suspect
    Any franchise food chain is ultimately lethal Most over-the-counter supplements are either basically inert or dangerous (ie. Costco and Safeway calcium, etc)

    Your *true health* is -always- the enemy of big business, and therefore of government.

    Easy to verify this… Study stats, an international laws in EU, NA, Mexico, Canada.

    Then study Codex nutricide (click the link for google search results). Under the sugar coating is a global movement that will cause 1 billion deaths, in 150 countries, for US big business and US big pharma profit purposes

    This will kick in shortly. In less than 2 years.

    —end snip —

    Rob’s Note: I agree. They bigger picture is that there is a lot of money in illness and it’s in their best interest (“they” is anyone in the business) to keep people sick so that they can continue to sell the products keeping them there. Consider diet pop. Designed to keep you fat and addicted to the pop. Diet pop drinkers keep getting fatter which makes them want to drink more diet pop thus keeping the cycle going. Break the cycle. Put down your diet pop and diet products and switch to water and whole foods.

    I will not support cancer research. I will not give money to a conglomerate that keeps people sick when we already know what causes cancer and how to get well. I give my money to kids and animals, not research.

  9. In a word…….WOW

    Very good…..Thanks for sharing.

  10. “the heat of the energy is not lost when steam is cooled in condensation – that energy is still there.”

    This is wrong from a scientific point of view. Apparently you care about scientific facts, so I would suggest you rephrase this.

  11. I’ve forwarded your comment to the author Nicolas

  12. I have been using distilled water for about 20 years and have done a lot of personal research on it. I think the only water anyone should drink is distilled water. It is the only logical think to do. There is real proof of this by people I trust and I have done the tests myself to confirm the data.

    I find there are some people that will only listen to hearsay and listen to the lies about distilled water. These people reject all proof and evidence you show them and hold fast to the lies they were told and that they themselves retell. They do this because it makes them money for the product they sell. Many of these over priced scam products come from countries other than Canda or the US.

    In Canada a water treatment plant failed and the operator still claimed the water was safe. He faked the reports to the Government and said the water was safe. People died (within weeks) because of this – even his own grandchild!! Yet he still claimed the water was safe when he knew it was not.

    I explained to my sister that if those people had a home water distiller those people would still be alive and well today.
    She thinks distilled water is bad so thinks the people would still be dead if they used distilled water as she thinks distilled water will kill you(how sad). She thinks this because she got involved with a scam from overseas that sell a small pipe you clamp on your water line. They claim that it makes the water “Live” to get people to shell out 800 dollars or more. I have tested the water from a house with this device on it and it was NO different than tap water (before and after made NO difference) – so I call it a scam.

    If some one wants to charge you more than twice what the existing technology is then you can be sure it is a scam.

    if some one makes claims of hearsay and will not show proof the device will work – then it is a scam.

    There are test for eveything and anththing. I have tested distilled water by using it for 20 years and I am in VERY good health. It has passed every test and is used in many applications (medical, industry, chemical, etc…)

    I do not sell any product so do not have a conflict of interest in my position. I state the facts and only the facts. I hope this will be of help to those who are feelling confused by all the lies being told about distilled water.

    The bottom line – Distilled water is SAFE to drink and will NOT kill you. It is the only water you should ever drink. It would be wise to eat good food and take vitms and minerals and abstain from junk food and junk science.


  13. Owen, thanks for your comments. Glad to see you agree with the author of the post that Distilled is the preferred water to be drinking.

    I just want to be clear about your facts: your fact is that you have drank distilled water for 20 years and are in very good health. That in fact is is a claim without proof (just pointing that out is all)

    I’m not arguing with you, just pointing out that your fact is based on how you feel.

    I too spent $1200 on a “alkaline water” machine and just the other day, removed it from storage and threw it out.

    Distillers cost money as well by the way, as does purchasing distilled water from the local grocer or health food store.

    Glad to have had you stop by the blog and I wish you well

  14. To Rob:

    You say that my very good health is a claim and not proof. When My younger sister died three years ago from cancer at
    47 I went to the doctor and had him do a complete check up on me. He had every test known done on my blood and they all came back perfect. He said every test was right on where it should be. He was surprized that some one my age would have such perfect numbers (I am retired)
    So this is not how I feel – it was a medical report of my current physical condition. Not every member of my family drinks distilled water so this is a very good indicator that the
    differece is the water.

    My cousin is five years older than me and had to have cataracts remove when he was 52 years old as he was completely blind. He only drinks tap water that is very hard water and said he will never drink distilled water. When I had my eyes checked there is NO cataract problem at all. I reseached the net and found that calcium deposits are the main cause of the cataract and that can come from the water. Proof is when you can link one thing to another. There are different levels of proof some are stronger than others depening on how strong the link is. I think there is a strong enough link to show that the distilled water is what has helped keep my body clean and healthy.
    When I was younger I could lift 750 pounds on a weight machine with my legs and I was only 150 pounds.
    I do not smoke, drink booze, over eat junk food, and I drink distilled water.

    I would like to point out the difference between a cost and an investment. You say a distiller costs money but you can’t recover a cost. A distiller is an investment because your are saving money from medical procedures like eye surgery, pills, pain, lost work, etc… It saves you money not cost
    you money. I got one from sears for 200 dollars. That is a lot less than the 1200 for you alkaline machine or the other over priced devices – (many that do not work). The 800 or 1200 dollars these people scam from you is not the biggest problem. The damage done to your health from not getting the distilled water to clean your system is where the major damage is done. I know how forceful some of the sellers of those things are because one of my sister sells one that you clamp on your main line (does not work). They do it for the money.
    If they lost 5000 dollars on every unit they sold they would quit selling them fast. These products come from other countries where the money is sent, but the local people who sell them are left holding the bag when the law suits start. People are told that it does not matter how bad the water is this device will treat the water so it safe (without a filter). If any of the people from Canada who died from drinking the bad water had one of these on their line someone could be in for wrongful death law suit. If they lose a 3 million dollar suite like this I doubt they will be selling them the next day.

    Thank you for allowing me to vent.
    (I say: it is better to vent with a pen than with lead)


  15. Owen, first, let me be clear that I agree with you 100% about distilled water, it was just in the wording you used.

    Your health could be so perfect / good / whatever adjective you want to use because of any number of things OTHER than distilled water or in combination of those things AND distilled water. I’m just commenting on the wording is all. It’s not proof for distilled water.

    ie: you could have a perfect diet, perfect genetics, perfect stress reduction techniques (ie: meditation), perfect whole food supplementation working for you and a couple of things against you and without knowing which one is responsible, not be able to prove any one for or against, that’s all.

    I certainly don’t want to start an argument, because that’s not the point.

    I too have written extensively about investments in our health and yes a distiller is an investment in our health. I too invest $300+ monthly on Sunrider whole foods and have for over 17 years now. It’s an investment in myself.

    what I was getting at was the words you used AGAINST the water machines because they cost money, but not about the investment in the distilled water. It seemed to be an unbalanced statement is all. I was just pointing out that.

    Owen, I love your passion. You seem like one of the good guys.

    I’m on your side sir!

    I guess it was just me being “technical” with the wording in your statement and shouldn’t have brought it up.

    Be well my friend. I welcome you and your thoughts around the blog.

    btw, my buddy bought invested over $2000 in a water distiller for his house. It’s a HUGE machine that stores gallons and gallons in his basement and then pumps it up to his tap in his kitchen. I bought mine for $200 used, but no longer distill my own water. I did the math on the energy involved and it was costing me more money in electricity that I could save by just purchasing the distilled water from my local store.

  16. Have you been able to print and read all the articles here on the blog? see all my articles

    Do you have specific questions after reading them?

    We are preparing a book and multimedia mini-course on the forthcoming – do you want to be a study participant and answer questions in return for a free pre-release copy of the $199 book and videos?

    Let me know, by replying to:

  17. This is an amazing article. I had no idea! I always drink tap water, even at my cappy apartment in north philadelphia -> perhaps I should rethink that. Yeah I think so. Hey Could you tell me what you think of my site, , it’s my blog about how tough it is losing and being fit in college. Please check it out inner biochemist. Thanks, again for the awesome article

  18. oh geez, I meant http://www.StudentFitness.Org, I’m so sorry about that

  19. Jennifer L.M.T,C.M.T, B.S, P.A. March 23, 2008 at 1:42 pm

    I am a Massage therapist/herbalist/Organic chef/wellness consultant with a Bacheor’s degree in Natural Medicine. I too have been studying water as well as health for years and I am pretty amazed that no one has mentioned or heard of clustered, fractionated water which occurs through a process called vitalizing. I own a vitalizer plus which can be purchased over the net for approx. $400.00. You do need to use steam distilled water with it but I use it all of the time for myself and my twelve year old daughter. Because I am in the health field I have to be careful and skeptical about new products introduced into the market, and I had a bad feeling about Kangan right from the get go…….Just do your research and you will eliminate 99.9% of the doubt’s, concern’s, question’s, and myth’s.

  20. Jennifer, thanks for the comment, yes, we know about clustered fractionated water. The water research is still ongoing. Right now we’re looking at iWater.

    I’m being approached every week about someone wanting to get me into Kangen and I hate to burst their bubble about it. It’s a tough call to tell them the truth, but it has to be done.

  21. Jennifer L.M.T,C.M.T, B.S, P.A. March 23, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    What is your take on Kangen Water?

  22. Jennifer L.M.T,C.M.T, B.S, P.A. March 23, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    What s your opinion about cluster water and vitalizer systems?

  23. My take on distilled is that it’s slighly acidic, but just slightly. As for alkaline water, my take is that it’s certainly NOT right for everyone. :Kristine would be much better at explaining the science in this but from what she’s told me, it affects us all differently. Some have a very negative experience with it, including Kangen water. I used a water alkalinizer for years but let it go, partly just because how I was feeling about it.

    do you have a link for the cluster water / vitalizer system?

  24. I’m confused. This was my first on this site. I thought distilled water was bad because it pulled out minerals from your body; by adding Borax to spring water (any water), it turns it from acidic to alkaline.

    Have I been misinformed by my Naturpath/nutritionist?

  25. @DJ, yes. Distilled water DOES NOT pull minerals out of your body. It helps remove inorganic compounds, but not minerals.

  26. Ok, I may need to do some more reading somewhere but could you give me the pros and cons, maybe a comparitive list, side by side of distilled, kangen, and tap water? water is my facorite drink in the world! A friend told me about kangen water and she swears by it. I googled it and this was the first page I’ve read. If theres a comparitive list , will you send me the link?

  27. oh, also, I was sceptical about the whole kangan water thing. This has shed some new light on it all. I just couldnt see spending all that money on a water thingy. So, distilled is the best for you?

  28. Howdy,
    I had a life-time buddy stop by a couple days ago and started telling me about this wonderful Kangen water machine he got after hearing I am dealing with cancer… it was like he went from my buddy to a infommercial host in the blink of an eye! I felt he had been “hooked by hype” but respectfully listened to him as he spoke of from killing cancer to making cleaners from this miracle machine.
    I have been researching pros and cons for the last couple days since his visit and really appreciate finding your little piece of the net especially since I was about to order a set-up on ebay that claimed to be better than kangen… that’s when I googled “kangen scams” and found you.
    Thanks for this information… I am definitely going to start distilling my own water. I would buy it at the store but have heard of plastic containers causing bad effects themselves from the plastic “leaching” and adding to that the dismay of learning that advertised as “distilled water” to actually be from kangen type machines that are filtered and not distilled.
    I have one question and that is:
    What about electrolytes, does distilled water contain them?
    Bless you for sharing your knowledge.

  29. @Frank, no electrolytes in distilled water no, but as far as I’m concerned, the only thing that should be in water is pure H2O and that’s it. We can get our electrolytes from food, or by simply adding a little “Real Salt” brand sea salt to our water. It’s got the minerals in it we need.

    Keep in touch Frank. Glad to hear from you




  32. @Sheila, There is no taste

  33. I used to drink UV/3 filter filtered water, to keep at least some of the mineral content of water. Since i heard David Wolfe and Daniel Vitalis speak about SPRING water, i travel 3 hours north to get very low particle spring water in glass bottles. I believe this is the BEST WATER EVER! check the info out by googling these guys and also looking on YouTube for their many videos. Also, go to to join the growing worldwide community who are posting where are the great springs are! Hint: if a county, town or street has the word “spring” in it, start asking the oldtimers where the springs are!

  34. Looked up Bragg’s amino acids today and stumbled onto your site. You have answered so many questions that I was seeking answers to. Amazing and thanks so much. I am very encouraged.

  35. Distilled water may have no taste but it also has the minerals leeched out.

  36. So VITALIZER PLUS is it the way to go uve read up about all the scams behind kangen etc and most are recommending the vitalizer in its place for a quater of the price. And distilled water is ok even the distilled water i use for my car or is that a different type? ive read all the comments but cant quite understand what my best option is. like buying steam distilled water with a vitalizer machine or just distilled ?

  37. MJ Pangman wrote the following article for us at were we report and you decide.

    she wrote:
    Seven reasons NOT to drink water ionizer HIGH alkaline water
    September 25, 2010 By ken

    March 17, 2010 – Author of “Hexagonal Water -The Ultimate Solution” – by MJ Pangman

    With so much discussion of the need to alkalize, one of the biggest questions on people’s minds is whether or not to drink alkaline ionized water. Much has been written on the subject by many well-intentioned individuals. However, the subject has been grossly oversimplified. Much of the information being circulated regarding the health benefits of alkaline ionized water is either inaccurate or incomplete.

    There are seven major reasons (and many minor ones) why NOT to drink alkaline ionized water. They are discussed briefly below. More in depth information can be found in the recent book, Dancing with Water.

    1. The first and most obvious red flag regarding the consumption of alkaline ionized water is its potential impact on digestion. If the digestive process begins in the stomach which is an extremely acidic environment, what is the impact of increasing the pH in the stomach by consuming alkaline water? Fifty percent of people over the age of 60 are hypochlorhydric. This means that they can no longer produce enough stomach acid for optimal digestion. For these individuals, the consumption of alkaline water presents a big problem. You might be surprised to discover how many people who begin to drink alkaline ionized water end up with digestive trouble—and they have no idea it results from the water.

    2. The second reason is also obvious when you think about it. Water ionizers separate water into two streams. One contains acidic minerals: sulfur, phosphorus, iodine, chlorine, etc. This part of the water is usually discarded— it is not advocated for consumption. The other stream of water contains alkaline minerals: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc. Take a look at the minerals in each list. Are they all necessary in the human body? Absolutely! Then ask yourself another question: Where in nature does water or food ever provide alkaline minerals without their acidic counterparts? Is just doesn’t happen, and no organism is designed to use one without the other. The chemistry of life is dependent on the balance between acids and bases (alkaline). One without the other for an extended period of time is an invitation for imbalance.

    3. The third reason not to drink alkaline ionized water has to do with the molecular structure of water. Many of water’s unique qualities result from its ability to form hydrogen bonds. These weak electrostatic bonds link one water molecule to another to form a network of interconnected H2O molecules. Under normal circumstances this network is random. However, when water is placed in either an electric or a magnetic field, the molecules align to form a geometric pattern known as a liquid crystal. Liquid crystals possess many of the qualities of solid crystals including the ability to amplify and transfer signals. The consumption of water in this liquid crystalline state has numerous health benefits. Nature supplies weak electric (called piezoelectric) fields and magnetic fields that create this liquid crystalline phase of water. Those who sell ionizers would like you to believe that the strong electric current used during ionization produces this same kind of water. It does not. Strong electric currents (like those used during ionization) have a damaging effect on the electromagnetic field around water molecules. In essence, they electrocute the water and leave it without life force. Although electric currents do cause water molecules to align, the molecular organization falls apart rapidly as soon as the water leaves the electric field. Water that has been treated in this manner is not capable of carrying the finely-tuned signals and vibratory information that water is intended to carry within the human body.

    4. During ionization, water molecules are split (ionized). Positively-charged ions (H+) are attracted to negatively-charged mineral ions (phosphorous, chlorine, sulfur, iodine etc.) to form a variety of acidic compounds in the acidic steam of water. Negatively-charged water ions (OH-) are attracted to positively-charged mineral ions (calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc) in the formation of numerous alkaline compounds in the alkaline stream of water. Depending on the minerals present in the original water, the alkaline compounds in the alkaline portion of the water may not be something you are interested in drinking. For example: the most common alkaline mineral compounds that form in alkaline ionized water are calcium hydroxide (lime), sodium hydroxide (lye), potassium hydroxide (caustic potash), and magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia—a laxative). Because of the strong electric forces used during ionization, the minerals, bound to hydroxide ions, are not available for use in the body. Most of them end up as arterial plaque or as mineral deposits in joints and other tissues.

    5. One of the arguments in favor of alkaline water supposes that the consumption of alkaline water will negate the buildup of acids caused by our modern diet and lifestyle. There is no evidence to demonstrate this. It is a gross assumption to think that drinking alkaline water will alkalize tissues. The body is much more complex than this. If this were the case, then eating a lemon would contribute to acidosis. It does not. The lemon is considered to be one of the most alkalizing foods there is. While it has an acidic nature, it also releases alkaline minerals—in an organic form that the body can use. The pH of the human body is a complex and dynamic subject. While the blood requires a slightly alkaline pH, many organs and tissues require just the opposite. Research indicates that the environment inside the cell requires a slightly acidic pH—that alkalinity inside the cell causes cell death. Long-term consumption of alkaline water can actually contribute to acidosis. This is because acidosis is the body’s way to release hydrogen which becomes depleted with age and which it also requires to detoxify, to neutralize free radicals, and to fight disease. This is explained in much greater detail
    in the book Dancing with Water.

    6. While alkaline ionized water has been in use in Japan for over 20 years, the effects of long-term consumption have yet to be studied. Early use in Japan was in clinical settings and the water was used in controlled amounts for short periods of time. There are no long-term studies to identify potential problems with either extended or exclusive use. In the absence of human studies, rats (with a shorter life span) can be studied more easily.

    Three separate studies have shown that long-term consumption of alkaline ionized water produces cell death (necrosis) and fibrosis of the heart muscle in rats. Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi, a cardiac surgeon and Director of the Water Institute in Japan, was one of the scientists who conducted early research on alkaline ionized water. His work determined that the benefits of alkaline ionized water were largely due to the hydrogen in the water which dissipates rapidly after production. Ultimately, he renounced the use of ionized water in favor of other methods to produce hydrogen-rich water.

    7. One of the biggest arguments in favor of alkaline ionized water is that its strong electron potential neutralizes free radicals. While it is true that alkaline ionized water has a strong electrical potential (evidenced by negative ORP values), the water is very imbalanced. Consumption may initially reduce the free radical load but continued consumption and the aggressive neutralization of oxygen radicals upsets cellular redox balance—now shown to play a pivotal role in immune function and metabolic homeostasis. Oxygen radicals serve as signaling molecules. Medical research verifies that their absence is equally as harmful as their overabundance. The ongoing consumption of alkaline ionized water scavenges free radicals too aggressively and tips the balance in the opposite direction.

    Nature is always about balance—not extremes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, taking strong YANG herbs (like alkaline water), for too long, overheats and burns the body out. Ultimately, it contributes to aging. Like many of the Yang herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Alkaline ionized water can be therapeutic for short periods of time but it should never be considered as regular drinking water day in and day out—unless you are prepared for digestive problems, organ failure, arterial build-up, joint calcification, and metabolic imbalances.

  38. Correct @Joe. Distilled water has no minerals in it. Water should NOT have minerals in it. We get our minerals from food, not water.

  39. What would you recommend for college students? I have very limited means to get good water and I usually just drink from a filtered water bottle. I know distilled is the best, but which is the least bad taking cost and convenience into consideration?

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