I have seriously watched this video about a hundred times, and every single time it gets to me. I watch it with a huge smile on my face and I always get a bit teary eyed. I’m such a girl!!!

I love receiving them, and I love giving them out. There is something so heart warming about this simple gesture that many take for granted.

I desperately want to do a free hug campaign day here in Edmonton. I think it would be an absolute blast!!!!
Who knows…we could change someone’s entire day, week, or even month around…

Who wants to do it with me??



  1. Jessie,

    You know you would be always hug’d by me. Coz you are an amazing lady.

    But alas I am one or two miles away so have an over the airwaves hug.


  2. HUG for ya from Israel.

  3. I am sending you one right now…can you feel it?

  4. I am a professional hugger. Big hugs to everyone

  5. *sniff*

    I love you guys

  6. I love the video. Hugs does wonders for our body.

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