I have yet to purchase a heart monitor, …

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I have yet to purchase a heart monitor, so thank you for the reminder.

The cardio machines have heart monitors built right into them (usually on the handles of your machine). However, I find those to be extremely inaccurate. Sometimes when my heart feels like it is going to explode the monitor reads some ridiculous number like 67!!! My own heart check proves that to be grossly under what it actually is.

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    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA holy crap.

    Like I said in my email…There is NO such thing as coincidence….

    Being a single mother of 4, I know all about the time crunch.

    I did his leg workout today…I almost didnt make it, and I can sure feel it in my thighs right now.

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    It’s funny actually.
    I removed a meal from my plan not even thinking that I was actually reducing my caloric intake….so like Michele said “starving myself”…

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    I know it will all come together shortly…

    It’s all in the details…it’s allllllllllll in the details.

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    That seriously looks like so much fun.
    I’m positive that it is more difficult than it looks, but damn I wanna try it
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    HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!